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Modern Stress Management Foundation

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The GoE's Modern Stress Management Foundation course, created by Silvia Hartmann, is a four unit, course that teaches you the fundamental techniques needed to take back control from stress and help yourself, friends, family and groups. 

** This course is highly recommended as the perfect introduction to modern energy work! **

Modern Stress Management Foundation Course

Modern Stress Management Foundation - Information


This four-unit qualification features a full-colour digital manual. Participants will learn the fundamental Modern Stress Management techniques to help combat the stress epidemic.

On completion of this course you will be presented with your Modern Stress Management Foundation certificate and be awarded a years GoE Standard Membership, which gives you access to the members group, valuable learning resources and also receive the magazine The Energist.

Modern Stress Management Foundation - Course Units

Unit 1: Measuring Stress

  • Welcome to Modern Stress Management!
  • What Is Stress?
  • Emotional Stress
  • Where Do Emotions Come From?
  • It's All About Energy!
  • Measuring Stress
  • Very Low Energy
  • Emergency Energy
  • Stress
  • The Zero Point Of Nothing
  • Low Positive Energy
  • Positive Energy
  • High Energy - The Even Flow
  • Many Aspects
  • Energize Your Life!

Unit 2: Energize Your Life!

  • Recognizing Stress
  • What Raises Your Energy?
  • Start With The Heart!
  • Energy Breathing
  • The Here & Now Exercise
  • Energy EFT
  • The Perfect Place
  • Energy Is Free!
  • Positive Energy For You!

Unit 3: De-Stressing Other People

  • Good And Bad People
  • We Are Not Alone ...
  • Group Bubbles
  • The YES! Principle
  • Your Happiness Matters!
  • Modern Leadership
  • The Master Mind Group

Unit 4: A New Energized Future

  • YES! You Can!
  • Positive Futures
  • From Problems To Solutions
  • Energizing Aspects
  • Protecting The Future
  • Modern Stress Management In Conclusion

Please click the 'Live Trainings' tab above to see which trainers are offering this course, alternative to learn more about our distance learning option click here:

Modern Stress Management Foundation Live Training Dates

Modern Stress Management Foundation Trainers

This is a list of energists qualified to teach the Modern Stress Management Foundation course, many of whom may be able to offer you a one-to-one training session. Please click through to the contact details on their profile:

