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The EMO November 2009 Newsletter

The EMO November 2009 Newsletter

Welcome to the November 2009 EMO Newsletter!

This months newsletter is predominantly School themed, with EMO In Schools being the main topic! Kim Bradley has appeared on Colourful Radio discussing the merits of teaching EMO in schools, plus there is a great article that appeared in the Times Educational Supplement earlier this month. Keeping on the School theme we hear from Anne Sweet who has written an excellent case study about a young boy being bullied. It's not all about children though, we have a superb case study from Cheryl Hopkins about overcoming boyfriend trauma, the EMO 2010 Conference tickets go on sale and Silvia Hartmann asks “Why are Scientists acting so unscientific?”!

In this issue:

** News: The EMO Conference 2010 – Tickets On Sale Now!
** News: EMO In Schools Stress Project In Times Educational Supplement
** Case Study: Trouble At School – Confidence, Reading Aloud & Being Bullied by Anne Sweet
** Article: Scientists Behaving Badly by Silvia Hartmann
** News: Kim Bradley Talks “EMO” On Colourful Radio
** Case Study: Overcoming Massive Boyfriend Trauma by Cheryl Hopkins

**News: The EMO Conference 2010 – Tickets On Sale Now!

We are pleased to announce that tickets for the 8th annual EMO Conference are now available.

There is currently an early booking discount available of 50% off for November only. This is unprecedented in the history of the conference, so get your tickets now before its too late! As well as this, if you are already a practitioner you can retake the Fast-Track Practitioner training with a whopping 80% off! This offer also applies to Trainers retaking the Trainers Training.

These are the prices BEFORE the 50% or 80% discounts are applied:

+ Fast-Track Practitioner: Friday, 23rd April 2010 - £247.00
+ Conference + Party: Sat 24th/ Sun 25th April 2010 - £247.00
+ Trainers Day: Monday, 26th April 2010 - £497.00

Note: The 50% discount is only available in November.

To register for the EMO Conference 2010 please use the registration form:



** News: EMO In Schools Project In Times Educational Supplement

Any truly holistic and alternative modality causes those who are deeply entrenched in the 1950s style world view of "If we can't measure it, then it doesn't exist!" a great deal of pain - one might wonder, where do they feel this in their bodies? Rational people on the other side take their own scientific approach - they test something in their own experience, and if it works, they use it. Helping students become more relaxed, more pro-active and less angry, terrified and suffering less from school stress is a good thing - especially if there's not a hint of pharmacology involved ...

Here is an article from the Times Educational Supplement in the United Kingdom, giving an overview of how EMO helps students overcome school stress:



** Case Study: Trouble At School – Confidence, Reading Aloud & Being Bullied by Anne Sweet

Keeping with our School theme this month we have this excellent case study from Anne Sweet, an EMO Trainer from Surrey, England.

Anne was asked to treat a clients 11 year old son with EMO, because he had been feeling unhappy due to bullying at school and not being able to read aloud in class. His confidence had been low for a long while, so his parents were keen to see him happy again

To read Anne's case study please visit:



** Article: Scientists Behaving Badly by Dr Silva Hartmann

In this article, Silvia Hartmann asks why scientists have, of late, become so unscientific, throwing tantrums and denouncing anything that is outside of their own field of vision.

Dr Hartmann writes: “What is it with the "sceptical scientists" that they can't get their emotions under control?

“The latest outburst of unscientific over-emotionality from so-called "scientists" over EMO is yet another case in point. Wild, unfounded accusations are being bandied about under the banner of science, without research, without background information; in fact nothing but rather poor propaganda is being spouted on the basis of no evidence whatsoever.”

To read Dr Hartmann's full article please visit:



** News: Kim Bradley Talks “EMO” On Colourful Radio

EMO Trainer and EMO In Schools co-ordinator Kim Bradley has been interviewed on London's Colourful Radio, hosted by Henry Bonsu, the man let go from BBC London for being “too intellectual”!

In the interview Kim explains the technique, along with discussing the merits of taking EMO into schools.

To listen to the interview, which was at 8:30am on 17th November, please use the link below:



**Case Study: Overcoming Massive Boyfriend Trauma by Cheryl Hopkins

This case study by Advanced EMO Practitioner Cheryl Hopkins, documents the steps taken to help a client who had recently split up with her boyfriend, and as a result was unable to eat, sleep or concentrate at work.

To read the full case study please visit:



Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this months EMO Newsletter, if you have anything to contribute to next months please do not hesitate to send them in. If they are selected they will appear on the EMO website and, if you are an EMO Practitioner, a link to your practitioner listing.


Best wishes,

 Josh Alliston

Communications Officer


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