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New Qualification: GoE Energist Trainer

New Qualification: GoE Energist Trainer

Information for non-members, Members, Trainers & Trainer Trainers on the new GoE Energist Trainer two day and seven day qualification.

At the 2013 GoE Energy Conference, GoE president Silvia Hartmann launched the new two day “Energist Trainer” qualification which supersedes the former 1-day “Trainer of Meridian & Energy Therapies” that we've been using since 1998.

From January 2017, this new two day training is going to be extended to seven days so that trainers are qualified to teach a wide range of GoE courses we offer as well as having more time to develop their trainer business plans, marketing skills and confidence working with groups.

When the new two day trainers course was announced in 2013, we stated that all trainers through the former one day course are required to update their trainers license within three years (Nov 2016) otherwise they will be automatically dropped down to Professional Practitioner level and lose their license to train and certify people in GoE courses.

We believe three years gives anyone serious about training GoE courses enough time to schedule this into their calendars and we know that the new skills and techniques taught in the new course will make for more informed, more inspired and more confident trainers who have a greater number of people attend their events.

To help with this transition, we offer a 50% discount on course fees to existing trainers. We'll keep this available until November 2017, so even if a trainer loses their trainers license after Nov 2016 they'll have an extra twelve months to upgrade and still get the discount.

Please note that no other GoE qualification is affected other than the one day trainers courses we retired in 2013. For example, if you've taken the "Energy EFT Master Practitioner" course then as long as you keep your membership active then you'll be listed as an Energy EFT Master Practitioner.

Upcoming Trainer Course Dates:

Note: Details, dates, venues, prices and trainers are subject to change at any notice. Please contact the organiser of the course you are interested attending.

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