The Energist - February 2012

The Energist - February 2012

Welcome to the February 2012 edition of The Energist eZine!

In this issue:

  • Quick Tip for Professional Energists
  • Free Download - The Energy & Forgiveness Exercises by Marilyn Devonish
  • GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner Training with Silvia Hartmann
  • Case Study โ€“ EFT to Reduce Kidney Salt Pain by Catherine Dixon
  • Energy EFT by Silvia Hartmann
  • Biofield Diagnosis Certification Training with Dr Thornton Streeter

Welcome to the GoE Energy! eZine

Quick Tip for Professional Energists
Quick Telephone Tip
A brand-new feature for 2012. Every month we will include a quick and extremely effective tip or technique for professional Energists and therapists to use to help increase client numbers.

Quick Tip No. 1:

Check your recorded answer phone message/s. Are they inviting? Energy filled? Clearly audible? Mention your website as an alternative way to contact you? Call your own number and check if you would be excited to work with this person. If not, improve your energy flow, write a fresh script and record a new message today!

Free Download โ€“ The Energy & Forgiveness Exercises by Marilyn Devonish

Free Download from Marilyn Devonish
We are very pleased to introduce the Energy & Forgiveness Exercises free download, kindly created by Marilyn Devonish. The download was created for attendees of Marilyn's presentation at the 2011 EFT & Energy Psychology Conference, but works just as well for anyone who wants to recharge and discover some fantastic techniques.

GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner Training with Silvia Hartmann
Master Practitioner Training
Are you an GoE Trainer? Do you want to start teaching the new EFT Master Practitioner training? You can't get a better start than with taking part in Dr Hartmann's first, only and last personal, complete three day EFT Master Practitioner course.

We will be filming this course so it can become a resource for future GoE trainers; actual participants will get their own full copy of the complete DVD set free with their course fee.

This is a unique opportunity to work directly with Dr Hartmann and to become a part of the history of modern energy as well as having an amazing, three day EFT experience with additional evening activities. Places are strictly limited so act today to reserve your place!

Case Study โ€“ EFT to Reduce Kidney Salt Pain by Catherine Dixon
A Case Study by Cathy Dixon
EFT is fantastic for pain relief, as AMT Trainer Catherine Dixon demonstrates in this fascinating case study...

Catherine Dixon writes: Anyone who has suffered from kidney stones will tell you that the pain is excruciating. When my client phoned to tell me that he was in agony, I knew that we needed to act immediately.

Energy EFT by Silvia Hartmann
Energy EFT
February 1st 2012 saw the launch of Energy EFT, a brand new book from GoE Chair-Person Silvia Hartmann, which weโ€™re recommending all practitioners and trainers read through to keep themselves up-to-date with many of the latest changes introduced by the EFT Master Practitioner course. Whether you discovered EFT days or decades ago, we guarantee youโ€™ll fall in love all over again.

โ€œGary Graig told us that we are on the ground floor of a healing high rise, with Silvia Hartmann's Energy EFT book we are moving up to the second floor.โ€
- Edeltraud Grace, Australia

The first part of the book teaches how to reduce stress before tackling the chosen problem. The SUE scale is introduced (to replace the old SUD), allowing self-helpers to measure their progress from emotional pain to emotional joy. The second part of the book is an A-Z reference guide of working with the technique for specific problem. Dr Hartmann does not shy away from serious emotional problems, yet retains her fun, passionate & engaging writing style throughout. If you liked "Adventures in EFT" then you are going to love "Energy EFT" because of all the advancements to the technique we all know and love.

There are also resellers discounts of up to 50% off available from the publisher's website for Practitioners and Trainers wanting to offer the book to clients and students at trainings.

Biofield Diagnosis Certification Training with Dr Thornton Streeter

PIP Training
We are delighted to announce that Dr Thornton Streeter will be visiting the UK from India and presenting a weekend PIP and Biofield certification training near London on April 7/8 2012.

This is a unique opportunity to study the human biofield and learn the latest techniques from Dr Streeter who is a real pioneer of modern biofield research - and also, to discover your own biofield in the process.

Thanks, as always, to everyone that has contributed to this month's newsletter. If you would like to submit a news item, case study or article for a future newsletter then please do send it in.

Best wishes,


Josh Alliston
Communications Officer
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