Modern Energy Art MEA

Modern Energy Art MEA

Modern Energy Art MEA is art with six senses, not just with five.

Modern Energy Art

Modern Energy Art is any type of art (visual, kinaesthetic, auditory, language based, engineering etc.) that includes awareness and use of the energy dimensions.

  • Most artists instinctively or intuitively work with energy forms; in energy art, the energy artist is aware that they are working with energy forms.

Energy art is generated by the energy mind; or in other words, whatever form the original and eventual work of art will take, the idea came from a sension, an information stream sent from or through the energy mind.

Energy art can be created by taking a flash vision and developing it into some work of art after the fact; or the energy mind can be encouraged to take over the actual physical construction of the work of art, directly guiding the hand on the keyboard, clay or brush.

The resulting object or occurrence will have a powerfully congruent existence at the energy level; it will be an energy object, a generator, an artefact or all rolled into one, depending what the energy artist had in mind.

What is particularly important about energy art is that it comes from or through the energy mind; it is thereby not "based on" other people's work, but a direct form of interaction by a person with the Universe at large.

Modern Energy Art ALWAYS and RELIABLY produces original works of art that other people who have learned to feel energy can literally feel in their own body; and should also be able to read the energetic information embedded in the energy art object or occurrence correctly.

The creation of energy art is guided all the way through by the energy artist's direct experience, direct interaction with their own personalย sension, and direct physiological feedback which is known as "The Click".

Modern Energy Art is based on art solutions (all art/creative modalities are included) to be used for problem solving, art therapy, reality creation, soul activation and energy nutrition to mention but a few.


Art Solutions: "Don't paint the problem. Paint the solution!"



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