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EFT Case Story: Tapping Into Enlightenment

EFT Case Story: Tapping Into Enlightenment

In this EFT case story, Lawrence Pagett tells of a session with first-time tapper Paul Millward in which he helped Paul reach a state of enlightenment.

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My name is Lawrence Pagett and my EFT adventure begins with having the pleasure to train with Silvia Hartmann in 2012 when I gained the Energy EFT Master Practitioner certificate. This excellent course entailed utilising practical EFT on clients, friends and family.

One memorable instance was when I introduced EFT to my good friend Paul Millward. At that time he had never heard of EFT. It was an alien concept to him. I explained the tapping points and he semi-reluctantly agreed to tap his first round of EFT. What happened next is truly remarkable. By the sixth tapping point under the nose (affectionately known as the shaving foam position) Paul hit plus ten on the scale – he had reached enlightenment!

Here is Paul’s account of what happened that night:

“Before this happened I knew very little about EFT and in my ignorance I had a pretty indifferent attitude towards it. It seemed unlikely to me that this tapping malarkey could really have any real lasting beneficial effect on someone. However, all this changed the evening Lawrence called round to my flat, keen to try out some EFT with me.

It was about half nine when he arrived and I had only just finished eating my tea. At this stage what was about to happen didn’t seem very likely. I was definitely not in a very inspirational mood: it was a pretty dull Wednesday evening and I felt tired and lethargic. I didn’t feel much like doing anything at all. I have to admit, the prospect of doing some EFT was not exactly thrilling.

Lawrence began by briefly explaining Silvia Hartmann’s SUE scale to me. The scale ranged from minus ten to plus ten. Minus ten is the very worst you could possibly feel, plus ten is the very best you could possibly feel. I reckoned I felt about plus 1 or 2 on the scale, so we decided to tap on something positive to see if we could get me up the scale a bit.

I wasn’t really taking it that seriously, but as I began to tap the points on my face, something remarkable happened. I could feel this irrepressible surge of joy rising up inside me. It quickly grew stronger and stronger until it burst out of me. I became a giggling child as free as the wind. All negativity had evaporated from my mind, all worldly concerns dissolved and my spirit soared into the skies. The overwhelming joy escalated and jettisoned my spirit into euphoric bliss and I entered a kind of heavenly rapture.

It really was the most extraordinary transformation which had taken place in a matter of just a few short minutes. I had not just moved up the scale a few points, which is what Lawrence I think was initially looking for – rather, I had instantaneously hit the jackpot – I was at plus 10 – I had risen to a state of exquisite ecstasy, the supreme state of sublime bliss and enlightenment!

We continued onto another round of tapping, to see where else it could take me. I was by now in such a transcendental condition that I began to tap spontaneously on any subject which came to mind. My thoughts turned to women, and just for a bit of fun, we wondered what would happen if I tapped on the subject of girls. But as I did this, something deeply profound began to happen: I entered a spiritual region of unparalleled joy teeming with young women who seemed to be made of love. These women were filled with the sweetest joy and childlike innocence imaginable.

I was overwhelmed by the spirit of femininity; and it was more real than anything I had ever experienced with any woman in the physical world. I was communicating with the spiritual essence of woman: and she was infinitely sweet, loving and joyful. I continued tapping but I was flowing freely now, as a range of immortal female images drifted through my mind’s eye – Botticelli’s and Pre-Raphaelite beauties paraded themselves before me in a celebration of female grace and elegance, I could hear Maria Callas singing: it was all washing over me in a gentle torrent of ecstasy.

The pure heavenly spirit of woman, the true spirit of woman, the genuine, original spirit of woman, as she was before the fall of Adam and Eve, had climbed into my heart and soul…….”

One of the Master Practitioner course requirements is to further your professional development and amazingly I received the opportunity to write a definitive guide to EFT. Paul is not just a good friend of mine, he is also a fellow writer and spiritual traveller, and after his EFT experience was enthusiastic to co-write the book with me.

The book is bursting with energy sizzling EFT. It is imbued with the spirit of tapping experiences like Paul’s and is a must read for anyone seriously interested in “Spiritual EFT” and taking EFT to the next level of enlightenment.

 Lawrence Pagett is an EFT Master Practitioner and hypnotherapist based in Kidderminster, UK. He recently co-wrote the book ‘Principles of EFT’ with Paul Millward. Contact Lawrence and find more about him on his AMT profile


The Energist Autumn Edition

This article was first published in the August 2014 (Vol.1 No.2) edition of The Energist. 

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