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The Guild of Energists was founded in 1998 and is the world's largest Modern Energy organisation with 1 members active in 92 countries.

We specialise in energy based solutions for individuals and organisations that make the world a less stressed, happier, social and more creative place to live.

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GoE Energy Conference 2016 - BOOK NOW!

Here is the complete list of workshops and presenters for the GoE Energy Conference 2016.

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Conference Timings:

Registration: Saturday 12th November, 8.00am - 9.30am
Conference Starts: Saturday 12th November, 9.15am
Conference Finishes (Each Day): 5.00pm
Energy Party: Saturday 12th November 8.00pm-11.00pm

Silvia HartmannSilvia Hartmann

We LOVE Energy!

Yes, the time has come for the Big E moment - we are officially The Guild of Energists and the new era of modern energism has begun! This is a truly extraordinary moment many of us have been working towards for decades, laying the foundations with care and deliberation for this new beginning.

To be right here, at the moment when history books will record it has all begun officially, is a blessing, a huge privilege and grounds for celebration. What will the future hold for us energists...? What happens next...? What miracles lie in store...? These and many other questions we will be discussing but in the meantime, one thing is clear: WE LOVE ENERGY!

SuperMind - A New Intelligence For Energists?

For the last 23 years, brave souls have been venturing into Project Sanctuary, the original universal sandbox designed to learn the mysterious, fascinating and enchanting ways of the energy mind.

In this explorative presentation, I will be outlining the journey from Project Sanctuary to SuperMind, what was learned, and discuss what this might mean for the future of modern energy. 

~ Born in Germany in 1959, Silvia Hartmann has lived and worked in the United Kingdom since 1978. Hartmann is the developer and primary designer of Energy EFT, Positive EFT, Project Sanctuary, The Genius Symbols, EMO Energy In Motion, Events Psychology and MODERN Stress Management.

To this day, Silvia Hartmann continues to lead the GoE as chairperson and to evolve the Third Field of modern energy work. In 2011, Hartmann created the Energy EFT Master Practitioner Training. In 2016, Hartmann created the Energy EFT Foundation Course.


Thornton Streeter Biofield - GoE Energy Conference 2016Dr. Thornton Streeter

The Biofield - Research That Supports Energy Medicine & Healing

This presentation explores the known anatomy and physiology of the biofield, including taking a closer look at the chakras, nadis/meridians/bonghan ducts, acupuncture/varma and assemblage points, as well as the structure of the layers of the human biofield.

A review of biofield research and energy based therapies will show the range and depth of scientific evidence. Live demonstrations of the latest subtle energy technologies, such as Biofield Viewer, and infrared imaging, will reveal the biofield response to Energy Medicine modalities in real-time on stage.

~ Thornton Streeter founded the Centre for Biofield Sciences at the UNESCO World Peace Centre in 1998 in Pune, India, after collecting an array of subtle energy devices to investigate the biofield. For the last 20 years, Thornton has have worked to develop an ideal subtle energy research facility and instigate research projects globally.


Susan Kennard - GoE Energy Conference 2016

Susan Kennard

Sparkle To Success!

It's important to clear any feelings of disconnection to our purpose. When we have traumatic events or perceptions of belief that tell us we are not safe, loved or protected, then we close down a little bit of our heart.

I will share with you my journey through adversity to success, and take you through one of my favourite processes to release the first moment in your life that you felt disconnected to source, the universe, and to your inner guidance.

In this transformative presentation, you will leave feeling excited, free, and most of all, full of sparkle!

~ Susan Kennard is an experienced GoE Energist Trainer and creates her own courses and workshops to help practitioners to take a leap out into the world and sparkle to success. Susan has made many appearances in the media, and was recently featured on the BBC TV programme, ‘Inside Harley Street, Make Me Well’.


Jacqueline BesselingJacqueline Besseling

Tap To School! - Energy EFT In The Classroom

Aiming at an emotional healthy school environment as a base, and then strengthening resilience so children can show the best of themselves, develop strong self-conscious personalities, and bond with others.

