Energy Hypnosis

Energy Hypnosis

Energy Hypnosis is hypnosis or meditation for the energy body.

Energy Hypnosis is hypnosis or meditation for the energy body.

In Energy Hypnosis, we are addressing the energy body and the purpose of energy hypnosis is to bring about beneficial energy movements in the energy body, that will make the energy body feel better.

Energy Hypnosis and Energy Meditations are generated by The Energy Mind, which knows much better what an energy body needs to heal and to evolve, than the conscious mind ever could.

Energy hypnosis works on the mind, the body, and the energy system all at the same time. Rather than "stuffing suggestions into the unconscious mind," in energy hypnosis the owner of the energy mind in question gets to step into the process and add their own healing intention, healing permission and experience healing events.

Energy hypnosis is a wonderful experience that does not just alleviate stress on the mind and on the body, but also helps us to restore our energy body and our energy system so it is sparkling, and fresh. Energy hypnosis also provides vital energy nutrition from a wide range of nourishing energy forms.


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