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Project Sanctuary Masters Course with Silvia Hartmann

The View Hotel, Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK | 19 Jun 2015 - 21 Jun 2015

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Project Sanctuary Masters Training 2015 Silvia Hartmann

NOTE - This course is now closed for new students.

Silvia Hartmann herself will be guiding the final Project Sanctuary Masters Course on June 19-21 2015 at The View Hotel, Eastbourne, UK. 

Certification will be coinciding with the Summer Solstice on June 21st.

The PS Masters Course represents the jewel in the crown of modern energy work and is one that all energists will not want to miss. 

If you loved Unit 11, then this is the course for you. 

This course is suitable for energists who have a strong connection with, and a powerful love for, imagination, fantasy, creativity and the high realms of metaphysical applications. 

It is not suitable for people who have no interest in or love for the magic and mystery of the energy mind - dreams, visions, lucid dreaming, mind travel, high esoterics, magic and spirituality. 

Silvia Hartmann's Project Sanctuary is a beautifully designed set of processes that will demysitfy the processes of communicating with the energy mind, and unlocking the power of thought and information when the conscious mind and the energy mind come into harmony. 

Having completed the Energy EFT Master Practitioner course is a pre-requiste for this course so that students have a good understanding of core concepts of modern energy work. 

Silvia Hartmann's Project Sanctuary Masters Course is entirely unique, highly advanced and offers participants a huge threshold shift in knowledge, as well as opening the door to literally infinite applications to create practical success in the real world.  

Mastery of Project Sanctuary has many practical benefits to the user, these include; 

  • Mastering your memories
  • Creating and installing memories
  • Creating stories of healing
  • Creating stories of transcendence
  • Control of story, symbol and metaphor
  • Control of fantasy and imagination
  • Control of language
  • Connecting directly to the energy streams
  • Mastery of metaphor
  • High level energy system changes
  • Soul Matters
  • Decoding metaphysics
  • Visionary creativity
  • Genius solutions  

Required Reading: 

Entry Requirements: 

Course Fee: 

  • £1750.00 ($2660.00 USD) for new candidates
  • £990.00 ($1500.00 USD) for existing Project Sanctuary Masters (Distance learning course) 

A £250.00 deposit can be paid if you wish to secure your place ahead of the event. The remainder of the course fee must be paid by June 1st 2015.

Course Fee Includes: 

  • 3 x 6 = 18 full hours of personal instruction and guidance with Silvia Hartmann, Chair of The GoE - The Guild of Energists and Creator of Energy EFT, EMO and Project Sanctuary
  • The unique opportunity to work with the most creative energists in the world today
  • Comprehensive, Exclusive Masters Manual packed with additional exercises
  • The Student's Project Sanctuary Handbook (includes the Guide to Sex In Sanctuary)
  • Fresh Genius Symbols Set especially for use during the course
  • Exclusive full set of Video Files of the three training days for future home use by the participants only
  • Lunch and tea/coffee served on all three days
  • Lifetime Title "Project Sanctuary Master"
  • Project Sanctuary Master Certificate
  • One year's membership of the Guild of Energists Research Group

Project Sanctuary Master

This is a life changing course which will quite practically unlock your own mind's potential to generate the solutions you need to create your world.  

The Project Sanctuary Masters course is not a "practitioner" training. This course is primarily to activate the power of your energy mind to provide you with personal solutions for your life. 

However, you can use the visionary quality of your own answers to help others in infinite ways through your works, your art and your life. 

As such, the Project Sanctuary Masters course represents one of the best investments in you you could ever make. 


SuperMind Masters

  • SuperMind Masters is the new follow-up course to Silvia Hartmann's successful Project Sanctuary Masters
  • Number of course units: 12 - This is a three day course in the live training format.
  • Available live or by distance learning. 
  • On completion the student will obtain certification and awarded the title of SuperMind Master

What Is In The SuperMind Course?

Course author and GoE President Silvia Hartmann explains what exactly is in the SuperMind Masters course and how you'll benefit from making this your next qualification:

SuperMind Master - Required Reading

Note: Infinite Creativity eBook comes included with the SuperMind Masters course fee is and is REQUIRED reading before starting Unit 1.

SuperMind Master - Pre-Requisite Course

Note: Leading to the certification of SuperMind Masters, this course structurally replaces the following courses: Project Sanctuary Masters, Genius Symbol Reader, and Creative Writing for Energists.


The SuperMind Masters Course

Created by Silvia Hartmann

Exclusive to The Guild of Energists




What are you going to learn?

The entire 3 day course will give you the essential skills, abilities and knowledge to communicate successfully with your own energy mind.

Every exercise in the SuperMind Masters course adds a new layer of skills and experiences. You will use profound core methods to solve the challenges in learning a whole new language that is far richer, far more information filled and entirely transformational in the way you understand symbols, language and metaphor.

Each part of each course unit builds a content free structure that allows you to find your own unique creative solutions to your own problems, as well as those of others.

  • You will learn how to engage your own energy mind to create unique, personalised solutions to your own challenges, goals and questions.


Being The Creator

The SuperMind Masters course puts you into the position of becoming a creator of personal development models and techniques, rather than simply a consumer.

