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GoE Energy Trainer's Course 2016 - Port Melbourne

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UPDATE 25/08/2016 - The first GoE Energy Trainer's Course has now completed!

We have the next event planned up for June 2017 in Eastbourne, UK, please contact us directly to register your interest.

GoE Modern EFT & Energy Trainer's Course - Australia 2016 

YES! YOU could become

A Qualified GoE Energy Trainer

& Start YOUR Modern Energy Training Business

We are looking for dynamic people  who are ready to earn a fantastic living

- and make the world a better place.

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For the first time in history, there is the chance to become a Modern GoE Energist Trainer in Australia, and be among the first to take advantage of the new Gold Rush in personal development, coaching and professional advancement.

Make The World A Better Place

Make YOUR World A Better Place

  • NEW Breakthrough Information - finally, here are the missing puzzle pieces that connect the dots and light up our true potential.
  • NEW Techniques - Brand new techniques, not based on what the old monks did back in the day!
  • NEW Methods - Completely new methods that were discovered and refined in the 21st century.
  • NEW Approaches - Heart and soul centred, powerfully loving approaches that bring love and logic back together.
  • NEW Futures - Modern Energism unlocks totally different timelines for everyone involved - this will change your world.

Become a Modern Energist Trainer -

Come Home To YOUR Potential.


Old/Ancient "Subtle Energy" Modern 21st Century Energism
Ancestor Worship Based - Do as your told and don't think. Experienced Based - Learn through YOUR experience (wisdom learning)
Sameness Based - Everyone must do the exact same thing, think the same thing, become the same "mystical guru" type. The Power of the Individual Contribution - YOU are the gift that only you would have to give.
Using Ancient Maps - Thousands of points and nadis that must be learned by heart first and endless lists of what to do and how to do it. Using Real Time Feedback - Learn the principles, then you can react in real time to what is really there. So much more effective, kind, loving, logical, workable and FASTER!
Confused & Convoluted Theories that don't make any sense in the real world. Logical & Provable - Powerful, SIMPLE theories that work in the real world, with real people and MAKE SENSE of energy.
Demanding Massive Life Style Changes - from meditating to yoga, veganism to becoming a monk! Powerfully effective in the REAL WORLD, in people's real lives in the 21st Century!
Created by Oriental Men For Oriental Men Created by 21st Century PEOPLE for 21st Century People!
Completely Ignores Emotions Emotions Drive EVERYTHING human beings do - they are the most important feedback device to reality we have.
Based on Balance, Zero Emotions BASED ON THE POWER OF JOY AND LOVE.


Discover The Sheer JOY of Teaching Modern Energism!

AMT Energist TrainersModern Energism is all about demonstrating new ways for people to be happier.

When we are happy, we are strong. It is as simple as that.

Ancient teachings were all about suffering, or if you were lucky, you were allowed "balance" - not to sad, not too happy, just stuck in the middle, feeling nothing.

That's appalling and that's no way to treat a human being!

Human beings are DESIGNED for high, positive energy states - that's when their real potential comes to light at last, that's when all those mysterious "resources" become unlocked and you find out who you really are.

A powerful person who can think, feel and act from a state of strength and love.

Learning AND Teaching Modern Energism is a whole new experience - delightful, purposeful, powerful.

Students worldwide are discovering the delight of Modern Energism.


The SUE Scale Unlocks A Whole New WORLD Of Human Experience And Human Potential

SUE Scale - Hartmann 2008In all of the old approaches from the ancient paradigm, everything stopped dead at Zero - what they call "balance" and what we call "The Zero Point of NOTHING."

Having "no emotions" was held to be the perfect state of being.

"Getting rid" of negative emotions was the only focus.

"Finding Peace" was the best a (hu)man could get!

All of that is OLD.

The NEW Modern Energism moves towards the HIGH POSITIVE states of being - that's where we step into our real power, that's where we are the best version of ourselves.

We are actively seeking HIGH POSITIVE events - literally moments of JOY, HAPPINESS, LOVE and CONNECTION which will power us up to the next level of our personal evolutions.

Modern Energism shifts the goal posts from the Zero Point of Nothing to your personal +10 - and not only that, it makes it easy and logical to bring more energy, more joy, more power into our lives.

