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What is the Energy of Attraction?

What is the Energy of Attraction?

Alex Kent, CEO of the Guild of Energists, has written a must-have book called “The Energy of Attraction” which explores the topic of how we can attract beautiful lovers, positive friends and bucket list ticking events into our lives. We’ve asked the author to explain a little bit more and whet your appetite for a very special read that has the power to make you a very different you!

What is The Energy of Attraction in a Nutshell?

Anyone growing up watching movies and TV will know the mantras “attractiveness is on the inside” and you should “just be yourself” to win the hearts of those you desire.

Whilst these are both true and the basis of my book The Energy of Attraction, being your best-self all the time is impossible as your energy levels go up and down through the day.

For example, we all have experienced times in our lives when our energy has been in deficit and we’ve been socially anxious, nervous, scared, angry or upset. Perhaps we’ve been in conflict, or something bad and out of control has just happened.

We’ve also thankfully had times in our lives where our energy has been in surplus where we’ve been confident, felt great, been outgoing and excited to be alive.

All of these times in your life were the same physical you, yet your energy levels and emotions directly affect how you see and interact with the people around you, how you view yourself and also how you make decisions.

So yes, when you first meet someone you should be yourself. But you need to be the best you you can be. That’s the definition of an attractive person.

The Energy of Attraction is about advanced goal setting because none of us knows what we are truly capable of, so setting goals from who you are now is selling yourself short.

From the moment you were born, you’ve been influenced by your family, friends, schools, society and the media about who you are, how you should behave and what you can possibly hope to achieve.

We’ve built our own matrix, like a bird cage, and none of us knows who we could be until we start testing the boundaries and breaking free.

Once you do, you’ll discover a +10 energy threshold shift and your world will be forevermore expanded.

This part of The Energy of Attraction is the solution to any limiting beliefs you may have on your looks, age, ethnicity, sexuality, what potential partners are looking for, etc. You’ll discover you are already way more attractive than you ever thought about yourself.

From knowing deeply who you are and what you want, you can begin to make the changes needed to make them come true, all by raising your base energy levels.

Once you are in what I call “Energy Surplus” you’ll start to notice just how differently people behave around you. Plus you’ll also be empowered to influence them through advanced leadership skills.

After the basics of The Energy of Attraction model, comes tried and test approaches for meeting new people, being seen (and being comfortable being seen), attracting attention, knowing when someone is interested in you, how to overcome approach anxiety, how to approach a stranger, the art of good conversation, going on dates and having first sex with a new partner.

Finally, I’ve included a big section on “The Energy of Attraction in Action” on topics I know the reader will have at least thought about - online dating, social media, speed dating and partner social dancing.

Who Is The Energy of Attraction Suitable For?

I’ve written The Energy of Attraction for all adults 18+. That’s men and women, heterosexual or otherwise.

There is much talk about how different men and women are, how we should exist on different planets, speak different languages, etc. It’s very easy to jump into gender stereotypes about men should do this, women should do that.

But the truth is that how we feel, ie what’s important, is pretty much identical.

We all generally want the same things - happiness, connections, love....

When reading the book, you might be thinking “oh I could never do that” or “I’ll leave that up to someone else.”

And if so - ask yourself “Why? What would happen if I did? How could that skill benefit me?”

By exploring our beliefs and pushing the boundaries of our comfort zones, we are raising our baseline energy levels which affects all areas of our lives.

You’ll also discover insights about what other people are thinking, feeling and going through just for the chance of meeting you!

How Did You Come to writing the Energy of Attraction?

Like every sexual being on this planet, I’ve been fascinated with how people are attracted to one another.

I had so many questions like why do people have to meet in pubs & bars, why is alcohol often involved, what is about online dating that felt to me a little bit wrong - and most importantly to me - why I personally was struggling to find a new partner when there were attractive people all around me?

After my marriage ended, I began intensively researching and studying from the opinions, techniques and methods of countless gurus.

It became clear that all of them had apparent good success, but only a few talked about “energy”.

And those that did used all sorts of terms - mojo, charisma, state, confidence - yet these were being described in almost mythical terms. A good metaphor would be to compare it to the man that used to roll lengthways between Buddhist temples seeking enlightenment.

What they were all missing was the Modern Energy framework.

Now we can achieve these high-energy states predictably and almost effortlessly, whilst enjoying the journey along the way.

The Energy of Attraction is a unique set of tools for self-improvement and I’m delighted to put this power for change in readers hands at the energy conference this November 2017. Can’t wait!

The Energy of Attraction by Alex Kent is now available direct from the publisher DragonRising Publishing or all good book shops. See:

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