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The Emotrance January 2010 Newsletter

The Emotrance January 2010 Newsletter

Welcome to the January 2010 EMO Newsletter

In this issue:

** News: First Presenter at the 2010 EMO Conference Announced!
** Article: Making Room for the New by Cheryl Hopkins
** News: EMO for Pet Loss, Grief & Pet Bereavement
** Article: How EMO Earned £150 in 1 Minute! by Silvia Hartmann
** Competition: Meet the Turtle of Wisdom & Win a Copy of Adventures In EFT with StressFish.com

** News: First Presenter at the 2010 EMO Conference Announced!

We are pleased to announce the first presenter confirmed for the 2010 EMO Energy Conference is EMO Trainer Kim Bradley! Kim has been in the media a great deal lately, thanks to her work on greatly successful EMO In Schools, which gained a large amount of news coverage including a great article in the Times Educational Supplement. Kim's presentation for the 2010 Conference, which will draw on her experience from EMO In Schools, is titled Emotional Health For Schools.

For more details on Kim Bradley's presentation please visit:


For January only there is an excellent 30% discount on EMO 2010 Conference tickets, so order now as this offer ends 31st January!



** Article: Making Room for the New by Cheryl Hopkins

Cheryl Hopkins' latest article is ideal for the New Year, as it deals with setting yourself up for a great future by clearing out the past that holds you back.

Cheryl Hopkins writes: “We all want a ‘better’ life; improved relationships, a better paying job, more rewarding work, a sense of freedom... more daily joy. For me, life is about joy... spreading it and experiencing it daily and in particular, helping people develop careers they feel passionate about and a workplace (I specialise in the financial sector) that thrives on respect, trust… personal effectiveness, because it’s our individual effectiveness… our own personal mastery, that determines our success and thus joy in life.”

The full article is available by clicking on the link below:



** News: EMO for Pet Loss, Grief & Pet Bereavement

Pet loss is a cause of real pain for a great many people all over the world, so why is it that so many people suffering from this pain get told to stop making such a fuss, as it was only a dog/cat/rat/chinchilla? The reason is that the pain felt from loosing an animal companion is not understood by those who have never had a beloved pet. For this reason, Silvia Hartmann has put together an excellent article explaining what animal bereavement is, why it is important to help those suffering from it, and includes a list of recommended practitioners who can help with pet loss.


Thank you to all of the Practitioners who responded to our call for Pet Bereavement specialists to appear on our new list. We have had a good number of responses from all over the world including the UK, Switzerland, Ireland, USA & Cypress. It is great to know that people who suffer from pet loss can know get some proper help from people who care.

If you are an EMO Practitioner who understands the pain of pet bereavement and would be willing to counsel people and help them for this particular topic with EMO, please write a few welcoming words and we will add you to a list of pet bereavement specialists to recommend.

Something like:

"I have always loved animals and completely understand the true devastation the loss of a much loved companion can cause. I am here to help you heal the pain of pet bereavement and remember the love you shared with your companion.

Susie Miller, New York, (Email Address)

You can write a bit more if you like, so people who suffer from this can find you and stop suffering in a world that doesn't understand how connected we can become with other beings, not just people.

So please and by all means, if you understand pet bereavement, write in so we can add you to the list of recommended people and end some suffering out there.

Email us at Staff@EmoTrance.com


** Article: How EMO Earned £150 in 1 Minute! by Silvia Hartmann

This fun, yet informative true story from Silvia Hartmann involves haggling and the “over-active cringe gland”!

Dr Hartmann writes: “Here is something that happened today, Tuesday January 12, 2010, quite for real and it is both funny as well as a great teaching story about all sorts - including how to use energy therapy and EMO, to be very specific, to make money literally out of thin air. £150 in this case in under a minute, that's between $250 and $300.

Not bad for 60 seconds worth of energy work...



** Competition: Meet the Turtle of Wisdom & Win a Copy of Adventures In EFT with StressFish.com

Our friends at StressFish.com are currently holding a competition which features the wonderful Turtle Of Stress Wisdom, and in which you can win a copy of Adventures In EFT, the best selling EFT book.

For full details of the competition and to enter, please visit:



Thank you to everyone who has submitted articles, news & case studies for the first EMO Newsletter of 2010, please do keep sending them in for future newsletters. From all of us here at EMO, have a great 2010!


Best wishes,

Josh Alliston

Communications Officer


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