The SuperMind Masters course makes you into the story teller, rather than the audience; the writer rather than the reader; the creator rather than the repeater; the shaman rather than the flock.

You will find direct, easy, safe access to literally endless streams of pure, perfect creativity, and this is all your own.

You will learn how to control these streams of creativity and use them to your advantage in personal development, healing, communication, business success and personal relationships.

The SuperMind Masters course sets you free from having to follow other people's scripts. Instead, you can create your own, in real time, in the real world, in direct response to what is needed at the time.

  • In the SuperMind Masters course, you are going to learn how to access YOUR highest creativity - in perfect safety.


Empowering Energy Work

Improving the flow of energy and information between the conscious mind and the energy mind in perfect safety is the core purpose of SuperMind.

This creates not only wonderfully enlightening personal experiences that cannot be had in any other way, it is also extremely beneficial for the energy body.

To this end, using modern energy techniques to heal injuries, overcome blockages and restore essential connections is a major part of the SuperMind course. We sum this up with, "Fall in love with your beautiful mind!"

Significantly improved energy flow between "the head" and the rest of the energy body is highly desirable and the right thing to do.

  • In the SuperMind Masters Course, you are going to learn a wide range of new methods and techniques to significantly improve the essential flow of information rich, life giving energy in your wider energy body.


Reading & Writing Energy

Working with the energy body is what being a modern energist is all about. The energy body is way beyond linear language, but we have an operating system that can "read and write" energy - the energy mind.

Understanding how to read and write energy language gives us access to "conversational change work" as well as understanding and speaking in "paranormal language." This is the foundation for de-coding myth, story and metaphor, unlocking previously unknown levels and layers of information.

  • In the SuperMind Masters course, you will learn how to read and write energy in a whole new way.


From Fantasy To Autogenic Reality

Fantasy and imagination are the most wonderful gift to humankind. Understanding how stress has played havoc with this extraordinary system and learning new ways to work with fantasy and imagination to create that threshold shift into the lucid autogenic reality is the most extraordinary gift that keeps on giving for a whole life long.

  • In the SuperMind Masters course, you will learn how to make that threshold shift from fantasy to autogenic reality - under control, safely and delightfully. 


Events & Threshold Shifts

Perhaps the most fascinating gift of being able to consciously access autogenic realities and the otherworlds is that we can have experiences there which cannot be had in the physical world.

Autogenic experiences have the power to catalyse the energy body just the same as physical experiences do; and so here we have a way to create custom events to complete the events matrix and evolve the energy body.

  • In the SuperMind Masters course, you will learn how to create powerful change events of healing and evolution that cannot be achieved in physical reality. 


Memory & Aspects

All our memories only exist as pure information now. Using SuperMind techniques, we can literally take charge of our personal library of energy information. We can reach aspects that cannot be reached in any other way and create extraordinary experiences of not just healing, but beyond that into stellar personal evolution.

  • In the SuperMind Masters course, you will learn how to evolve energy information and create powerful energy and information flow throughout your timeline of aspects. 


Empowering The Energy System

All our lives we have been in the Hard, an illusionary construct of the real world. Here, the energy body didn't even exist, and there is no real knowledge of what an energy body needs to thrive.

  • In the SuperMind Masters course, you will learn how to access the exact types of energies YOUR energy body, at the most personal, individual level, has needed for so long. This is extraordinary and profoundly healing in the widest metaphorical sense.


The SuperMind Symbols

The SuperMind Symbols SMS are a fascinating device to communicate with the energy mind directly in order to generate ideas, solutions and experiences on any topic of your choice.

The SuperMind Symbols are a practical, every day device to bring the conscious mind and the energy mind together, to catalyse the flash of the true SuperMind coming into being. This is extremely exciting and enlivening - the energy body loves the SuperMind Symbols.

  • In the SuperMind Masters course, you will learn how to work with the SuperMind symbols for healing, reality creation and pure energy magic. 


Soul Matters

The SuperMind Masters course comes from the modern energy paradigm, where the energy body is real and contains three supersystems which are structurally designed to work together - the energy heart, the energy mind and the soul or Zauberherz - the heart of magic.

Making real, structural connections which have remained under-developed for lack of love and attention between these systems is a natural by-product of starting to engage the energy mind, which sits between the heart, and the soul.

  • In the SuperMind Masters course, you will learn practical, profoundly simple methods of restoring communication with your heart, your mind - and your soul.


And finally ...


Intelligence On Earth!

Once the energy mind comes into play, and we consciously know how to access the energy mind's infinite resources at will, we have a whole brand new and entirely different way to solve practical problems of life on Earth at this time.

There is no problem too small or too large, too ancient or too intractable that cannot be evolved when the astonishing resources and connections of the energy mind come into play.

From better ways to deal with the laundry all the way to better ways to manage your entire incarnation, allow yourself to be totally astonished, surprised and super grateful for what YOUR BEAUTIFUL MIND can do for YOU!


SuperMind: Fall in love with YOUR beautiful mind!



"The most extraordinary voyage of exploration is not going to the stars. It is to discover your own beautiful mind."

Silvia Hartmann, 2017


Silvia Hartmann
  •  The Guild of Energists
  •  East Sussex, England
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