New Qualification: GoE EMO Master Practitioner

New Qualification: GoE EMO Master Practitioner

Information for non-members, Members, Trainers & Trainer Trainers on the new GoE EMO Master Practitioner qualification.

EMO has come on along way since it was first presented at the Oxford GoE conference in 2002. Because the foundations of the technique are so rock-solid, each annual EMO conference has brought forth new ideas and new applications of how we can play and work with energy.

By focussing your attention on what is going on inside, you'll notice all sorts of subtle and not so subtle energy movements. For example, if I touched your hand you might feel the energy spread up your arm, or when you feel excited you might notice little fluttering sensations in your body. These kinaesthetic feelings are the feedback mechanism of your energy system - and are also known as emotions.

EMO provides a good working definition and model of what emotions are, how they work and how negative emotions become positive just by releasing blockages in the energy system. It's simple and mind-blowing at the same time.

This year Silvia Hartmann has announced a new three-day EMO Master Practitioner training to supersede the current two-day EMO Practitioner & one-day EMO Advanced Practitioner trainings. This is a totally new course written from the ground up so all GoE members looking to work directly with energy are encouraged to attend, including existing ETPs and ETAPs.

Silvia herself will be presenting the first ETMP training in April instead of the annual EMO Conference this year.


  • Qualification: GoE EMO Master Practitioner
  • Course Units: 12
  • Prerequisite Reading: โ€œEMO: Emotions, Energy, Information & Loveโ€ by Silvia Hartmann. Note: Please be aware that this book must be read before undertaking the course. Because this is only a three-day training, Unit 1 doesn't recap information already contained in this book. Please may trainers make this clear to people signing up.
  • Existing ETPs and ETAPs: You are encouraged but not required to gain the new ETMP qualification as it is totally new from the current trainings you've already completed. We'll be offering good discounts for keeping your ET skills up-to-date.
  • Existing ET Trainers: Once you attend and qualify as an ETMP, you'll be able to teach the new course to others from 1stย May 2014 onwards. Until you upgrade, please continue to teach the current ETP and ETAP training up until 1st November 2016.ย 

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