Energy EFT On TV!

Energy EFT On TV!

Energy EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Master Practitioner Susan Kennard talks about her recent appearances on major UK TV channels, including where she treated a client for shoulder pains using the tapping technique on BBC2's "Make Me Well, Inside Harley Street". 

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Fun, Fulfilment and Freedom. Isn't that what we all want in our lives? Over the last few years my life has been an exciting journey. Finding EFT has been the pivotal part, and now extending my work with EFT to develop my own energy processes to go even deeper.

When I was asked me to write an article about what had happened to me since the BBC TV documentary, “Make Me Well, Inside Harley Street” was shown on April 27th 2015, I did not expect to be writing about much really. However it has been an exciting, thought provoking and fun place to be. 

Susan Kennard - Make We Well, Inside Harley Street BBC2In November 2013 I was approached by the BBC to be interviewed about my London practice on the famous Harley Street, which is well known for its large number of private specialists in medicine and healing.  

18 months later the documentary was shown on BBC2 at the 9pm prime-time slot on Monday evening. If you haven't already seen it, you can view the video on The GoE's website:

Since then, I have had lots of interest in private work and also more interest from the media and other organisations (more about that later).

I feel that it has shown the public that there are other approaches to health and well-being.  That we have freedom of choice and that we have the power to change anything. It has also shown me that there is still a lot of controversy and fear around complimentary therapy and the possible misleading of the public into seeking medical advice. 

I don't know about your experience of clients connecting with you for EFT, but usually I am found as they have exhausted other avenues. They may have tried the medical, talking therapy and other approaches, and then they do a Google search to see if by chance something else could help them. 

Susan Kennard & Lorraine Kelly ITVLast year I appeared on Lorraine Kelly's (ITV) breakfast show, and at the same time Paul McKenna was promoting his work using tapping.  This showed me that someone has to take the lead or have the voice for society to have this choice. 

A week before the BBC documentary went live,  I received a call from Amit Kainth, the author of The Gift - The 7 Laws of Success. He told me that he had a Sky TV show called “Closer to The Truth”, and would like to interview me on 4th June 2015.  This will be aired on the 5th July on the Star Plus channel.  

A few days after the BBC documentary was aired, I was contacted by The Good Thinking Society. They had composed an article for The Sunday Times newspaper, reporting myself and all who had appeared on the program, to the UK's Advertising Standards Authority. 

They asked if I would like to comment, which I did. Since then I have offered them a live interview which takes place on Skype. By the time you are reading this, it will be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and also my site. 

It is my intention that we as a society, have the freedom to choose how we help ourselves. It is also my intention that we come away from fear, control and blame, and that we take responsibility for our own life and of course our own health and well-being. 

As integrated beings we don't need anyone to tell us what to do, we have our own inner guidance. Isn't that brilliant that we can make our own choices? If that is medical, then that's our choice, if we choose like many of my clients to incorporate both, great. It is not for me or anyone else to judge the choices of others.  In my opinion it’s all about empowerment and feeling free.

In the words of Nelson Mandela, "we must look within ourselves, become responsible and provide fresh solutions, if we ever want to do more than complain and make excuses." 


Susan Kennard is an experienced GoE Energist Trainer and Energy EFT Master Practitioner, based in Hastings, England. Susan also runs a practice from London's famous Harley Street. To contact Susan, head to her GoE website:

Susan is an GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner, a course by Silvia Hartmann, which takes the developments from the last 15 years of EFT worldwide and brings them together so that the student can experience a clear, logical, direct and powerful way to resolve problems with EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques.

The successful student will hold the GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner Certification, and can choose to become either a Standard Member or Professional Member of The GoE. Professional Members will be included in the public register to this effect. For a list of upcoming Energy EFT MP courses, see here: EFT Master Practitioner Courses

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