The GoE August 2010 Newsletter

The GoE August 2010 Newsletter

Welcome to the August edition of the GoE newsletter!

In this issue:

** News: The GoE's EFT & Energy Psychology Conference 2010 โ€“ More Details Announced!
** Free Download: Magic Books โ€“ Books As Magical Objects
** Article: Relax! 10 Ways to Help You Make Your Holiday a Time of Healing by Sally Topham
** Interview: Getting to Know Dr. Mark Atkinson
** Who's Who: Tom Wynn โ€“ Developer of ECT Energy Cone Technique
** Case Study: EFT & Rheumatoid Arthritis
** Blast from the Past: Energy Psychology Enabled by Silvia Hartmann

** News: The GoE's EFT & Energy Psychology Conference 2010 โ€“ More Details Announced!

More details have been announced for the 2010 EFT & Energy Psychology Conference. Three moreย  presentations have had their full overviews released:

+ Daily Energy Routines and Techniques to Make You Sparkle with Sally Topham

In this presentation, Sally Topham, author of Finding the River will demonstrate and lead you through a simple set of techniques which help you to move, smooth and generally re-balance your energies.

Sally writes: "Everything is energy! Our bodies, minds, thoughts and emotions are all composed of energy which is constantly interacting with the energy of everything and everybody around us. The stress and pressures of day-to-day life can easily push us off balance negatively affecting our emotional and physical health, the ways we think, act, and respond, as well as influencing our moods, attitudes and beliefs..."

+ Meridian Energy Massage โ€“ Are You Ready? with Dr. Terry Lynch

Combining Meridian Energy Therapies with massage is a powerful energy healing combination. Meridian massage alone can bring about the release of blocked energy and aid in healing; the power of touch cannot be underestimated when working with clients and the meridians.

+ Awaken the Psychic Within for Health, Wealth and Happiness!

Being psychic isn't just easy, it's fun! Whether you're looking for love, a new job or a healthier life, your psychic abilities lie just beneath the surface waiting to help you every day with a wealth of invaluable insights.

In this workshop, you'll discover that being psychic isn't a gift limited to the lucky or to the initiated. On the contrary, everyone is born psychic.

** Free Download: Magic Books โ€“ Books As Magical Objects

Magic Books is a fascinating teleclass recorded on August 4th 2010 with the StarFields VIP club. The download, led by Silvia Hartmann, explains the the basics of books as magical objects, tools for magic, and energy objects, and gives some simple EMO techniques that can be used to filter the energy.

You can download Magic Book, completely free, from the DragonRising website:

This new free download is part of the promotion for DragonRising's latest book, which is only available from their website and is a very special, very limited edition of The Rich & Healthy Witch by Silvia Hartmann. A must have for any magical people out there:

** Article: Relax! 10 Ways to Help You Make Your Holiday a Time of Healing by Sally Topham

As part of DragonRising's Summer Holiday Sale, GoE Advanced Practitioner Sally Topham put together a great article detailing her Ten Top Tips for having a truly relaxing holiday.

Sally Topham writes: "Summerโ€™s here! And many of us are looking forward to our holidays โ€“ if weโ€™re not already taking some time off.

Holidays are an extremely good invention, especially if we really make the most of them! Now is the time to give yourself permission to press the โ€˜pauseโ€™ button and take some much-needed space for yourself.

But itโ€™s sometimes hard to switch off, isnโ€™t it? Stress and pressure are so much a part of life in our culture nowadays. Weโ€™ve got fast food, fast travel. We rush around from A-B and are beset by deadlines at work and at home. All this has a knock-on effect on our mental and physical states causing tiredness, chronic fatigue, depression, high blood pressure, and a general weakening of our immune systems.โ€

Unfortunately, the DragonRising Summer Holiday Sale has now ended, but you can still read Sally's Ten Top Tips here:

** Interview: Getting to Know Dr. Mark Atkinson

Dr. Mark Atkinson is one of the headline presenters at the upcoming 2010 European EFT & Energy Psychology Conference in November, so we thought it would be a good idea for you to get to know him a little better. The GoE caught up with Dr. Atkinson last month and found out a little more about the man, his Well-Being, and his life in the media.

To read the full interview, please click on the link below:

To find out more about Dr. Atkinson's presentation at the 2010 EFT & Energy Psychology Conference, please visit:

** Who's Who: Tom Wynn โ€“ Developer of ECT Energy Cone Technique

The Energy Cone Techinque ECT is the latest member of the GoE therapy family and was developed by Tom Wynn from 2001 onwards. You can find out more about this effective, versatile therapy by reading an introduction here:

** Case Study: EFT & Rheumatoid Arthritis by Lorna Firth

AMT Trainer Lorna Firth writes: "There have been many successes with EFT within my Hypnotherapy practice. Clients who have released past traumas and gone on to weight loss, smoking cessation and more. I use EFT in every situation. I know that the number of successful healings which have occurred are definitely down to EFT.

However the most amazing success has been with myself which I would love to share..."

When working as a practitioner it is so easy to get caught up in helping others that you can often forget to work on you own issues. In this case study, GoE trainer Lorna Firth reminds us that sometimes we need to put our own needs first.

Click the link below for the full case study:

** Article: Mastering EFT Language Skills by Peter Delves

In this article, GoE Trainer Peter Delves looks into the importance of words when using EFT, and not just within the set-up phrases.

Peter writes: "When using EFT some practitioners grapple with what words to use. Although the basics are addressed in standard trainings, this article describes one of the ways you can create language patterns to help the effectiveness of EFT. It is just one of the approaches which we will be covering at the special one day EFT Language Skills Masterclass on the 5th September."

To read Peter's full article and to find out more about his Masterclass, please visit:

** Blast from the Past: Energy Psychology Enabled by Silvia Hartmann

This month's blast from the past is from 2008 and comes courtesy of Silvia Hartmann.

In this article, Silvia Hartmann discusses the meaning of the oft used phrase 'Energy Psychology Enabled'.

Thank you for everyone who has submitted an article or case study for this months newsletter. Please send in any articles you would like to appear in next months newsletter or on the website to

Best wishes,

Josh Alliston
Communications Officer

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