This is a presentation about my experiences, thought and developments according to how to work with groups in elementary school using Energy EFT tapping. It will be an informational as well as interactive hour, for which I invite everyone who works with children, or has an interest in working with children to join, so we can bundle up our experiences and ideas and work out activities to get EFT into schools.

~ Jacqueline Besseling is a child therapist and GoE Energist Trainer based in Delft, Netherlands, with over 17 years of experience working with a vast range of people. Jacqueline has had success in recent years with introducing Energy EFT to local elementary school groups. 


Ray ManningRay Manning

Harmonise & Balance Your Chakras With I Ching & Energy EFT

Please join me and experience this simple way to balance each of your Chakras by using I Ching Signs, Positive Affirmations, Energy EFT and a wonderful technique called Brain Integration.

Over the years I have bought together lots of information on each of the main Chakras, and put all that on simple-to-use cards. On one side of the card is the I Ching Sign and some affirmations, and on the other side, a wealth of information from location, body parts and emotions affected, to all the different ways we can harmonise and energise them, from essences, colours, crystals, food, sounds or simple self-care things we do.

~ Ray Manning is an experienced Emotional Health Consultant and GoE Energist Trainer from Dublin, Ireland, and has over 20 year's experience of helping clients and large groups, using many energy techniques in helping them improve their overall emotional, physical and spiritual health.


Ilka WandelIlka Wandel

Energy Constellations - Find Your Perfect Place In Relationships

To understand how things connect together, as a system across time and space, is probably one of the most amazing challenges. The most complex data is manageable if everything is in its rightful place, then it becomes a resource.

With Energy Constellations, created by Silvia Hartmann, we let the harrowing psychodrama of the past behind, and we go beyond the old. From information to action. Come to play with aspects, relationships, entities, family and group dynamics, accessing the right energy circuitry and structures in a magical and positive way.

Neuro Energetic Training - Movements Creates Movements

In this practical presentation I will share with you, what I did to get many “happy paying clients.” Whilst treating them, evolving their problems in a playful and easy way, I have not only amazing results, but I also earn a lot of money. Only a few months ago, I wouldn't have believed that I am would have to create a waiting list and turn away more clients that I actually can work with. To be booked for the next half a year was just a dream, but it came true. Let me share with you how I achieved this.

~ Ilka Wandel is full-time GoE energist and Trainer from Bello Horizonte, Spain. Ilka likes to explore new and playful ways to bring modern energism to more and more people, including  guiding children, teenagers and adults from any kind of issue, to a positive solution.


Wendy BirseWendy Birse

MODERN Stress Management – In Just Ten Words!

Stress is undesirable but highly prevalent in our 21st century lives. Finding ways to spot early signs of its effects and then taking action to avoid spiralling out of control seems sensible and healthy to me.

I’m going to introduce you to five familiar words beginning with ‘A’ and five beginning with ‘R’ which help guide us through the ups and downs of the roller coaster of life. Drawing on the Energy Body Stress Chart and the SUE Scale, we’ll consider how we feel and what we do – and learn how to choose those feelings and actions to become the best energists we can be!

~ Wendy Birse is a GoE Energist Trainer based in Scotland who thrives on introducing people to their energy bodies, raising energy awareness and delivering modern energy courses, including Energy EFT Foundation and MODERN Stress Management.


Jimmy PetruzziJimmy Petruzzi

Lead Your Business Effectively, Efficiently And Profitably

Using cutting-edge skills from Excel at Business, Jimmy Petruzzi will empower you with the techniques you need to get the best out of yourself, and how to turn your passion and what you love, into a fully-fledged career.

What business are you really in? Do you have a business? What do your clients really want, whether they know it or not? What's your legacy? This presentation will provide you with the answers to all of these, and more!

Excel At Sports - Working With Professional Athletes

One of the key factors that impacts on sports performance, is the mental approach athletes take on when competing. Far too often, athletes fall far short of their potential, not through a lack of ability, but because they struggle with the mental aspects of performing under pressure.

In this insightful presentation, I will share with you some very simple techniques and mental strategies can make a huge difference to an athlete’s success, and help them achieve their dreams.

