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🥇 Congratulations To Ozlem Yaltı Kolcu, The GoE's Top Trainer For September 2023!

Congratulations and thanks to Ozlem Yaltı Kolcu for being the GoE's top trainer!

Ozlem joined the GoE in 2016 and has now trained 240 people.

For more information or to contact Ozlem see:

This month Ozlem trained:

  • Nese Ince
  • Bilun Müfettişoğlu
  • Nagehan Odabas
  • Ayşegül Öztürk
  • Selma Sezginler

Ozlem's Next Events:

🥈 2nd Place: Sandra Hillawi

Congratulations to Sandra Hillawi for coming second!

Sandra joined the GoE in 2002 and has now trained 1429 people.

For more information or to contact Sandra see:

This month Sandra trained:

  • Tanya Davies
  • Jamila Jamie
  • Jackie Scarcella
  • Barbara Smoloff
  • Julie Wright

Sandra's Next Events:

🥉 3rd Place: Ber Collins

Congratulations to Ber Collins for coming third!

Ber joined the GoE in 2014 and has now trained 187 people.

For more information or to contact Ber see:

This month Ber trained:

  • Carmel M. McCarthy
  • Karen Mohan
  • Yvonne Moloney
  • Majella Ryan

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