Emotional Fitness For Life

Emotional Fitness For Life

International EMO Trainer Sandra Hillawi Writes: "Lets talk about our Emotions, Emotional Fitness and Emotional Fitness Training!  

Our emotions arise as our response to life, as we process the energies of life within our human spirit. The human spirit is an energy system. We cant see this energy system but we can feel it ...as the feelings in our body accompanying our emotions indicating to us how we are handling the energies of life."

Are we happy, joyful, energised and feel love and courage and strength as we experience the energies of life? Joy love and delight are real whole body experiences, no, they are totality experiences. As life energies flow through our spirit, we feel alive, physical tingling, strong, warm, radiant, we have energy. It feels good. This is Even Flow. We are resourceful, we see clearly, we see things as they really are. Happy good emotions are flow states of our energy system. Life energies flow in through and out, creating our experience and perception and emotions and our conscious perception of that experience.

But what about when we don't handle life well?

When our trip to the gym of life leaves us aching and weak.

Where we are not handling life energies well and it gets stuck in processing. We cant accept life or digest whats going on. We feel pressure and pain, we resist and feel anger, we hold on to life events, we cant let go and it hurts. These stuck energies remain attached to the thoughts and memories of these events, colouring our perception of these events, creating our judgement filters for future events. Life goes on, we handle more and more of life, building and building up in our energy system with the past energetic events and all these energies held in the energy system disturb and block The Even Flow. Its these energy disturbances that give rise to our negative emotions as we recall the past or we think of the future.


Its is energy blockages in the human energy system, our human spirit, that cause our negative emotions. We react in anger, we feel under pressure, we pre-judge situations, we get hurt, we feel guilt and sadness. We are afraid. we feel this pain in our stomach, heart, head and in other places in the body. This is where the energy disturbance or blockage is located.

So is it possible to develop the ability to handle and process life better than this?

Could we find ways to develop our emotional strength, to grow and flex our spiritual heart muscles to give us greater capacity for life?

Could we actively learn how to grow in our ability to accept, understand and have real clarity of vision, to see reality as opposed to our perception of reality? Can we actively learn to release and let go, to forgive? Can we become flexible? Can we actively grow our compassion, and live life more in joy and delight, with have greater love and wisdom in our actions, as opposed to our reactions?

Yes it is possible.

We CAN learn to transform our emotions when we understand a few simple principles and start paying attention to whats going on in our bodies.

Why is it possible?

Because its all energy and only energy

When life is hurting, where do we feel that pain?

When we cant accept something where do we feel the pressure and resistance?

When we cannot let something go, where do we feel this tension or pain of unforgiveness?

When we are feeling sad and lonely, our heart is aching and we feel loss in our lungs

When we feel our heart is breaking, do we not have a physical pain in the chest telling us this?

When we are frightened and anxious, isnt our chest tight and the stomach is in knots?

So exactly what is going on, what are these feelings in the body?

These feelings are where the energies of life have become blocked.

So what can we do?

We can start by paying attention.

 When we are hurting what does that feel like, how big is it?

How heavy or light is it?

Can we do something so that this energy can flow again, since its got stuck?

It feels like a hard lump in my chest, lets see if it can soften and pay attention to what happens

We use our intention

 We think of the energy becoming softer so that it might flow and we simply pay attention and watch what happens

 Oh look its flowing, moving through the body, and with a sigh, some down my arm, and look, I can feel it flowing down my body too, my legs and now my feet.....its releasing,

We have flow, we feel lighter, we feel more relaxed, we can see more clearly, we understand what it was all about now and we have learned something

We begin to develop an ability to handle this aspect of life, this kind of energy used to get stuck in processing and now is flowing again

 And could we develop the ability to handle this really well?

If we go back now and revisit the situation, and really embrace it now, and repeat the process....where do we feel uncomfortable, remind ourselves now that its only energy, pay attention, think 'its softening and flowing' and again watch and feel the energy flow and release through and out

Wow, now we can handle that much better, our energy is feeling stronger, we feel bright again

So lets see what else we can learn to handle?

We can develop the ability to handle life that not only it doesn’t hurt so much, but that we are actually strong as we face life;

That its safe to have our hearts wide open, that we do not need to fear, and have shields to protect our hearts from pain;

We can develop not only the courage but the strength to face life and its challenges

And we see that it is in fact life's challenges that bring us the opportunity to grow these spiritual muscles, for without these events, we do not have the means to flex and stretch and grow

So we can now go with our hearts open in life and then we feel the pain and suffering of others 

But with our open hearts in the same way, we pay attention to the way we are handling what we are experiencing, the pain in the heart is also an energy, we soften, we flow we transform and we grow

Now we are growing in compassion and love and we can see more clearly without our own pain discolouring our vision or disempowering us from acting.

