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GoE Energy Conference 2018

GoE Energy Conference 2018

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DragonRising Radio Show

DragonRising Radio Show

DragonRising is the publishing arm of the Guild of Energists and they've released some of the most outstanding and innovative audio products available, including: HypnoSolutions, HypnoDreams, BeautyT, Energy Dancing, Recorded Trainings and Guided Meditations.

Hosted by Alex Kent in 2008, the DragonRising Radio Show is your fabulous guide to the DragonRising audio catalogue. This 42 minute recording features free samples and guides to many of our premium audio products.

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  • Anti-Stress Meditation with Silvia Hartmann
  • Introduction to Energy Dancing with Sandra Hillawi
  • Bless The Garden track from Energy Dancing 2 with Silvia Hartmann
  • Introduction to Energy Hypnosis and Lucid Dreaming with Alex Kent
  • Heart Healing Energy Hypnosis track from HypnoDreams 2 Album with Silvia Hartmann
  • Introduction to HypnoSolutions with Alex Kent
  • BeautyT Self-Help HypnoSolution with Silvia Hartmann


  • Running time: 42m
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