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The Art & Science Of Being A Good Practitioner

The Art & Science Of Being A Good Practitioner

There is no secret recipe to becoming a "good practitioner", energist or trainer, as Mind and Soul Awakener and Life Coach Jorge Vence explains in this insightful article.

Read on for the full article...

 “If you look for perfection, you'll never be content.” - Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

“What makes you shine and be satisfied with the work you do, is knowing that whatever happens today you can do better tomorrow, if you put your mind to it!” - Jorge Vence

I got a good story!

Once upon a time, there was a handsome energist, he came from the land where people lived at -6 and below on the The SUE Scale.

This handsome energist, let’s name him James, always knew he was different, yet he couldn’t quite figure out what made him different to the rest.

Where others saw hardship, obstacles and limitations; he would see how easy things were, alternative routes, and endless possibilities.

As you can imagine, this energist left his land to accomplish great things, though many learned behaviours from his tribe stayed with him for years and decades to come.

Although, he would be energised and full of optimism, every now and then he too would visit the abyss of -6 and below.

This energist, did not know what energy was, nor that he was an energist.

James got on with his life, going from -6 to 0, and to +6 and beyond, not knowing what it was, nor what to call it.

One day when his life was falling apart (or at least he thought), he looked for a way out.

James was trapped in the corporate wheel, working an hour, being paid an hour, trapped in a rut, without even knowing it.

So, one day in a moment of clarity James decided to take the less travelled road.

James had finally come out and learned he was an energist!

He went and did his training, read the book, got the mug, the t-shirt and the photo to prove it.

An energist? What on Earth is that? People would ask.

Do you work with electricity, or is it computer systems?

Everyone would laugh at his choice for a new career…

Now, James knew about the SUE Scale and the Aspects Model, so it did not matter what people said to him, he knew it was their energy bodies on the minus side of the SUE Scale driving them to mock him, making him feel less than he knew he was.

Then, one day, James quits his boring, hard job to set his practice up as a brand new energist.

James, being the good boy he was, read all the books about business and marketing. He created a fancy website, luxurious flyers, had a room set aside, ready to see the army of clients he imagined would be queuing outside of his practice!

A month passed, and James saw no one.

Two months passed, yet no clients for James.

James built this fantasy in his head, that people aren’t coming because he hasn’t got enough experience, he is too young, and that he is too expensive.

Months continue to pass and James is starting to question his “new” career choice.

Then one day…

As if by magic, an energy fairy “godfather” appeared to James and said:

“What makes you shine and be satisfied with the work you do, is knowing that whatever happens today you can do better tomorrow, if you put your mind to it!”

“Whaaaaaat?!”, screamed James.

Then this ball of energy disappears in front of his very eyes.

“What the hell was that?!”, asked James out loud!

What a bag of energy poo!

Things change if I put my mind to it?

This phrase stayed in his head for the next few days…

“What makes you shine and be satisfied with the work you do, is knowing that whatever happens today you can do better tomorrow, if you put your mind to it!”

Does this mean that I can change things in my life and environment if I put my mind to it?

Am I creating my own reality? He asked himself while looking at himself in the mirror.

He then remembered what he learned in Project Sanctuary. In the autogenic reality all you need to do is increase the magic, and everything follows…

So, he started increasing the magic not only in all his habitats, but in his hard life too...

James continued using his knowledge and skills, and brought some EMO Energy In Motion, Positive EFT and Modern Stress Management (MSM) into his life.

The results?

Well… nothing changed!

James was so confused, he could feel himself being dragged towards the abyss of -10, he thought what is the point, when it does not matter what I do, I still get the same results.

James would see his colleagues and friends go from strength to strength, and making a good living from being energists, yet he had not seen his breakthrough still!

In the end James had not changed a thing!

So, what is the moral to this story?

As energists, we sometimes forget that we are in control of our reality, our thoughts, and energy system and body.

We also forget that we are in control of our final destination, as well as the route to get there!

The truth is there is no secret or recipe to being a “good” practitioner, or a good trainer for that matter…

We all have the same training, we all have the same manual, we all have the same network of energists’ friends and groups, and we all have the same resources available to us from The Guild of Energists.

Then what?

The only variable is us.

We are the only variable when it comes to running a successful business/practice as an energist.

You are the variable to your success!


“What makes you shine and be satisfied with the work you do, is knowing that whatever happens today you can do better tomorrow, if you put your mind to it!”

Four things can be summarised from this quote.

1. The “I” only exists in the now, the Aspects Model, what your past aspects have done, learn from it and move on. Do what is right for your future aspects!

2. In desperate moments (we all have those!), do whatever you can to go up in the SUE Scale, we want to steer away from death goals (-6 or below) to succeed.

3. What makes you really happy, is it the money? Or, is it helping other people? Find out and get to work.

4. Future pacing, mental rehearsal is key to create the life we want. That you want and deserve. Use your knowledge and skills on yourself.

As I have said, there is no secret to the art and science of being a good practitioner.

The key is to be your own best client and go as high as you possibly can, find and define your +10, which is unique to you, and get going.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

Lots of Love,



Jorge Vence is a Mind and Soul Awakener who helps us awaken our true potential and purpose in life. Jorge is a EFT & NLP Master Practitioner, Modern Stress Management Professional, Project Sanctuary Master and a GoE Trainer. 

This article was first published in the Vol.2 No.4 edition of The Energist magazine, for more information, and to read the magazine online, follow this link.

Growing Confident - 10 Simple Steps To A More Confident You! - Book by Jorge Vence

Growing Confident by Jorge Vence

In the wonderfully inspiring Growing Confident, author, life coach and poet, Jorge Vence, shares his insights and his journey of discovery of how he become a confident person, someone who is in charge of their life, and has the energy to go out and make the world a better place.

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