With this shift of attention from Zero to +10, we are stepping into a whole new, undiscovered realm of human potential.

There are the most astonishing treasures and riches awaiting on the other side.

With modern energy methods and techniques, it is not just possible now to get there, but fast, easy, and most of all, RELIABLY.


Making Sense Of People - At Last!

Modern Energism helps us all make sense of people - why they do what they do, the reasons WHY our lives are the way they are.

This is clear, simple, and instead of studying ancient texts, we get to look at our own lives and those of the people around us, to learn what is really going on.

Making sense of your own life and that of other people, and then out into families, groups, societies and entire countries and civilisations is a wonderful relief and puts us into a whole new position when it comes to making decisions.

Modern Energism provides the most profound "Aha!" moments when we start to get it why we did the things we did, but that is only the beginning. 


Modern Energism Creates Techniques, Methods & Approaches That WORK

Happy AMT EnergistsThe best proof of the theory is in the practice - and modern energy work works. It works with men, women and children, regardless of their educational backgrounds or socio-economic status.

It works with couples and with families; it works with teams, bands and groups.

Modern Energism brings logic where there was confusion; intelligent discourse where there was "blind faith" and empowerment, happiness and joy where there stress, fear, anger and anxiety.

It is a wonderful experience to share this joy with other people who have waited their entire lifetime for someone to come along and make sense of their own personal truths at last.

It is even more wonderful to be able to teach simple, effective techniques that literally transform the lives of your students - and all those touched by your students! - for the better, bring love and logic, making the world a better place, one person at a time.


Letter From Silvia

Silvia Hartmann - GoE Chair

German born researcher, systems designer and author Silvia Hartmann is Chair of The Guild Of Energists, creator of Energy EFT, Modern Stress Management and EMO Energy In Motion, and author of The Trillion Dollar Stress Solution.

A world renown expert on human genius and creativity, and with a life long mission to heal the divide between love and logic, Silvia Hartmann has created an unprecedented and entirely original body of work.

Bringing reason, sanity and logic to modern energism, Silvia's techniques, models and systems are used by millions worldwide and her acclaimed training programs are conducted around the world.

"I am really excited that we're being able to offer the latest up to date trainings for the first time in Australia - so the UK and Australia can lead the world together in modern energy work!", said Silvia, creator of the GoE Energist Trainer's Course.

"We are looking forward to welcoming our new trainers from Australia, New Zealand and Asia, and many more modern energists from the other side of the world!

"Sandra Hillawi is a wonderful teacher, and apart from the professional opportunities in becoming a GoE Energist Trainer and being able to teach Energy EFT Foundation, EFT Master Practitioner, Modern Stress Management and the beautiful, astonishing EMO Energy In Motion, this course will to be an unprecedented personal development for the participants." 


Meet The Wonderful Sandra Hillawi!

Sandra Hillawi - GoE Master TrainerFor the first time in Australia, you can gain YOUR Guild Of Energists Trainer's Certificate by studying with Sandra Hillawi, the world's greatest teacher of modern energy work.

Sandra Hillawi is the author of 'The Love Clinic,' and a true 1st Generation Trainer, having learned the principles of Modern Energism from Silvia Hartmann herself at the Commonwealth Instititute in London, UK, in 2002.

Since then, Sandra Hillawi has been the embassador of Modern Energism and has taught tens of thousands of students all across Europe and the Middle East.

"As a proud GoE Trainer, I have enjoyed all my travels, teaching the wonderful courses we have in many countries, and now, for the very first time, I get to go to Australia!", said Sandra.

"It’s such a big and exciting trip, especially as its the first time all of the GoE courses will be taught in a complete programme, in the Southern Hemisphere. I am really happy to be part of this global expansion and can’t wait to meet old friends and new, and welcome everyone into the GoE Energists family!"


The Guild of Energists

Guild Of EnergistsEstablished in 1998 as The Association For Meridian & Energy Therapies in the United Kingdom, The Guild of Energists adopted the name change in 2016 to signify the paradigm shift away from "meridian therapy," to embracing all modern energists on a peer to peer basis.

Modern energism is essential knowledge for the world and needed more today than it has ever been before.

Without understanding the reality of the human energy body, the reality of human emotion, and the effects this has on what people do, what they think and how they live their lives was entirely out of reach.

