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Project Sanctuary Is Life - Energist Article

Project Sanctuary Is Life - Energist Article

Project Sanctuary Master Oliver Peltier explains how we can have our cake AND eat it with the help of Silvia Hartmann's wonderful Project Sanctuary techniques.ย 

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Project Sanctuary by Silvia HartmannWhen I first heard about Silvia Hartmann's Project Sanctuary, I received a flash of enlightenment. I knew instantly that this was something real, powerful, essential and it was something that I was meant to do. I had already fallen in love withย EMO Energy In Motion and those portals to infinity called The Genius Symbols.

With Project Sanctuary, you can have your cake and eat it. Regardless of what type of cake. It could be Chocolate, Lemon Drizzle, Schwarzwรคlder Kirschtorte (Black Forest Gateaux) or Victoria Sponge. It can be low fat, full fat, gluten free, dairy free, nut free. A Sanctuary cake can even be cake free, yet its still a cake and is usually zero calories. But 100% Pure energy.

People who meet me tend to realise that I am totally in love with wonder, whimsy, magic and play. They also notice that I am rather tall, the funny thing is that they often don't realise this immediately. Generally we are only aware of what our immediate concerns or interests are and to an energist, the more empowered we are the more we may experience.

Over the years I have played with energy and information, realising that its my intention which often had an effect on the everyday. When I was having my photograph taken by a professional photographer whilst I was studying at the Joint School of Photography, at Royal Air Force Cosford, I intended to be invisible and the resulting photographs were completely fogged, but when I chose to be fully present, the photograph came out perfectly.

An old and dear friend of mine (he is the father of four of my five amazing faerie godchildren) produces a relaxation CD which he supplies to several parts of the National Health Service (more information can be found on his website: smugs.org.uk).

We had a talk about depression, stress, thinking and feeling. He comes from the thought first to change the feelings to refresh the thoughts (think positive thoughts to relax and be free from depression). Which is effective, especially if you add some energy into the system.

An energist usually works from feeling first, then adds energy to the system before exploring the thought (we notice that its hard to think positive when you are feeling low). My friend offers unique gifts, and expresses them in his own way, an energist can play with the entire spectrum of energy and should offer necessary support and can always give the perfect gift.

In a recent discussion with a teacher of the Yoga system called Tantra, I was reminded that Tantra is literally everything. I received a flash of enlightenment as I then knew that Project Sanctuary is also everything.

Often those who hear the word Yoga, have a vision of people tied up in the knot like lotus position, maybe even with some chanting of Aum or Om, whilst burning incense and an austere diet. But Hatha Yoga is what they mostly are referring to, which is a particular system and school of Yoga.

Yoga means Union, its goal is enlightenment and union. So in a way all energists are Yoga practitioners, when we work with ourselves and others to help them reach +10 on the Subject of Unit Experience (SUE) Scale, that state of enlightenment and connectivity.

Some folk tend to get a little hot under the collar about Tantra, believing that its all about sex. In a way this is like the limiting beliefs that energy can only be used for healing, or that energy workers should primarily focus on healing. The reality is that an energist can be or do whatever they choose, as we live in Oceans of Energy.

If you want to create works of art, music, poetry, song and craft then you can do that. If you want to play with energy, manifest goals, wishes and more then you can do so. If you want to explore your potential as an energist, reach beyond your current limitations, then doing the Project Sanctuary Masters Courseย (June 19-21 2015) with Silvia would be highly recommended.

You can be whatever you wish to be, with access to infinite Oceans of Energy, receive gifts and friends from all worlds and dimensions. Project Sanctuary will open you to more enlightened states, without you having to martyr yourself, or suffer or to fast for years, eat a particular diet or stress your body with hours of strenuous physical exercise

Related to Yoga and the energy body is the term chakra, which is a Sanskrit word which literally means โ€œwheel.โ€ It's nothing to do with physical wheels they are subtle wheels which are spinning energy centres within the energy body and are associated with different flowers in particular to the Lotus. You can study the chakras in great detail and learn lots about energy bodies from the eastern traditions, or you can be an energist and simply listen and feel your energy body and not have to worry to much about the wheels or flowers.

In some ways the study of the meridians, acupuncture, chakras and Yoga help focus and distract thought, so that feeling can take place, whereas EMO and Project Sanctuary takes you direct to the feeling.

Books which are required reading for the Project Sanctuary Masters Course absolutely make sense. The Genius Symbols and Infinite Creativity, both books are highly inspirational, full of practical energy applications to anything you so desire.

Now you may personally feel that you are not a visual person, your experience of guided visualization exercises may be like a game of spotting a shadow in the darkness of night or hunting a piece of white paper in a snow storm. Then this is especially for you, as Project Sanctuary simply works.

For years I came across people in the human development field, in the esoteric and magical fields who harped on about seeing in your minds eye. They stated with sage authority that you simply must picture things with absolute clarity for anything to work. I can say with absolute certainty, that for me that was completely wrong. I realised that my intention and knowing, what I and a few others call Kenning meant that results happened. One of the beautiful things about the classic game of Project Sanctuary, is that its instant, it comes in a flash and its real. You can feel it.

With Project Sanctuary you can access your knowing, your vision, the vision and knowing of others.


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