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The Energy Course is a five unit online video course presented by GoE President Silvia Hartmann. We recommend this course for anyone wanting to experience a wide range of Modern Energy techniques. We also recommend GoE members revisit it periodically as a refresher. Presented over four hours of online training, this course covers: Star Matrix🆕, EMO Energy in Motion, MET Modern Energy Tapping, SM SuperMind Enhanced Creativity, MSM Modern Stress Management & The Energy of Relationships🆕.

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The Energy Course

What's Included

By purchasing this online video course (see: How To Purchase) for just £47.95 GBP you'll learn the core skills and techniques of Modern Energy. Certification is also included (see below). The course units are:

  1. Why Your Happiness Matters: An Introduction to Modern Energy (42 mins)Watch Free Sample Unit
  2. EMO Energy in Motion (38 mins)
  3. MET Modern Energy Tapping (41 mins)
  4. SM SuperMind Enhanced Creativity (51 mins)
  5. MSM Modern Stress Management (30 mins)
  6. Bonus Unit: The Energy of Relationships with Silvia Hartmann & Alex Kent (49 mins)

Each unit of this course contains instructions, exercises and practical tips for transforming your life into the positive with Modern Energy.

This course also comes with three months of GoE Standard Membership, so you'll have access to all the member support forums plus the incredible amount of learning resources available in the GoE Digital Library.

Course Units In Detail

Unit 1

Unit 1: Why Your Happiness Matters - Introduction to Modern Energy

What is MODERN Energy?

  • The "Invisible Something"
  • The Love Connection

Energy is REAL

  • Emotions: The Language Of The Energy Body
  • The Modern Energy Chart
  • The Undiscovered Energy Body
  • YOUR Unique Energy Body
  • Energy Body Sign Language

The Structure of Modern Energy

  • The Highest Taste Principle
  • Swimming Towards The Light

Energy Nutrition

  • Energy Vitamins
  • Positive Energz
  • The Heart of Gold

The 6th Sense

  • The 16.7% Advantage

The Aspects Model

  • The Loving Understanding

The Third Field

  • The 0% ➡ 100% Rule
  • The Power Of The Positives

Your Happiness Matters!

Unit 2

Unit 2: EMO Energy in Motion

Real Energy Channels

  • The Storm Drains
  • Re-Discovering Your 6th Sense

The EMO Energy Technique Step By Step

  • Where do you feel that in your body? Show me with your hands!
  • Location Location
  • Unsubte Energy

From "Emotion Words" To Clean Energy Work

  • EREA: The Energy Reality
  • Energy Wants To Flow
  • The Water Metaphor

Soften & Flow!

  • Increasing Energy Flow
  • Energy Is Information
  • The Energy Of Learning
  • The Threshold Shift: The (Healing) Event

The Energized End State

  • Energy Body Events
  • The Positive Energy Principle
  • The Emotion Scale
  • The Need For Emotion (And Purpose!)

The EMO Energy Magic Exercise

  • Knowledge & Wisdom Through Energy Learning

Modern Energy Healing

  • Healing Hands of Energy
  • Real Energy Healing For The Real Energy Body

Energy Shields

  • EMO Heart Healing
  • The Heart Of Gold
Unit 3

Unit 3: MET Modern Energy Tapping

The Journey To Modern Energy Tapping

  • From EFT To Modern Energy Tapping
  • Going Beyond Zero
  • Energy EFT
  • Tapping With The Energy Hands

ENERGY Tapping With The 6th Sense

  • Tapping With The Loving Touch
  • Tapping Positives

Tapping Evolutions

  • Future Orientation
  • A Different Treatment Flow
  • We Evolve Together
  • Modern Energy Tapping Foundation
  • Modern Energy Tapping Professional

Modern Energy Tapping Demonstration

Unit 4

Unit 4: SuperMind Enhanced Creativity

The Energy Mind

  • Stress & The Energy Mind
  • The Energy Mind PLUS The Conscious Mind Equals SuperMind

The Transfer of Consciousness

  • The Classic Game
  • The Sension Method
  • Discovering The Energy Worlds

Tapping Into Your Infinite Creativity

  • The Modern Energy Symbols
  • Treasures & Riches
  • The Gift
  • Sleep Habitats

The Three Super Heroes

Unit 5

Unit 5: MSM Modern Stress Management

The Global Stress Pandemic

  • The Trillion Dollar Stress Solution
  • The SUE Scale

Modern Stress Management Programs

  • Measuring Stress, Measuring Success
  • Generative Stress Solutions

Improving Relationships

  • You're Not Crazy, You're Just Stressed
  • MSM For Everybody

Raising The Energy Average

  • The Self Healing Energy Body
  • Discovering Your Own Energy Body
  • Love & Logic

The +10 Future

Unit 6

Unit 6: Bonus Presentation - The Energy of Relationships with Silvia Hartmann & Alex Kent

Energy Relationships

  • Human Relationships
  • Communicating about Emotions

Positive Emotional Interactions

  • Being More Attractive
  • Break Up Energy
  • Logical Relationships

Dating From The Energetic Point Of View

  • The Energy "HOW???" To Be More Confident
  • Saying The Right Words At The Right Time

The First Circuitry

  • Power For Life, Love & Everything!
  • Being Old AND Being Loved

The Energy Of Attraction

  • Soul Destroying Modern Dating Methods
  • Absolute Clarity In Energy Dating
  • Luck & Opportunity

Becoming Better Connected

  • It Takes A Village To Love A Person
  • The Human Connection

Course Includes Certification!

Once you have completed each course unit you may optionally complete an online test. Pass all of the core units and we'll email you your personalised certificate for printing out at home plus add you to the course alumni list.

Sample Certificate

How Is The Course Delivered?

After purchasing the course, you'll receive an email with a link for watching and completing each unit online. We recommend you do the course units in order, as each one builds upon the last.

This course features exercises and examples for you to try on yourself. No practice partner is required, however if you want to learn these techniques with a friend then you can pause the videos at anytime, or watch again as needed.

If you are not already a GoE member, then you'll be awarded three months of free GoE Standard Membership which is perfect for The Energy Course students. It includes full access to the GoE Digital Library plus access to the support forums.

Purchase Information

To purchase for £47.95 GBP, please choose whether you would also like the GoE Money online course for free:

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The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation Trainers

This is a list of energists qualified to teach the The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation course. Please click through to the contact details on their profile:

Alan Balfour Alan Balfour (West Yorkshire, England)
Jacqueline Besseling Jacqueline Besseling (Zuid Holland, Netherlands)
Estefanía Carretero Mancheño Estefanía Carretero Mancheño (Santa Cruz De Tenerife, Spain)
Brenda Dutertre Brenda Dutertre (Saskatchewan, Canada)
Rania El Tahtawy Rania El Tahtawy (Cairo, Egypt)
Lorna Firth Lorna Firth (Aberdeenshire, England)
Silvia Hartmann Silvia Hartmann (East Sussex, England)
Zoe Hobden Zoe Hobden
Jamila  Jamie Jamila  Jamie (Maryland, United States)
Katerina Kalchenko Katerina Kalchenko (Turkey)
Şebnem Koral Eruç Şebnem Koral Eruç (Bursa, Turkey)
Rana Korkunç Rana Korkunç (Istanbul, Turkey)
Irene Loudon Irene Loudon (Glasgow, Scotland)
Hulya Samhili Hulya Samhili (Istanbul, Turkey)
Tom Schaeper Tom Schaeper (Texas, United States)
Ozlem Yaltı Kolcu Ozlem Yaltı Kolcu (Mugla, Turkey)
Daniela Ziehn Daniela Ziehn (Germany)
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