Energy Tapping Reduces Public Speaking Anxiety

Energy Tapping Reduces Public Speaking Anxiety

A recentย scientific studyย from Indonesia has proven that Energy Tapping decreases public speaking anxiety. It also goes on to say that multiple tapping sessions enabled students to experience even further decreases in anxiety.ย 

Yet more support of the great benefits that stress reducing Energy Tapping can give...being able to speak openly and comfortably in Public is a great life skill, and one that everyone should have the confidence to shine in!

Please be advised that as this study was carried out in Indonesia, the translated text has had some slight amendments to make it more readable here. The unedited PDF text in English can be found on the linked page.

Published inย Journal Bimbingan Konseling (Indonesia)

Group Counselling with Systematic Desensitization and Emotional Freedom Techniques to Reduce Public Speaking Anxiety


Ely Roy Madoni
Universitas Darul 'Ulum, Jombang, Indonesia

Mungin Eddy Wibowo
Universitas Negeri Semarang, Indonesia

Muhammad Japar
Universitas Muhammadiyah Magelang, Indonesia


Public Speaking or the ability to speak in public is one of basic competencies that must be carried out by students. However,ย  many students having public speaking anxiety and to a high degree. Regarding this problem, this study was aimed at examining the effectiveness of a group counselling with desensitization technique and emotional freedom technique in reducing students' public speaking anxiety. The implementation of those techniques were conducted twice in each group counselling service. Involving 16 students having high level public anxiety chosen from 100 students by using purposive sampling.


The results showed that the group counselling with systematic desensitization technique and emotional freedom technique (EFT) was proved to be effective in reducing the public speaking anxiety of students. Evidenced from the average score and time effect, emotional freedom technique resulted in higher decreases than systematic desensitization technique. Futher more, the more emotional freedom technique was given, the higher decrease of the public speaking anxiety of students would result.

Link to Studyย 


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