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EMO For Pet Loss, Grief & Pet Bereavement

EMO For Pet Loss, Grief & Pet Bereavement

The grief, sadness and pain that some  people experience when their pet, their beloved companion dies, is a prime example of where the old ways of failing to understand how emotions really work has let us down. Thankfully, EMO takes a completely different attitude to all emotional pain, including the pain of pet loss and pet bereavement.

The grief, sadness and pain that some  people experience when their pet, their beloved companion dies, is an example of where the old ways of failing to understand how emotions really work has let us down.

Pet bereavement is another example where people are told that they are wrong to feel the way they feel; that they should pull themselves together; and in the case of pet loss particularly, being told that they're crazy to feel the way they do because "it wasn't even a real person who died".

EMO takes a different attitude to all emotional pain - thank God!

Instead of trying to talk people out of how they feel, EMO simply asks where this pain is felt, where it located, and then sets out to heal that, without prejudice, without hindrance, directly, and as quickly as possible.

With EMO, people who suffer from the pain of pet loss can find REAL help, REAL alleviation of pain and suffering, and REAL resolution of sadness and grief, setting us free to love again.

Silvia Hartmann explains what pet bereavement is, why it is important to help people heal the pain of animal bereavements, and recommends EMO practitioners who are waiting to help others overcome the pain of pet loss.

Pet Bereavement Help -

How To End The Pain Of Pet Loss

The complete article is at https://spirit-animal.net/pet_bereavement_help.htm




When you loose a pet . . .

by Clíona Farrell, Dublin.

Loosing a beloved pet is really sad and can be truly devastating. A pet is a true and very close friend, and you grieve for your pet exactly as you would for a human friend.

People who do not love animals or do not have pets may not understand this - and this can be very hurtful but other pet lovers understand exactly how you feel.

Emotions are not logical.

There is no point in anyone - including yourself - telling you that:

“You shouldn’t feel this way.” Or “It’s ONLY a pet.”

This is completely unhelpful and irrelevant.

There is no “ONLY” about it: your pet was a huge part of your life and losing him or her leaves a huge hole in your life.

Whatever YOU feel is what you feel. It’s never right or wrong. It just is.

A pet is like a very loved and loving child who never grows and doesn’t judge you in any way. Unlike a child, they don’t go off to school or visit their friends or do anything without you. They are with you a lot of the time every day, seven days a week.

I had a Jack Russell terrier, for thirteen years. She was TERRIFIC and she thought I was TERRRIFIC! Every morning she greeted me with major excitement, as if I was the most wonderful person in the world - which for her I was. It was the same when I arrived home from anywhere I had gone without her. She never sulked, she enjoyed being with me no matter what we were doing. She never cared how I looked, or what I was wearing. She didn’t care about my bank balance, the type of car I drove or any other of the things that people judge us on.

What other friend would give you such wonderful unconditional love?

When she died I was devastated. I found walking into the kitchen (where she used to sleep) in the morning particularly distressing. When I was out, I used to delay coming home knowing she wouldn’t be there to greet me and take me out for a walk.

But help is at hand!

I used a wonderful technique to help me come to terms with my awful sense of loss.

EMO helped me and I know it can help others who experience similar sorrow.

EMO is a powerful energy healing technique that enables you to release negative emotions and learn to live with and enjoy the memories.

Now, I don’t get upset when I think of her but I remember what a joy and privilege it was to have such a wonderful friend. I just wish I’d taken more photos!


If you (or anyone who know) has lost a beloved pet:

An EMO practitioner can help you work through your grief and teach you how to help yourself whenever you feel unhappy.

Find EMO practitioners who welcome helping people with pet loss here:


or contact me here: Cliona Farrell

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