EFTMP Member Offers

EFTMP Member Offers

From the 9th to the 22nd April, The GoE made the entire EFT Master Practitioner Level One training videos and manual available to all members to download free-of-charge.

The only condition was that you need to have stored the files on your computer by the 22nd, as we'll make way for releasing all the GoE Energy Conference 2013 audio & video presentations between the 23rd and 29th of April 2015.

As you can expect from such high-quality training materials by Silvia Hartmann, the uptake was phenomenal and we spent most of last week adding hundreds of new members, answering your download queries and improving our network of web servers to be able to provide over 1,300 members with 1.3GB worth of downloads each!

We've had a few requests with members looking to learn more about the Energy EFT Master Practitioner course, so have put together these offers for you...

EFTMP Skills Level One - DVDs & Manual - ยฃ149.00 ยฃ30.00 + p&p

By special request, you can now order the Energy EFT Master Practitioner Skills Level One training as four Video DVDs and a 96 page printed manual. We appreciate that many people find the printed manual particularly useful for working through all the material.

  • 4 x DVDs
  • 1 x EFT Master Practitioner Level One Manual

To purchase at the discount click this link:

Note: This is the same content that you can download for free until midnight tonight Wednesday, 22nd April. This offer is valid till Sunday.

EFTMP Complete Course - Info Only - ยฃ247.00 ยฃ131.99 + p&p

This package includes all twelve units from the course:

  • 12 x DVDs
  • 1 x EFT Master Practitioner Manual

To purchase at the discount click this link:

Note: Offer valid till Sunday. This information is for self-study only and does not give you the right to be known as an EFT Master Practitioner. If you wish to qualify see....

EFTMP Complete Course - Distance Learning and Certification - ยฃ447.00 Save upto 20%

Remember you can use your GoE login to get a discount on almost all purchases through DragonRising.

  • Trainers save 20%
  • Professional Members save 15%
  • Standard Members save 10%

To get the discounted price shown above, just login with your GoE email and password over at the DragonRising website and you'll see all the discounts:

Alternatively, email back for a payment link or phone into the office on: +44 (0)1323 700 800

EFTMP Complete Course - Live Training

For a list of upcoming EFT Master Practitioner live trainings see the course page here:


From midnight tonight you'll have access to all the AMT2013 audio/video/handout downloads including:

  • 01 Positive Energy with Silvia Hartmann
  • 02 Quantum Touch with Karina Grant
  • 03 Levels of Change - Logical Levels with Jimmy Petruzzi
  • 04 EFT for Activists with Karen Bell
  • 05 Explaining Stress with Jan Scholtes
  • 06 The Inner-Self-Image-Process with Reto Wyss
  • 07 Creativity for Kids with Ilka Wandel
  • 08 Resolution Magic with Olivia Roberts
  • 09 Project Sanctuary - Infinite Creativity with Silvia Hartmann
  • 10 Energy Cone Technique with Tom Wynn
  • 11 Introducing EFT into Schools with Stefan Marcec
  • 12 Help for Soldiers: Helping heroes by working with extreme PTSD with Susan Kennard
  • 13 Picture Tapping Technique with Philip Davis & Christine Sutton
  • 14 METAMedicine: Change Your View of Health & Illness with Rob van Overbruggen
  • 15 Mindbody Orientation with Alfred Heath
  • 16 Energy in the NHS & Beyond with Dr. Liz Boath
  • 17 Sacred Sounds with William Taylor
  • 18 Tap Out or Burn Out! with Ray Manning & Aisling Killoran
  • 19 The Science of the Heart: The Power of Compassion with Sami Thorpe
  • 20 Weighting for Change with Corah Clark
  • 21 EFT-Nergy Drum Circle Tapping with Mark Robertson

These will be available in the usual place, the AMT Members Downloads Page.

Thanks everyone,


Alex Kent

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