Unlocking The Potential Within - Modern Stress Management Article

Unlocking The Potential Within - Modern Stress Management Article

Learn how to life your life at +10 on the SUE Scale and unlock your maximum potential in this inspirational and insightful article from Modern Stress Management Professional Jorge Vence.  

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Throughout history and even in our lives, we have heard of, read about or even met people who are just unstoppable.

If you are like me, you are most probably wondering… How do they do it? What is their secret?

Before I go any further I want to tell you a story. This goes back just a few months ago. I was in an “OK” place in my life, following my dreams, making a living from it, self-employed, in a loving relationship, good health and why deny it good looks too! 

Yet, I felt there was something missing. I could not quite point out what it was but I wasn’t performing as well as I knew I could. So, I decided to have a coaching session with a colleague of mine, the session was simply the best I have ever had.

For the first time in my life I was having an outdoors session, it was sunny, refreshing and unusual. I was talking about my dreams and desires and fantasies and goals. All of these while I was breathing fresh air, being caressed by the wind and the oxygen providing me with clarity.

After having almost moaned to my coach, she asked me in a very calm and loving manner, “What are you going to do differently now?”

MSM Stress To Success - SUE ScaleTo my amazement, what I said was, “well! It is obvious, isn’t it? I must (a must that comes from choice not obligation), use my skills and knowledge on myself. I have decided to be the evidence, demonstrate that what I do works, because it has improved, changed and transformed my life. I must “walk my talk.””

We continued our session and I said “I have chosen my career path because it is my mission and purpose in this lifetime, I want to inspire and motivate millions of people, it is in my heart, and it fills me with joy and happiness when I do what I am meant to do.”

Almost towards the end of our coaching session, I noticed a pebble in the middle of the street, I picked it up and I could not believe what I had in my hands, a perfectly heart shaped stone, which I kept as a symbol and sign from the universe that I am in the right path.

This is what I took from that coaching session and boy have I noticed the results.

Be a +10.

Modern Stress Management - Unlock Your Potential!After having attended the first Modern Stress Management (MSM) training by Silvia Hartmann, I could see with clarity and certainty that the main reason we shy away and choose not to tap into our true potential, is because of STRESS.

This STRESS feeds our fears, which holds us back and keeps us below ZERO on The Sue Scale, I have been a -6, a 0, a +5 and everything in between, and sometimes be all of these in a matter of seconds.

To help you understand better how you too can be a +10, I would like to you understand that when we learn there are four stages in our learning process: 

  • Unconscious incompetence - we don’t know what we don’t know
  • Conscious incompetence – we know what we don’t know
  • Conscious competence – we know what we know, and 
  • Unconscious competence – mastery! 

With this in mind, the real growth starts when we go on the Conscious Incompetence level, we realise there are areas in our lives that need working on and it is at this point we can make a decision, we either step up and go outside of our comfort zone or remain in the same place, getting the same results and not evolving or going up on the SUE Scale.

Post awakening to my potential and mission and purpose in life I created an acronym for STRESS which helps me stay on track. 

  • Silly
  • Tormenting
  • Ridiculous
  • Endless
  • Self -
  • Sabotaging 

Do I need to expand on what these mean?

Some may think that the words chosen can be considered harsh, mean, etc. They aren’t. I promise you. You are reading this for two reasons;

1. You are an energist, you have a set of tools and skills which enable you to help others; though, you may forget to use them on yourself (I am guilty of that!)

2. You are looking for ways to improve yourself, be better, be more, add more value and go higher on the SUE Scale, right?

Having this in mind, to think you aren’t enough, not worth it, not good enough are just silly thoughts which indicate you are most likely under stress and fearful, it torments you and those around you, you don’t get the results you want, you then go and punish yourself and those around you because you aren’t following your dreams and reaching your full potential (I have been there too!).

Ridiculous? If you know it is silly, and tormenting you why carry on doing it? It then becomes endless if you don’t put a stop to it when you notice it, it then becomes self-perpetuated and keeps you below 0 and we know that that is like. Not good!

If you are in alignment with your mission and purpose in life, and you know what needs doing, why continue self-sabotaging? Why are you holding yourself back? Let me guess, fear which is powered by stress?

So, after having come face-to-face with why I wasn’t going in the direction I wanted I decided to become my best client. 

Here is but a short list of what I did to get me higher on the SUE Scale – oh and life is so much sweeter on the higher realms of the SUE Scale.

I looked at my current situation and second and third position myself. I looked at my current situation through a friend’s eyes and a fly on the wall. This gave me three points of view, where I could start looking for patterns.

Then, I did a SWOT analysis, looking at my Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, and I then set only goal or task that by achieving that one goal, all of my other goals would then fall in place. It took me a bit of time, but definitely worth it.

After I knew with certainty and clarity what I needed to do, I looked at my skills and assessed how I could use them during my day, so I could remain focussed and in a good place.

These are examples of what I did, I am NLP Master Practitioner (MP) and Trainer, EFT MP and Trainer, Reiki Master/Teacher, Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and a Crystal Healer. So I do Reiki on myself everyday even before I get out of bed, do some energy exercises (we are energy and as energists we know the impact a weak energy system can have in our lives), I meditate for a few minutes, engage with my spirit guides and project my day in a positive and loving manner.

I would then use Matrix Reimprinting and Project Sanctuary to play in my head multiple possible scenarios, outcomes and solutions to whatever may come my way. I also find using Silvia Hartmann's Genius Symbols is a great tool, why settle for one outcome or one solution when you can have 23!

My NLP skills and techniques come in handy to bring me to a better and more congruent state. I will anchor a good feeling so whenever I need it throughout the day it is there ready to be fired, so I can regain my good state.

Mixing and matching skills has proven vital to allow me to go higher on The SUE Scale, as well as remembering the Neurological Levels (an NLP technique), here we look at six key elements in an individual or organisations life. These are; 

  • Environment, where we do things – are we in a location where we can do what we enjoy most?
  • Behaviour, what we do – are you congruent and in alignment with what do you do?
  • Capabilities, how we do things – are you skilled enough or need more practice so you can be the best at what you do?
  • Beliefs and values, What is important to us – not often explored, what are your beliefs about your current situation and what you do? What is important to you about your work and other areas of your life?
  • Identity – who are you in relation to your work? What does it say about you? 
  • Mission and Purpose – is what you are doing in alignment with your mission and purpose in this life? 

These simple, yet effective tools have allowed me to go from an average +4-5 to an outstanding +8-9, and when I am 100% aligned and in a congruent place, a +10.

At this level you see who you are. An energy being of love and light who has come to this reality and now to make a difference to contribute to people’s lives and make the world a better place.

I firmly believe this has been of help to you. Contact me and let me know how this has helped you too.

All my love,



Jorge Vence is a Mind and Soul Awakener who helps us awaken our true potential and purpose in life. Jorge is a EFT & NLP Master Practitioner, Modern Stress Management Professional, Project Sanctuary Master and an GoE Trainer. Find out more about Jorge on his website: JorgeVence.com 

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