Ouedraogo   Adams Billy Ouedraogo  Adams Billy (Pinetown, South Africa)
Leyla  Adesözkan Leyla Adesözkan (Ankara, Turkey)
  Ayşenur Ahıshalıoğlu (İstanbul, Turkey)
Şirin  Ak Şirin Ak (İzmİr, Turkey)
  Lale Akın (Kartal, Turkey)
Selin Gülşah  Akova Selin Gülşah Akova (Istanbul, Turkey)
  Dilek Akturk Varol (Turkey)
Aynur  Apaydin Aynur Apaydin (Istanbul, Turkey)
Karen  Aquinas Karen Aquinas (Oregon, United States)
  Hayriye Arık (Germany)
Elif  Arıkan Dön Elif Arıkan Dön (Istanbul, Turkey)
  Büşra Sevil Ayar (Turkey)
Gökhan  Ayar Gökhan Ayar (Marmaris, Turkey)
Alan  Balfour Alan Balfour (West Yorkshire, England)
Mathilde  Barbier Mathilde Barbier (East Sussex, England)
Sue  Bellworthy Sue Bellworthy (Surrey, England)
Jacqueline  Besseling Jacqueline Besseling (Netherlands)
Wendy  Birse Wendy Birse (Perth and Kinross, Scotland)
Karin  Böhme Karin Böhme (Germany)
Kim  Bradley Kim Bradley (Oxfordshire, England)
  Jilly Bromage (Worcestershire, England)
Asuman  Buran Asuman Buran (Antalya, Turkey)
Melis  Çağlayan Melis Çağlayan (Turkey)
Liz  Cairns Liz Cairns (Tyne And Wear, England)
Winniefred  Carneiro Winniefred Carneiro (Surrey, England)
Estefanía  Carretero Mancheño Estefanía Carretero Mancheño (Santa Cruz De Tenerife, Spain)
  Filiz Çetİn (Turkey)
  Berna Cetintas (Turkey)
Nurşen  Ceylan Nurşen Ceylan (Mugla, Turkey)
Ber  Collins Ber Collins (County Clare, Ireland)
  Handan Cora (İstanbul, Turkey)
Mikael  Cormont Mikael Cormont
Sühendan  Coşan Sühendan Coşan (Istanbul, Turkey)
  Canan Coşkun (Turkey)
İlkem Emek  Coşkunırmak İlkem Emek Coşkunırmak (Ankara, Turkey)
Monique  Curry Monique Curry (New Jersey, United States)
  Geraldine Daly (Middlesex, England)
Tanya  Davies Tanya Davies (Wa, Australia)
Janet  Deane Janet Deane (County Donegal, Ireland)
  Memduh Deliormanlı (Istanbul, Turkey)
  Seval Deniz Karhan (Turkey)
Ceren  Derici Ceren Derici (Istanbul, Turkey)
Peter  Donn Peter Donn (Hertfordshire, England)
Brenda  Dutertre Brenda Dutertre (Saskatchewan, Canada)
Özlem  Ekren Özlem Ekren (Turkey)
Rania  El Tahtawy Rania El Tahtawy (Cairo, Egypt)
  Meltem Er Posnanski (Germany)
Berat Yeliz  Eren Berat Yeliz Eren (Istanbul, Turkey)
  Fatma Eren (Turkey)
Yasin Taha  Erisgen Yasin Taha Erisgen (Istanbul, Turkey)
  Meryem Erkekoğlu (Turkey)
Saliha  Eroglu Saliha Eroglu (Istanbul, Turkey)
Dönay  Eruz Dönay Eruz (Muğla, Turkey)
Sera  Eynie Sera Eynie (Turkey)
Marina  Ferrari Marina Ferrari (Italy)
Tamay  Fidan Tamay Fidan (Turkey)
Lorna  Firth Lorna Firth (Aberdeenshire, England)
Dominick  Flarey Dominick Flarey (Ohio, United States)
Nelle  Flynn Nelle Flynn (New South Wales, Australia)
Gulay  Gecu Gulay Gecu (Oxfordshire, England)
Sümeyra  Gorgun Sümeyra Gorgun (Istanbul, Turkey)
Paul  Grant Paul Grant (County Meath, Ireland)
Perihan  Gülgonce Özbal Perihan Gülgonce Özbal (Turkey)
  Canan Guney (Beylikduzu Ist, Turkey)
Rita  Hajigeorghiou Rita Hajigeorghiou (Nicosia, Cyprus)
  Ayliva Sav Hanzadeoğlu (Turkey)
  Diana Dilek Hartley (Aberdeenshire, Scotland)
Zoe  Hobden Zoe Hobden
Nollaig  Hurley Nollaig Hurley
  Güneş İbrahimoğlu (Istanbul, Turkey)
  Çağdaş İçten (Turkey)
  Selin İmren (Luins, Sweden)
David  Ingvoldstad David Ingvoldstad (New York, United States)
Jamila   Jamie Jamila  Jamie (Maryland, United States)
Corné  Jooste Corné Jooste (Gauteng, South Africa)
Katerina  Kalchenko Katerina Kalchenko (Turkey)
  Guler Kalkan (Mugla, Turkey)
Ceylin  Kandemir Ceylin Kandemir (Turkey)
  Ebru Karakan (Turkey)
  Yağmur Kaya (Turkey)
  Sena Keçeci (Turkey)
Alex  Kent Alex Kent
Claire  Knox Claire Knox (London, England)
Martina  Konecna Martina Konecna (Czech Republic)