~ Jimmy Petruzzi is a world-renowned performance coach and NLP, CBT and Hypnotherapy expert. For over 15 years he has worked, and continues to work with many top professional soccer teams and individuals at national and international level, as well as Olympic athletes.


Susan Browne

Susan Browne

Angel EFT for Success and Abundance

When we use EFT we naturally create an easier connection with the angels, who are always happy to assist us. When we bring the angels into our EFT practise the possibilities for healing and manifesting magnify. In this talk I will teach you how to do Angel EFT tapping, and how to apply it to your success and abundance levels.

When our vibrational frequency is attracting success and abundance we are experiencing these, similarly we can repel them if we are in a lower vibration. I will also demonstrate how to get the angels on board to align yourself into attracting that which you desire.

~ Susan Browne, author of ‘Angel EFT an introduction to Modern Energy EFT working with the Angelic Realm’ is a GoE Energist Trainer & Energy EFT Master Practitioner. She is passionate about energy, and offers Angel EFT, courses, videos and workshops.


Silvia KingSilvia King

Find The Right Energy, Speak With Confidence!

Every day we speak with and to people, but how successful are we with what we say? The success of our communication depends very much on our energy levels, and a good toolkit of public speaking skills.
In an interactive, fun and empowering session, we will use the SUE Scale to track our personal energy stress levels through different speaking environments.

We will see how our perception of the building blocks of verbal communication, delivery and content changes, even when on the surface they remain the same. And we will also pick up some public speaking tips along the way.

~ Silvia King is an Energy EFT Master Practitioner and GoE Energist Trainer. She has been working in corporate communications for many years, and helps many people improve their public speaking skills and confidence.


Sandra HillawiSandra Hillawi

Energy Poetry & Song

Art is important for our soul. It’s our soul and energy expressing itself in the real world. Being in an energy flow state, and writing from that flow state is much easier than we think, and allows the possibility of us to discover the poet or songwriter within, and write words that touch people and move them, whilst at the same time, enjoying the experience of creativity.

In this workshop I will share some of my personal journey into poetry as an energist. We will spend some time exploring getting into an energy flow state for any subject that we want to write about, and then writing what emerges from that state, creating our art. 

~ Sandra Hillawi is a Master GoE Energist Trainer and has been working as a practitioner since 2000, giving EFT and EMO trainings internationally since 2002. Sandra also runs evolution, inspiration groups and detox retreats and is the author of the transformational book, ‘The Love Clinic,’ exploring the energy dynamics of love and relationships.


Jorge VenceJorge Vence

Coaching The Coach!

Often as energists at first we are really excited about the work we do, yet after a while we hit a ceiling as we become somewhat “stagnant”, which is not uncommon.

In this magical and inspiring talk I will be taking you on a coaching session to “re-connect” you with your business and your original business.

It isn’t uncommon for us as energists to forget about ourselves and everything we do suffers as a result. Are you achieving the results you want in your business? Let’s create an energised vision for your business and get you on the right track!

~ Jorge Vence is a GoE Energist Trainer, Harley Street coach, poet and author of ‘Growing Confident’. Jorge helps people to achieve success and confidence in their lives, and double’s their results and performances in half the time of other coaches.


Samantha MoraySamantha Moray

Life-Changing EFT: -10 To +10

In 2014, without warning, I found myself bedridden overnight.  In a physical ‘-10’ state from an Energist perspective.  RIP, as so many of us have seen depicted on The SUE Scale.  Despite access to private health care and every ‘ologist’ in existence, it took 6 months for me to be finally diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue.

I will be sharing my journey and discovery of EFT and MODERN Stress Management, and that EFT not only transverses emotional and energy states, but is a powerful and rapidly resolving therapy for the less understood, and broadly unrecognised condition of Adrenal Fatigue in the hope that fellow Energists may take my experience and use it to help others in their practices. 


Aisling KilloranAisling Killoran

Creating a Fertile Mind and Body

In this this informative presentation I will share with you natural ways of addressing the emotional inner vitality of men and women around fertility issues, and how to take the stress out of baby making, by bringing the body and mind into balance.

