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EFT Article - Transformed From Parent to Author

EFT Article - Transformed From Parent to Author

This EFT story is comes from first-time author Kelly Burch. In this article, Kelly describes her experience writing Parenting With Heart & Soul. This article was first featured exclusively in the Autumn 2014 (Vol.1 No.2) edition of The Energist

Read on for the full article...

For someone that had had a dream of being an author one day, it took a lot of nudging to get the thoughts and ideas swirling in my head out of my head and onto a Microsoft Word document screen.
I eventually got tired of sitting back and reading online articles and posts on Facebook that approached parenting in a way that made me squirm, and put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). It wasn’t enough to shout at my laptop screen anymore, I had to get my message out there.

When I finally began typing on the topic of parenting, I would have a rush of action and construct the first few pages (of what I’d hoped would be a book), before deciding it was all rubbish and giving up on it. This happened more times than I’d like to admit!

It was when I started doing Silvia Hartmann’s creative writing home study course that I recognised the value in honouring what my past aspects had written, and being more trusting that what was written was there for good reason.

Still finding it difficult, I noticed just how easy I found it to blog for my website in WordPress. So, I began writing for a book… in WordPress. I saved it as one big draft, and adding to it regularly.
I also sent each chapter by email to a friend, one at a time, and gratefully awaited their enthusiastic responses to each one. Most replies were along the lines of: “Great stuff! Keep going!”. The replies in themselves were great. And really kept me going!

Before long, I had amassed enough content to submit a manuscript to DragonRising for consideration. They loved it, and for my birthday in 2014, I received a publishing contract.
Wow. This was real and it was happening! I still kept it very quiet, not wanting for this dream to be over, through some sort of misfortune or change of heart. (maybe I should have tapped for that…)
It wasn’t long before I was connecting with Sheryl Tongue, a very lovely lady and editor from Colorado, USA. I found it amazing that a woman in Melbourne, Australia, could have her book published by a publishing company in Eastbourne, United Kingdom, edited by a woman in Colorado, USA. Truly an international affair!

I had asked my 6 year old daughter to create some images for the book. She agreed and was very excited about being an illustrator. We celebrated her completing the final illustrations with new dolls.
From that point there was a lot of work done by way of edits, edits, and more edits. Noticing things that needed changing, didn’t flow right or feel good. Until the day came that it had to be handed over as complete, with any problems waiting for the next edition!

Up until this point it had only a working title of “Parenting & EFT,” but I took a discussion to the Marketing For Energists group that I was a part of.

Silvia suggested the title of “Parenting With Heart & Soul: A Parent’s Guide to Emotional Freedom With EFT” and the other Marketing For Energists group members agreed; it fit beautifully.
“Heart & Soul” had double meaning; by way of being part of the EFT protocol in Energy EFT and which I use within the book, as well as the loving and intuitive connection from parent to child that was the intention behind my writing.

Parenting With Heart & Soul - Parent's Guide to EFT

Click the image above for further information and how to order 'Parenting With Heart & Soul'

With a title, we could now think on what this book might look like. Did I mention that it started to feel more real at every step of the way? I began to feel more and more excited.
It began with a teal and orange cover, but with the work that I had done already in the Marketing For Energists group, I’d come to recognise that colours that were part of the essence of my brand were more sunset types of colours, browns, golds, oranges. These are the colours that I am naturally drawn to in creating the Facebook images in relation to the book, without even thinking, so they seemed to choose themselves and I just needed to trust it.

As I had started to look at the content of the book again to make images with the text, it had been awhile since I had read it, and the same old questioning of the aspects came up again.
I gave it a bit of energy treatment that we’d learnt in Marketing For Energists, by way of loving our product. I read through my book and tapped on it as I went.

By the end of the tapping, I felt extremely proud, almost moved by this work that I had created. Very proud of my aspects that had started just with thoughts and ideas and kept going, even though they needed some encouragement along the way. The aspects had created something really beautiful here and it was an honour for me to use their words in sharing it with the world.
With a launch date of September 8th feeling solid, I began sharing snippets from the book on a Facebook page. I was very happy to see that other people loved this book as much as me, with many asking how they could get their hands on it and sharing the page with their friends.

One day in August I woke up to find emails and Facebook statuses to say that the book was now available for pre-order. And that people had already pre-ordered copies. That moment made it all finally feel real enough to celebrate; “Yep, this author thing is happening!” I went out to dinner with my husband and children that night to celebrate.

When a box arrived on my doorstep on 8th September, I shakily opened it up and soaked up the fact that it was my name on the cover and the spine. I sat on the floor in the entryway of my home and just stared at them, feeling it: “Yes, I am an author now!”.

There has been so much love for Parenting With Heart & Soul already and I am so thrilled that my intentions and heartfelt message has been felt and recognised by readers.

If the book just inspires a new way of thinking on behaviour, of both parents and children, then I will be happy! If they take on the supportive exercises and approaches to difficulties, all the better!
I have realised how unique it is to write on something from the perspective of the energy body, and I would love to write a future book relating to other topics that impact on women from the perspective of the energy body. It’s an important part of who we are and is worthy of the attention.

We have an energy body and it’s time we involved it in our lives, making *everything* easier!

Kelly Burch is an GoE Trainer based in Victoria, Australia. As well as training practitioners locally and via the AMT’s distance learning courses, she regularly sees clients in person and over Skype as well as conducting a fortnightly healing group.
Kelly recently wrote her first book “Parenting with Heart & Soul: A Parent’s Guide to Emotional Freedom with EFT.”
To find out more about the book and how to order your copy, click this link.

The Energist Autumn Edition

~ This article was first published in the August 2014 (Vol.1 No.2) edition of The Energist. 

The Energist is The GoE's new quarterly journal-style magazine that is distributed to over 1,000 of our members and associates worldwide. Find out more about GoE membership and how to obtain your copy of The Energist by clicking here. 

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