Şebnem  Koral Eruç Şebnem Koral Eruç (Bursa, Turkey)
Rana  Korkunç Rana Korkunç (Istanbul, Turkey)
Kym  Lawn Kym Lawn (Queensland, Australia)
  Marni Lee (Louisiana, United States)
Jenny  Legrand Jenny Legrand (London, England)
Isaac  Lim Isaac Lim (Selangor, Malaysia)
Maria  LiPuma Maria LiPuma (Oregon, United States)
Irene  Loudon Irene Loudon (Glasgow, Scotland)
Adrienne  McAllister Adrienne McAllister (Antrim, Northern Ireland)
Michael  Millett Michael Millett (Lincolnshire, England)
Tracy  Morrow Tracy Morrow (Berkshire, England)
Lukas  Nemec Lukas Nemec (Czech Republic)
Alison (Lil)  Niddrie Alison (Lil) Niddrie (Hampshire, England)
  Fulya Orçin (Izmir, Turkey)
  Gülsenem özcan (İstanbul, Turkey)
Hilâl Küçük  Özdamar Hilâl Küçük Özdamar (İstanbul, Turkey)
  Süeda Özduran (Germany)
  İlkin Özel Koçak (Turkey)
  Gülten Özfaris (Cyprus)
Nimet  Özkan Nimet Özkan (Istanbul, Turkey)
  Gülsen Öztürk (Istanbul, Turkey)
  İbrahim Çağrı Öztürk (Turkey)
Guillermo  Peña Acuña Guillermo Peña Acuña (Belgium)
  Uriel Peña Wandel (Germany)
Lauren  Rosenberg Lauren Rosenberg (London, England)
Helen  Ryle Helen Ryle (Co. Kerry, Ireland)
Barbara  Saph Barbara Saph (Hampshire, United Kingdom)
  Funda Saraç
  Ayşe Saral (Germany)
  Sevgi Savaş Akbaş (Ankara, Turkey)
  Nimet Saygılı (Turkey)
Tom  Schaeper Tom Schaeper (Texas, United States)
Sue  Scott Sue Scott (Oxfordshire, England)
İpek  Şekerdil İpek Şekerdil (Izmir, Turkey)
  Bihter Şengeç (Marmaris, Turkey)
Sadullah  Sönmez Sadullah Sönmez (Kayseri, Turkey)
  Fatma Sönmez DulkadİroĞlu (Turkey)
Eliezer  Spetter Eliezer Spetter (Israel)
Jane  Stredder Jane Stredder (Hampshire, England)
Diana  Sturm Diana Sturm (Alabama, United States)
Darlene  Two Trees Cannon Darlene Two Trees Cannon (New Mexico, United States)
  Emine Aslı Ulusoy (Turkey)
  Fatma Üstüntaş (Germany)
Jorge  Vence Jorge Vence (Hampshire, United Kingdom)
Ilka  Wandel Ilka Wandel (Hessen, Germany)
Donna  Wirth Donna Wirth (Pennsylvania, United States)
Ozlem  Yaltı Kolcu Ozlem Yaltı Kolcu (Mugla, Turkey)
Bahar  Yavuz Bahar Yavuz (Edirne, Turkey)
  Kübra Yentekün (Istanbul, Turkey)

Distance Learning - Study Anywhere in the World!

Course Details

The price of the course is £150.00 which includes:

  • Full Digital Course Manual, emailed to you in PDF Format.
  • Guided training with course tutor Sandra Hillawi
  • Upon payment you'll be given GoE Standard Membership which gives you access to the members FREE Modern Energy Foundation Course plus access to the GoE Library which contains free eBooks, courses and much more!
  • Upon completion of the course you'll be given a years GoE Standard Membership, or an extension if you're already an existing member
  • Upon completion we'll email you your foundation level certificate for you to print out and display proudly

How MSM Foundation Distance Learning Works

  1. Upon payment will connect you with your course tutor who will email you your digital course manual. You will also receive GoE Standard Membership which gives you access to The GoE Library and our Modern Energy Foundation Course, which we recommend you do prior to this training.
  2. Along with Sandra's support you will work though the course units one at a time.
  3. After the training and presuming you've met the criteria then you'll be emailed your foundation level certificate and be awarded a years worth of GoE Standard Membership, or an extension if you're already a member.

To purchase for £150.00 GBP, please click this button to go direct to the secure online payment processor:

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