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Making The Most Of The Energy EFT Master Practitioner Course

Making The Most Of The Energy EFT Master Practitioner Course

As a tutor for the Energy EFT Master Practitioner distance learning course, Kelly Burch has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Having taught hundreds the skills and knowledge required to be certified as an EFT Master Practitioner, she has a unique insight in to what students can do, to get the best out of this and other GoE courses.

In this article Kelly will give you helpful tips and advice as to what you can do to set yourself up for a successful, fulfilling and exciting journey of learning and self discovery!

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Making The Most Of The Energy EFT Master Practitioner Course 

GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner Course


As the distance learning tutor for the Energy EFT Master Practitioner course, I have noticed some common themes and I'd like to share those with you. Students that do very well in their assignments have certain common traits, and they tend to have a wonderful (usually life-changing) time.

They don't try to squeeze the course into the box of other courses

Students come from many different backgrounds including multiple EFT trainings and extensive histories using EFT and other personal development. EFT is wonderful because it can go hand in hand with other modalities, but if a student is focused on how to fit EFT into their most favourite modality, they may miss out on the chance to experience the full depth and breadth of the course. It may also be that previous learnings of EFT are inadvertently overlaid with the course, which results in a confused version of the assignments.

Do whatever you can to keep it clear that the Energy EFT Master Practitioner may be unlike any other EFT course you've done, and may also go against everything you've learnt about personal development. You can meld the course learnings with your other favourites after the event, but for the assignments, it's an easier ride if we can keep it simple and let this course content free to be what it is - in isolation, not in the shadow of something else!

If you're not sure that the course is for you or is a fit for your understandings, starting with the required reading books of Energy EFT and Positive EFT *first* is going to be helpful. They either feel like a YES or a NO, and you can use that as your cue going forward.

Trust me when I say that your tutor (or trainer) wants you to have an amazing time, not it be a drag for you to move through the units!

Leave your old school-related stresses behind

Every student of the course has history of learning and being taught somewhere in their lifetime. All those imprints of what our parents and school teachers taught us and how that felt is still there, recorded within our energy system. Unexpectedly, students of the EFTMP course may come face to face with old challenges; such as fear of getting a big "F" (in red pen) on an assignment. What a horrible feeling! Many distance students share with me how they felt heavy procrastination, simply on getting started, and especially on writing their assignments.

That's not a great place to begin something special on, so it is essential to clear the way and to then get to be EXCITED about what's ahead in the course. To be free of fear and then curious enough to inspect all the wonderful details and be keen to play and discover.

Along the way, I may share feedback on course assignments where what has been done is not technically correct, or not meeting the core skills requirements, and I need resubmission. I really am not a fan of sharing this 'bad news', but every single time I have done it, the student has come back with a greater realisation about what they are learning, with that realisation rippling into other areas of their life.

So when you have to resubmit an assignment, know that your tutor doesn't personally have it out for you, she just wants for you to have as many "Eureka!" moments on the course as possible, so that you can go out to share the joy of EFT and energy with others.

Ask for MORE

One key common factor with students that have AMAZING experiences with the course, whether providing a wonderful support for a practice client, or having superior insights and understanding, is asking for MORE.

They seem to ask, "What more can I get out of this exercise?", "What more could I let go of here?", "What more is there that I'm not yet noticing?". They seek more: more energy flow (always aiming for high SUE scale ratings), more information, more connection, more of an experience for them.

They are never just content with "that's okay now" or "I feel better than when I started". They seek those "Eureka!" moments each and every time they use EFT. Wow.

Asking "What more can I gift myself (and my client) with here?" may be a magic piece of the puzzle to go from good EFT and expand into amazing EFT.

Lastly.. They ask for help if they need it and they commit to applying it.

If students get stuck, they do what they can on their own. And if they are still stuck, they reach out for assistance. Procrastination, hesitation and confusion can stop great future practitioners in their tracks. Step one is to use EFT and tap for the challenge they have. If this isn't helping, they contact their tutor for help. They use the tutor's advice and report back if they are still stuck. They may even engage with an energist themselves to help overcome their block with the course. But what they don't do is stay stuck indefinitely!

I hope these points have been helpful and inspires you to get the most out of your EFT course, or other GoE course that you are wanting to attend.


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