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The Opinionated Mother - Energy EFT Case Story

The Opinionated Mother - Energy EFT Case Story

In this Case Storyย Tonny Biilgreen details a case of an opinionated mother as part of hisย Energy EFT Master Practitioner Distance Learning training. Tonny used the clients "Autogenic world" to help him tap himself to the top of the mountain and claim "I can do anything!"

Read on for the full story.....

My client 'John' has an ongoing problem with his mother. They live far apart, but often speak on the phone. His problem is that whatever he tells his mother he is doing in his life, it is never good enough.

She is blaming him for making wrong decisions, always tells him that he should do things differently and so on. John feels anxiety and tension when talking to his mother, and afterwords he feels that his energy has been drained.

After a couple of rounds on stress and EFTeam we decide to work with his problem in the "autogenic world" (where the conscious mind meets the energy mind). I ask him if your problem was a place in time and space, what would it be like, what time of the day, what time of the year, what is the weather like, what are the surroundings and what is the aspect of you doing?

He answers that it is early afternoon, late summer, partly cloudy. There is a valley and a high mountain. The aspect of him is somewhere up on the mountain, walking upwards. Below in the valley there is some kind of pipeline filled with flowing "tension". Involving his senses, he can see the valley below, feel the rocks beneath his feet, hear the wind, smell the wet ground and taste the dryness in his mouth. He is feeling tension inside. The aspect on the mountain is at the moment most concerned about all the tension flowing through the pipeline in the valley, so we use this for our first set up: All this tension!

We tap a round on that, then returns to the autogenic habitat. The aspect is now higher up the mountain and feels somewhat stronger. The clouds are starting to part, the aspect has a feeling of 'I can do it, I can reach the top'. We tap a round on that, and go back again. The aspect is pretty close to the top now, the sun is out. I can see that John is looking much more content now. His aspect on the mountain now has a feeling of 'I am very strong, I can do anything'!

We tap a round on that, and go back. His aspect is now standing on the top of the mountain bathed in bright sunlight, feeling very confident, strong and light. The sun approaches him and greets him saying 'Hello, there you are, now you can walk down to the valley again'.

Afterwords, discussing the session, John tells me that standing on the top of the mountain he felt a surge of energy going through his body. He felt happiness and freedom. He now feels that in future conversations with his mother, he will be able to deal with her in a much more relaxed, confident and positive way.

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Based on the new 2012 GoE EFT Certification Trainings Programs and containing additional exercises for the Distance Learning Student, this course contains the most up to date and comprehensive methods, techniques and structures for mastery in EFT.

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