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GoE Energy Conference 2018

GoE Energy Conference 2018

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Energy Dating

Energy Dating

The Energy of Attraction by Alex Kent

What Is Energy Dating?

Feeling lonely, socially anxious or invisible?

Not attracting the right kind of potential partners?

Don’t feel like you have an abundance of opportunities to pick from?

Energy Dating is about...

  • Becoming more attractive, beautiful, charming and charismatic, simply by learning techniques to raise your energy levels through threshold shifts.
  • Learning how to connect with the abundance of people around for pleasure, romance or to just extend your social circle.
  • Attracting and enchanting that special type of person you don’t think you deserve yet!

We recommend you read “The Energy of Attraction” by Alex Kent, enlist the help of a GoE Energy Dating Coach, or enrol on an GoE Modern Energy Tapping Foundation course:

Articles on Energy Dating...

Energy Dating & Modern Energy Tapping

Energy Dating & Modern Energy Tapping

Looking to find a new partner this year? Energy Dating expert Alex Kent and author of The Energy of Attraction, talks about Modern Energy Tapping, the new energy tapping method developed by GoE President Silvia Hartmann.

With over two decades of energy tapping experience, Alex Kent discusses how high energy states, threshold shifts and rediscovering your true potential are the key to attracting the romantic lover of your dreams.

The Energy of Attraction by Alex Kent - Out Now!

The Energy of Attraction by Alex Kent - Out Now!

We're excited to report that even though "The Energy of Attraction" book has only been out a week, already we're starting to hear that readers are meeting new people, exchanging phone numbers and going on dates! Also, pleased that readers are challenging their own limiting beliefs such as "I'm too old" or "Dating isn't for me".

Read on for information about the Energy of Attraction book launch and the new GoE Energy Dating Coach course.

5 Tips On How To Ask A Guy Out

5 Tips On How To Ask A Guy Out

Wondering how to ask a guy out? Not sure what to say?

Asking someone out used to be considered “the man’s job” but these days anyone can now take the initiative, meaning you no longer have to wait to be approached.

Alex Kent, author of “The Energy of Attraction” and creator of the Energy Dating Coach program explains his top five tips for taking back the power and being proactive on choosing who you want in your life.

What is the Energy of Attraction?

What is the Energy of Attraction?

Alex Kent, CEO of the Guild of Energists, has written a must-have book called “The Energy of Attraction” which explores the topic of how we can attract beautiful lovers, positive friends and bucket list ticking events into our lives. We’ve asked the author to explain a little bit more and whet your appetite for a very special read that has the power to make you a very different you!

Solutions to 21st Century Dating Problems

Solutions to 21st Century Dating Problems

Alex Kent, author of The Energy of Attraction book and developer of the GoE Energy Dating Coach course was a keynote presenter at the GoE Energy Conference 2017. This humorous video guide to 21st century dating problems is an excerpt taken from this presentation.

  • Purchasing this book gives you three months subscription to the GoE free-of-charge so you'll be able to watch the full 56 minute video presentation, gain access to the online support group of over 1,500 members and also have access to the GoE Digital Library which contains over sixty other presentations, ebooks, audio files and recordings.
The Energy of Attraction - MODERN Energy Book from Alex Kent

The Energy of Attraction - MODERN Energy Book from Alex Kent

The Energy of Attraction, written by Guild of Energists CEO Alex Kent, is the complete guide for men and women seeking social, romantic and sexual abundance through the practise of Modern Energy based techniques.

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