 So we grow and deepen in our love for our brothers and sisters and humanity and to act from love as we offer support and help to others in need, from the heart creating new events enriching the hearts and souls and spirits of each other.

We radiate into the world according to our energy state, our emotional state.

Its is important not only for ourselves, but for the world, that we develop Emotional Strength and Fitness.

It becomes safe and normal and healthy to really feel and deal with our emotions as the human spirit processes the current wave of life and the next because, just as every wave passes and loses its power, our spirit can also let go, release and forgive

But just as a pencil leaves a trace on the paper, life leaves its trace on our spirit

We change, we learn, we grow.

When we learn to handle and process the energies of life well we become transformed by life and have joy and love and delight in life in the process

We become adventurous spirits, powerful and strong, we love more


And we learn and grow in wisdom

As our learning comes not only in our conscious mind, not only in our hearts, but in our whole being

and from this deep knowing we can act wisely in life

Now we have emotional fitness

Now we have emotional strength


And with these new faculties we can discover ourselves and new ways of being;

We can explore life where our hearts previously would not dare to go;

We can learn things that most men will never learn because while their energy system is disturbed it colours their perception of reality and events are as yet not fully digested and processed through and out;

We can become what most will never become because they are still weak hurting and fearful.

And what can we achieve in life, in what ways can we better serve in life, when we have this Emotional Fitness?

And in discovering, in experiencing, in being transformed, we find who we really are, who we were meant to be, our full potential as beings in open connection with creation around us, and deep connection with our own hearts and souls and the source of all of this, all of these energies of life, the source of all of us.

The greater the flow of energy in, through and out of our human spirit, the greater the deeper the more powerful is our experience of love and connection.

Emotions are nothing more than a reflection of the state of flow or disturbance in our energy system, in the spirit person.

Being able to transform our emotions, to restore and maintain the even flow of the energies of life experienced by our human spirit, is a natural gift that we have all been given, and that most of us do not know how to use.

Today we call this EMO. It stands for transforming the emotions.

This process was observed and developed in 2002 by Silvia Hartmann, in the UK

Aspects of it appear in other modalities because its such a natural process, innate to us.

Its the most simple, the most elegant, the most beautiful and the most powerful and profound process and tool we can have in our life to help us to develop Emotional Fitness and Strength that we may have greater joy and delight in life at the same time accelerating us in our spiritual growth.

We can do this for ourselves and we can help others to restore their flow and transform their emotions and themselves in the process.

How Can You Learn how to Do This?

How Can You Learn To Transform your Emotions and Restore Your Flow and Grow?

How Can You Learn How to Become Emotionally Fit for Life?

By learning the simple process called EMO


How to Learn More ?

1) Reading   

There some great books introducing you to EMO :

Silvia Hartmann's Oceans of Energy, Living Energy and Energy magic

Sandra Hillawi's The Love Clinic

All available at DragonRising Publishing in paperback and e-book format.

Or just visit the website www.emotrance.com for browsing, to read more articles, The Primer and download the free e-book EMO 2009 Official Guide to EMO


2) Watch a Video

Free videos by Sandra Hillawi are on YouTube so you can get the basics for your self

www.youtube.com/sandrahillawi An introduction, a self help session and tutorial to help you improve your results. Its free.


3) Attend a live workshop or training

There are hundreds of trainers around the world offering live workshops, by far the best way to learn and experience how to transform your emotions for Emotional Fitness. I myself also run live training by skype web conference. Email me to enquire.

The directory of Trainers and Events are on www.emotrance.com

There is also a Distance Learning programme


4) Emotional Fitness Personal Coaching

Book some time with me, Sandra Hillawi, and let me guide you personally to heal, release and grow strong in your emotional fitness for any aspect of your life. Private sessions can take place in person, or by phone or skype and web conference call.



So are you ready for the Emotional Gym of Life?



Do want to Get Emotionally Fit?

Do you want to experience life from the place of courage strength and love, happiness and delight?

Do you want to discover more of your true potential and who you really are and were designed to be?


Then welcome to the world of EMO 

The specialists for the human spirit

Remember that you no longer have to be angry, you no longer have to feel pain, you no longer need to struggle because all emotions, be that joy or pain are just energy. Energy flowing or energy blocked.

Its all energy, and we know how to restore the flow and transform our experience of life.

We simply pay attention, locate the pain or energy disturbance, use our intention to soften and restore the flow...and on we go, developing and flexing our spiritual muscles towards emotional health, strength and fitness.

So along your own journey ....

May you discover the true nature of your human spirit

May you become all that you were designed and destined to be

May your spirit rejoice as you come to live in love and joy in connection with the Oceans of Energy of which we are a part in this Creation

Wishing you love and happiness

Thank you for your attention

Sandra Hillawi

Master Trainer and International Ambassador for EMO



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