An Interview with Ray Manning - Director of Accomplish Change Clinic

An Interview with Ray Manning - Director of Accomplish Change Clinic

Ray Manning, GoE Trainer and Director of Accomplish Change Clinic, will be presenting the Energy Cone Technique at the 2010 European EFT & Energy Psychology Conference this November, with Energy Cone developer Tom Wynn.

Please read on for a truly interesting interview with Ray, who discusses his infleunces, his favorite Meridian Energy Therapies, and the future...

Josh Alliston, on behalf of the AMT: For over 10 years the Accomplish Change Clinic has been helping clients improve their health and well-being by using ground-breaking alternative self-help techniques, but how did you come to join the world of Energy Therapy?

Ray Manning: My Journey started over 25 years ago with an interest in body based therapies including Martial Arts, Reiki, Kinesiology, massage based therapies and mindfulness meditation. As I was working with clients, lots of emotional issues were coming up for them and I was not equipped enough with techniques to deal with them at that time. I’d refer my clients on, yet they wanted to stay and work through their personal issues with me. There was also an unhealthy amount of transference good and bad.

This then led me on a journey of finding tools that I could use to help my clients and I was first introduced to EFT in 2000 and went on to learn more and become an EFT Trainer. I then went on to study more energy Psychology methods, namely- TAT, BSFF, EMO, Energy Cone Technique, EMDR and Hypnosis with the National Guild of Hypnotherapy (NGH).

The results have been dramatic, fast and painless both for me and my clients as we journey together through positive change and empowerment. I am a firm believer in ongoing training and personal development and have also attended ACEP in the USA, and am looking forward to meeting with like minded individuals at the European EFT and Energy Psychology conference.

I love working with energy psychology as it reduces down transference, particularly negative transference and keeps my energy system in check! Which benefits both me and my clients.        

TheAMT: At the 2010 European EFT & Energy Psychology Conference you will be presenting 'Be Spellbound with the Energy Cone Technique' along with a Post-Conference 'AMT Certified Energy Cone Technique Practitioner Training', with Energy Cone Developer Tom Wynn. What are the main aspects of Energy Cone that make it so different from other therapies, and so effective?

RM: The Energy Cone Technique brings up feelings that you don’t realise you have got, even preconscious trauma.

You can’t touch any part of the body without bringing feelings up, as its part of the natural defence mechanism. The hands are particularly sensitive and contribute to 20% of the overall sensitivity of the body (homunculus). The groves / lines and indentations in the hand are even more sensitive because they are like valleys and energy is coming off the floor of the valley straight up, in to the air and off the walls of the valley, these valleys are  three times more sensitive then energy coming off the palm itself.

With ECT you don’t always need to know what the blocked energy is connected to, in order to release it. You can even use ECT on scar tissue with great results.

TheAMT: Why might people want to learn ECT?

RM: Because it’s so easy to learn. It’s a wonderful way of working with the mind and body in a natural holistic way and can be used as a stand alone therapy or blended in effectively and safely with other therapies. It is a non-invasive therapy and the client can choose to share the experiences of the release or not with the practitioner and it does not affect the outcome either way.  It’s one of a few therapies that can access preconscious and repressed memories with minimal emotional discomfort.

TheAMT: Attendees of the Conference will hear Tom and yourself discussing the principles of Energy Cone in your main presentation, so what are the benefits of attending the Post-Conference GoE Certified Practitioner Training?

RM: Ahh you will leave the one day workshop with:-

•    an understanding of the applications of ECT and the ten basic steps

•    knowing how energy blockages occur, and are stored in the body along with how to eliminate these trapped energies by weaving your own choice of intervention

•    having engaged in experiencing the power and sensitivity of the technique utilising not only the palm of the hand but a wider range of experiences particularly the energy trapped in joints, scars, wounds and more… 

•    confidence in your ability to be able to identify markings in the palm of your hands and others, and experience energy blockages using gentle touch with your finger tips and knowing when the blockages are released

•    having learnt how the cranial rhythm works with ECT, how to feel it and use as a natural feedback device 

TheAMT: Where would you like to see yourself & Accomplish Change in the next 6 months, in 5  years and 10 years time?

RM: We plan now to launch our first newsletter this week and are also launching an audio download shop on our website
We are passionate about what we do and we see ourselves continuing to teach self help tools and workshops in energy psychology that are transforming and self empowering.

We also have plans to provide self help books and audios and present to those who are looking to change their beliefs and thoughts from negative to positive.

I also envisage developing and expanding the Energy Cone Technique for and on behalf of Tom Wynn. 

TheAMT: Is there anyone in the Alternative Health industry, or in the wider world, that has greatly influenced you throughout your life?

RM:There are many people I admire, respect and value…Tom Wynn has been a beacon of influence for me.

I love and admire his energy and his passion for life, for learning and growing and for acknowledging and taking ownership if something is not right.

I hope at 78 I have as much energy, enthusiasm and passion as Tom Wynn does. This drives me forward as Tom is 30 years older then me. I also like, admire and am driven by those who think outside the box! Silvia, Steve Wells, anybody who can take a really good therapy and play with it, develop it and bring it to newer advanced levels.

My mum has been a great icon and influence for me too, as she always supported and taught us to make change within ourselves, by taking small steps in changing ourselves, it will make the world around us a better place.

She loved Gandhi and used to always say “Be the change you want to see in the world” and this has being my mantra since childhood.


TheAMT: Are there any particular speakers that you have attended that have inspired you in the field of Energy Psychology?

RM: We recently attended an evening with Bruce Lipton, which was transformational as he took us on a journey into the world of epigenetics and why biologists must look further than DNA to find out what shapes life-and how it affects us. He spoke about bridging the gap between quantum mechanics and biology and the key to knowing how our cells “listen” to the energy of our thoughts and how if effects the functioning of our body. Bruce is a great advocate and ambassador for promoting Energy Psychology as it is one the gate ways to creating positive, permanent change. It was lovely to come away from an evening knowing that we are in the right field for change to happen and great to see again a man with so much passion and energy for life.


TheAMT: The last question is one that we always like to end on: After a busy day helping out countless others de-stress and relax, which therapy do you find most effective to unwind?

RM: I use Borrowing benefits, both before I start with any clients and at the end of the day. I have so much faith and belief in Borrowing benefits, I take note of anything that is bothering me, then I put my notes that I have written away as it never interrupts me in working with my clients. If something was to crop up during a session I take a mental note, jot is down after client has left. Then at the end of the day I look back and see how I am with the list I have written and then I either tap on what ever is remaining, sometimes I use EMO, midline energy tapping.

I also have another favourite! Each morning  or evening I  do a couple of rounds of tapping / EMO in the shower, to clean, cleanse, clear and release and let go of anything that is bothering me along with setting the intention that the clients I work with each day receive what they need from our time together. I also thank the universe for the clients they have sent me and the learning’s I have obtained, because I feel that every client is your teacher.


TheAMT: Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer our questions, and we look forwarding to hearing your talk at the 2010 European EFT & Energy Psychology Conference!

RM: Josh, thanks for interviewing me, it has been a pleasure!

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