I will take you through my experiences in working with couples and what can prevent people from getting pregnant, as well as taking you on a journey of what goes on in a client’s mind, along with hidden secrets, and common threads that run alongside fertility stress, medical issues, etc. Lastly I will also share with you how we can reduce the emotional stress and strain around medical interventions, and when it is time to look for emotional support!

~ Aisling Killoran is an experienced GoE Energist Trainer specialising in fertility issues. Aisling was instrumental in supporting a couple to have a natural baby, who were told that they would only ever conceive through donor sperm. This was featured on the national TV show, ‘How Healthy Are You?’


Barbara SaphBarbara Saph

Awaken Your Inner Storyteller

Storytelling is one of the oldest ways of imparting important information between people that might simply get forgotten, it’s the chance to pass on our personal quests and those of the others from our worlds of awareness.

In this age of mass instant communication why on earth would we still need to tell each other stories you might say, because stories give us all the chance to build and nurture the creative pathways of the energy mind. Join me to have some fun playing with the energy of your six senses to build your own stories and to encourage others to tell theirs too.

~ Barbara Saph is an experienced Master GoE Energist Trainer, Hypnotist, Intuitive Personal Coach, Mentor and the tutor of the GoE’s Energy Healing For Animals course. Barbara helps many people find their passions, power and purpose in life.


Fiona DilstonFiona Dilston

EFT, Timelines, Homeopathy and Switchwords

In this presentation I will cover and explain the use of the new Aspects Model as a way of supporting Homeopathic Treatment. The importance of a Timeline, and of extremely detailed questioning and what I call "digging" for information to get to the root cause of the situation.

Cases will be described to show this methodology in action and how it works along with the use of accurately chosen Homeopathic remedies, or Essences which can be intuited and accessed by means of Essence cards.

~ Fiona Dilston is a registered Homeopath, GoE Trainer, Modern Stress Management Professional and Findhorn Essences Practitioner based in West Yorkshire, UK. Fiona’s practice covers the whole of England and Scotland, with international work via Skype.


Teresa LynchTeresa Lynch

Creating Ongoing Mentorship For Your Students

I’ve just trained someone to become a practitioner of modern energy, now what? Many energy practitioners need following up and support to gain confidence as a professional energist. This presentation will provide an opportunity to brainstorm on ideas to bring energists together and provide this ongoing support. 

I will also personally present the experience of forming the New Jersey Energy Healing and EFT Meetup Group, topics covered over the past two years, the steps to forming a Meetup group, and the positives and negatives when forming a group. 

~ Dr. Teresa Lynch is a GoE Energist Trainer, international speaker and teacher based in New Jersey, USA, and holds a master’s degree in Health Sciences and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She is the owner of Healing to Wellness, LLC where she gives workshops in the areas of energy, health and wellbeing.


Lisa Jennings

*Bonus!* ~ Modern Meditation with Lisa Jennings

The Sunday morning meditation will begin with mindfulness meditation (Vipassana) and then we move to meditation on loving kindness, and then on to the energy of love. This will last about 30 minutes and will be guided by myself. The majority of this session is suitable for both beginners and very experienced meditators, but the last section, on the energy of love, is usually saved for the very advanced practitioner. You can come to start your day with a big dose of positive ENERGY,  or just to refresh and relax before another exciting day at the conference.

~ Lisa Jennings is a GoE Trainer and a lifelong meditator and facilitator of Vipassana meditation groups. Lisa’s style is to look at the whole person as much as possible, and find ways to bring the body and the mind back to health and joy.


Remember - All of the above conference talks are included in your ticket price!

GoE Energy Conference 2016 - Pre & Post Conference Courses & Workshops

As well as the conference on the weekend of November 12-13 2016, we'll also be running a wonderful collection of GoE certified live courses and other workshops on the following dates:

Times (GMT) for pre/post conference courses & workshops (registration only on first day of each course, one hour allocated for lunch):

Registration: 9.30am
Start: 10:00am
Finish: 5:00pm

Discounts are available for booking multiple courses together, as well as alongside and seperately of the conference. Why not extend your stay in sunny Eastbourne, and obtain a brand new, modern energy certification?  Click the button below to register on the pre/post conference courses:

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