The "Trillion Dollar Stress Epidemic" for example cannot be solved without understanding the reality of emotion, or how to change emotions. How to change to a better state of being.

This is truly essential information, valuable, precious information that will place those who have this information at a significant competitive advantage over those who do not have it.

The Guild of Energists is a non-profit organisation dedicated to bringing individuals from the dark side of the SUE Scale to the bright side - ending the "dark ages" of panic, fear, anger and war is the long term goal.

We believe we can move towards this by putting individuals back in control of their emotions, their energy body states.

We believe that ONLY BY EMPOWERING PEOPLE on a personal and individual basis, we can change the world.


GoE Energy Trainer's Course - Costs, Details & Dates

The full GoE Trainer's Course consists of the following modules, held between August 11-23 2016 at the Shambhala Centre, Port Melbourne, Australia.

 Cost (AUD) Module Name Module Date  Module Information
$247 EFT Foundation Course - 1 Day 11/08/2016 The Guild of Energists Energy EFT Foundation Course is the most advanced, delightful and inspiring introduction to EFT available today. Completely practical, entirely based on using modern Energy EFT super-effectively and super-fast for personal development, with kids, partners, friends and family, this course is a game changer and fantastic value for money.

* As a GoE Trainer, you will be able to teach this course to as many people as you wish. Your training materials and supporting marketing materials are provided by GoE.

$997.00 EFT Master Practitioner - Level 1
This is the GoE's highly acclaimed professional training for those who want to work professionally with Modern Energy EFT. Making the client's positive experience and absolute safety the deep focus, this course teaches a wealth of methods, approaches and techniques for every conceivable problem a client might bring to a modern Energy EFT professional.

Also covered in this course is working professionally with groups, families and couples.

* As a GoE Trainer, you will be able to teach this course to as many people as you wish. Your training materials and supporting marketing materials are provided by GoE.

  EFT Master Practitioner - Level 2 13/08/2016
  EFT Master Practitioner - Level 3 14/08/2016
$997.00 Modern Stress Management - Day 1 15/08/2016 Modern Stress Management is "The Trillion Dollar Stress Solution" and takes modern energism out of the therapy room, and into the real world of personal, group and corporate stress management programs.

On this course you will learn how to create custom stress management programs with or without EFT being involved.

This course enables you to go out into the wider community, to connect with target audiences that your heart is drawn to working with, and helping your chosen people to move from stress to success - literally.

A key part of this course is to help you connect with and become clear/er on who your perfect audience is going to be at this time.

* As a GoE Trainer, you will be able to teach this course to as many people as you wish. Your training materials and supporting marketing materials are provided by GoE.

  Modern Stress Management - Day 2 16/08/2016
$997.00 EMO - Energy In Motion Master - Day 1 19/08/2016 No tapping, no set up statements, just pure and immensely powerful Modern Energism at its best and purest - EMO Energy In Motion is the most direct and the most advanced form of modern energy work in existence today.

Being well versed in EMO allows a modern energist to go anywhere and act *as an energist* - a systems engineer for energy systems across the board.

This is an extremely practical, "hands on" course with many advanced exercises that are taught nowhere else but here. It transforms the effectiveness of the modern energist and opens up more doors than we could previously conceive of.

* As a GoE Trainer, you will be able to teach this course to as many people as you wish. Your training materials and supporting marketing materials are provided by GoE.

  EMO - Energy In Motion Master - Day 2 20/08/2016
  EMO - Energy In Motion Master - Day 3 21/08/2016
$1,997.00 GoE Trainer's Training -
Day 1
22/08/2016 Learn to direct, teach and inspire groups with this extraordinary and entirely unprecedented course which will give you a whole new level of joy and confidence in your energist's trainings - and all trainings you do.

This course will enable you to become a GoE Trainer and to teach every GoE course you have personally attended apart from the Trainer's Training.*

* As an existing GoE Trainer, you can apply for a personal upgrade to becoming a Trainer's Trainer once you have certified a significant number of practitioners. This is to ensure that our Trainer's Trainers can walk their talk and have not just the theoretical knowledge, but the practical experience of running a successful training organisation.

