Energy EFT Trainer helps Children with Autism

Energy EFT Trainer helps Children with Autism

We were very excited to learn that Modern Energy Trainer Hayat Etingü‎ from Turkey has taken Energy EFT into an Autisic and Mental Health School, and made a huge difference.

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Hayat writes:

I wanted to share with you my great happiness what I have been working towards for the last 2 months. For a while, I have been practicing with mothers of mentally ill and autistic school children, who are connected to the Ministry of Education. 

It was very difficult for me to persuade them to try Energy EFT as they have tried all sorts of treatments and techniques for many years, and had not found a good solution to their problems. All of them were extremely anxious and looking for new remedies, so I introduced them to Energy EFT on the first day of training.

They couldn't believe it first, and then they all started to apply to both for themselves and their children. 

One day, while I was in training with the mothers, we received news that one of the children had had a violent episode in school. His mother agreed to apply Energy EFT with the other 30 mothers in the class. After only a few minutes we got great news about the child, the attack was over and the child had calmed down. 

The miracles followed each other. So much so tha the mothers set up a Whatsapp group in my custody. Now all mothers apply Energy EFT to themselves and their children everyday and they share all the developments in the Whatsapp group.

Great results + indescribable happiness + endless gratitude.

Thank you Silvia Hartmann.
Thank you Sandra Hillawi.
Thank you Gulcan Arpacioglu 
Keep Going !


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