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Online Energy EFT Introduction Video by Silvia Hartmann

Online Energy EFT Introduction Video by Silvia Hartmann

Tap-along with Silvia Hartmann as she presents the Energy EFT “Heart & Soul” protocol.

In June 2012, Silvia Hartmann (author of Energy EFT & president of the GoE) gave a presentation called “Introduction to Energy EFT” and we’ve extracted and uploaded this 6 minutes 31 seconds excerpt that will show you how Energy EFT works and invite you to tap-a-long with the simple setup statement “Energy”.

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All Energy EFT authors and web owners may take full advantage of these free-to-use Energy EFT Heart & Soul diagrams, or you can create your own:

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About this Excerpt

The full-length presentation is 45 minutes and is a free download for anyone who has purchased Energy EFT (either paperback or ebook). The paperback comes with “Introduction to Energy EFT” and “Teaching Energy EFT” presentations on a free video DVD which we know your clients will find extremely useful. 

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Silvia Hartmann, president of The Guild of Energists, takes Gary Craig's Classic EFT to the next level with the wonderfully comprehensive Energy EFT, that is as absolute must-buy for anyone interested in energy and its use turning negative emotions into positive ones. All emotions can be worked with including Stress, Anxiety, Fear & PTSD. Using EFT with energy in mind, you can now experience faster, more focused, more logical EFT self help treatments and go much further into the realms of empowerment, mental clarity and having all the energy you need to succeed in life.

Energy EFT is suitable for both beginners, energy workers in different modalities and also top-level EFT master practitioners & trainers wanting to know more. Click the button below to find out more about the revolutionary Energy EFT, and to order your copy:

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