  GoE Trainer's Training -
Day 2

Course Timings:

  • 9.30am registration on the first day of each module
  • 10.00am start (every day)
  • One hour for lunch (around 1.00pm)
  • Finish each day at 5pm (5.30pm on Day 2 of EEFTFMP)
Please note this is a PROFESSIONAL training course and your course fees as well as all related expenses are tax deductible.

Just one EFT Master Practitioner training with 10 participants will re-gain your entire course fee investment, after that, you are in profit for as long as you want to be.

If you have an existing training business, you can recoupe your investment with a single newsletter to your mailing list.

Modern Energism is NEW information that absolutely everyone needs. Especially with Modern Stress Management, the world is your oyster as a trainer. Your trainees and clients will love you for the life long gifts you have brought to them!

If you are the owner of a training business, or you want to start a training business in modern energism, you have found the right course to take you to the next level of your personal and professional achievement.

From the purely commercial perspective, this course will give you back manifold the amount invested; there is literally no limit just how much you can earn with this information and the support materials we provide.

From a purely spiritual perspective, this course allows you to bring a message of light, of hope, of true inspiration and at the end of the day, of LOVE to the people you want to work with in preference.

Whether your heart yearns to help children at school, the victims of rape, abuse and war; global companies to save their stressed workers from heart attacks and psychomatic disease, or simply the members of your own community to have happier, more loving and more exciting lives, the choice is yours.

Modern energism is entirely structural; it is "religion free," "guru free" and seeks to empower individuals through information and experience.

We want to give people the tools they need to shape their own lives in love, not fear.

Join us if that's the sort of thing that makes you want to get out of bed in the mornings!


The NEW GoE Energy Trainer’s Course: 

Get everything YOU need to

start YOUR successful modern

energy training business.


We at The GoE are 100% invested to give YOUR NEW training business the very best start possible.

The NEW Trainer's program is fully focused on your success from the first exercise to the last.

The trainer's program offers the grand conjunction of Energy Knowledge, Personal Development and practical Business Training.

Combined with our ongoing commitment to support you, our thriving trainer's networking community and YOUR energy, your path to success has never been clearer or more uplifting.

Energy Knowledge +

Personal Development +

Business Training

• Learn the latest modern energy techniques from the ground up and from the inside out.

• Gain invaluable practical experience through powerful personal exercises.

• Work with individuals and groups.

• Understand and integrate structural, logical approaches audiences love.

• Gain confidence, public speaking abilities, group control.

Use every exercise on the course directly focused on YOUR future success.

• Learn from an experienced trainer what to do - and what to avoid.

• USE the methods and techniques for your personal development.

• Discover the joy of doing real business in the real world.

• Learn how to make business plans, marketing and accounting integral, beautiful and beloved.

• Learn how to build your support team.

• Get solid, workable business advice and business solutions.

Heart of Gold

The Heart of Gold

The energy worlds are real. Our energy bodies are absolutely REAL.

Modern energism is practical knowledge and NEW methods that will change the world.

For us, it all comes together in The Heart of Gold.

The Heart Centre is the power reactor at the very centre of the energy system.

When we quite literally have our hearts in the right place, and the Heart of Gold comes into being, we become powerful and strong.

We become attractive and we become successful.

Yet we need not fear this success with all the worldly rewards it brings - we are protected by The Heart of Gold, and we will act in love.

YES, we can be spiritual AND successful!

Indeed, it's what the world has needed for so long - the re-unification of love and logic, of earthly success and of spiritual success.

Join us for the great adventure that is Modern Energism:


Change YOUR World.

Change THEIR World

Change THE World!


 GoE People with certificates


Limited Availability - Book NOW To Avoid Disappointment!

Shambahla Centre Garden - Port MelbourneThe Guild of Energist's FIRST Energy Trainer's Course is limited to 25 places to allow Sandra to work personally and individually with the course participants, to the best abilities and outcomes.

We have chosen the Shambhala Centre in Port Melbourne, due to it's gardens and bright natural light, in an intimate setting to make your GoE Energist's Trainer's experience the best it can be.

Please book now to avoid disappointment.

Be among the first Australian Trainers of Modern Energism - Step Into The Future!

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...or call (0011 44) 1323 700 800 (UK, Monday-Friday 8:30pm to 3:00am Melbourne UTC-11) to book your place.

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