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Silvia Hartmann's Positive Energy Day 2015

Silvia Hartmann's Positive Energy Day 2015

Silvia Hartmann's Positive Energy day at the beautiful Sedgwick Park House, West Sussex, was once again a huge success, with all 18 energists who took part having a fantastic day learning about The Power Of The Positives and setting their goals for 2015. Read on for feedback from GoE director Alex Kent and also photos from the day.

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Alex Kent, Director of The GoE writes:

Silvia Hartmann's Positive Energy Day, this year titled โ€œThe Power Of The Positivesโ€, is one of those courses where you feel very proud, privileged and may I say it, smug about being one of those who attended!

What everyone needs at the beginning of each year is to stop.

Think about what you want.

And now, how do we get there?

Silvia Hartmannโ€™s one day training in Positive Energy is all about aligning body, mind and soul on achieving your goals. This really is New Years Resolutions on steroids!

We start off by using Positive EFT, which really brought the group together, feel more energised, relaxed and be in a power state for dreaming big and making real changes.

After the morning coffee break, we learned and applied Silvia Hartmannโ€™s own powerful EMO energy modality for making sure our energy system is on board for manifesting our conscious desires.

Even if we all went home at lunch time then that would have been a real help for the group. Yet there was more. Much more!

After lunch we focussed on Silvia Hartmannโ€™s unique Project Sanctuary system for harnessing the power of our energy minds for unlocking unlimited creativity. This is such a powerful technique for goal setting, problem solving and figuring out that crucial next step needed to get from where you are today to achieving your dreams.

After the afternoon coffee break we learned Silvia Hartmannโ€™s art solutions including the sixth sense click technique.

Then our workshop concluded by harnessing the group entities energy for setting each energist on the path to success. Yes!

Thank you Silvia Hartmann. There are decades of research behind this one day training and I know what people have learned today will ripple forth from this point forwards.

How can people not afford to be there for Positive Energy Day 2016 next January?!

If you missed this event and can't wait till January 2016 for the next one then why not take an AMT course available via live workshops or distance learning?

We also recommend you read up on Silvia Hartmann's unique energy tools featured on the Positive Energy Day:

For further information about Silvia Hartmann see:

AMT Positive Energy Day 2015 Group Photo

18 happy energists, plus Alex Kent and Silvia Hartmann at the end of the day

ย Sedgwick Park House Horsham

Beautiful Sedgwick Park House in the morning

Silvia Hartmann and Alex Kent Positive Energy Day 2015

Silvia Hartmann leads the Positive Energy Day whilst GoE Director Alex Kent listens keenly.

Positive Energy Day 2015 EMO Sun Energy Exercise

Participants doing the EMO sun exercise in the Sedgwick Park House garden.

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