Energy Tapping: Reduces Anxiety and Stress in Pregnant Teens

Energy Tapping: Reduces Anxiety and Stress in Pregnant Teens

scientific study has shown that Energy Tapping helps to reduce Anxiety and Stress in Pregnant teens, and helps to prevent the expected increase in anxiety as the due date approaches.

The study assessed the blood cortisol levels of two groups containing pregnant teens ranging from the age of 14 to 19. One group was given no intervention (control) and the other group was given the skills to Tap, giving balanced results with the only variable being Energy Tapping. Blood cortisol results proved that Tapping contributed significantly (57%) to lowering anxiety levels and lowered (43%) blood cortisol level, indirectly affected the readiness to face childbirth process.

Published in Unnes Journal of Public Health. January 2018 (Indonesia)

Emotional Freedom Techniques for Reducing Anxiety and Cortisol Level in Pregnant Adolescent Primiparous

Authors: Mardjan, Yayi Suryo Prabandari, Mohammad Hakimi, and Carla R. Marchira


Anxiety during pregnancy in primiparous mother will be a hard burden because of the immature both psycologic and reproductive organs which can increase the risk of maternal mortality, infant mortality, prolonged childbirth, LBW, ostpartum depression, etc. An effort to minimize the anxiety is the implementation of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) during the third trimester.

This research purposed to assess the effectiveness of EFT to decrease anxiety in facing childbirth. This research used the quasi-experimental pre-test and post-test method of treatment and control. The treatment was done during the third trimester, started and followed for 3 months ie month 7th, 8th, 9th. The EFT was implemented every month then continued independently by the mother, until before childbirth process. The research instrument used TMAS (Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale) and cortisol blood test. The subjects were 38 respondents consisted of 19 interventions and 19 controls.


Results with paired t-test, TMAS1,2,3, each stage got significant difference, pre and post blood cortisol level p = 0.0001. Linear regression analysis on TMAS p = 0.001 and R² = 0.57, whereas blood cortisol level p = 0.004 and R² = 0.43. This analysis proved EFT contributed significantly 57% to lower anxiety levels and 43% to lower blood cortisol level, indirectly affected the readiness to face childbirth process.

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