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GoE Energy Conference 2016 - One month to go!

GoE Energy Conference 2016 - One month to go!

There is just one month to go until the GoE Energy Conference 2016, the biggest celebration of modern energy, EFT and personal development the world has ever seen, and our first conference as The Guild of Energists! Our full list of speakers have just been announced, as well as more information about the conference weekend on 12-13 November 2016 at The View Hotel, Eastbourne.

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GoE Energy Conference 2016 - BOOK NOW!

With just one month to go until the BIG GoE Energy Conference 2016 weekend begins, preparations are in full swing to bring you the greatest and most energy-filled conference we have ever held, the perfect way to celebrate us officially becoming The Guild of Energists (GoE) this Autumn. 

Silvia Hartmann GoE PresidentGoE president and creator of Energy EFT, Silvia Hartmann, has confirmed to be opening the conference on Saturday morning with a keynote talk entitled We LOVE Energy!

Silvia Hartmann writes:

"Yes, the time has come for the Big E moment - we are officially The Guild of Energists and the new era of modern energism has begun. This is a truly extraordinary moment many of us have been working towards for decades, laying the foundations with care and deliberation for this new beginning."

"To be right here, at the moment when history books will record it has all begun officially, is a blessing, a huge privilege and grounds for celebration. What will the future hold for us energists...? What happens next...? What miracles lie in store...? These and many other questions we will be discussing but in the meantime, one thing is clear: WE LOVE ENERGY!"

Thornton StreeterSilvia will also be talking about her expansive new SuperMind programme in her closing talk.

Also confirmed for the conference is Biofield Sciences founder Thornton Streeter, who will be giving an interactive talk using his Biofield Reader on-stage. Dr Thornton Streeter writes:

"This presentation explores the known anatomy and physiology of the biofield. This includes taking a closer look at the chakras, nadis/meridians/bonghan ducts, acupuncture/varma and assemblage points, as well as the structure of the layers of the human biofield."

Recently announced speakers to the conference include GoE Energist Trainer Ilka Wandel who will be doing two talks, including presenting for the first ever time, Silvia Hartmann's Energy Constellations:

"To understand how things connect together, as a system across time and space, is probably one of the most amazing challenges. The most complex data is manageable if everything is in its rightful place, then it becomes a resource."

"With Energy Constellations we let the harrowing psychodrama of the past behind, and we go beyond the old. From information to action. Come to play with aspects, relationships, entities, family and group dynamics, accessing the right energy circuitry and structures in a magical and positive way."

Jimmy PetruzziPopular GoE Energy Conference speaker and NLP expert Jimmy Petruzzi also returns this year with two talks, one focusing on building up your business enititled Lead Your Business Effectively, Efficiently And Profitablyand another practical talk focused on working with sportspeople called Excel At Sports - Working With Professional Athletes.

Also confirmed to present this year:

For a full list of GoE Energy Conference 2016 presenters and descriptions of their talks, click the button below:

As well as the conference on the weekend of November 12-13 2016, we'll also be running a wonderful collection of GoE certified live courses and other workshops on the following dates:

For more information about the conference, including fun facts and travel information about our sunshine south-coast host town, Eastbourne, click the button below to read our 20-page conference brochure online.

GoE Energy Conference 2015 Group ShotIf you want to ask questions about the conference, pay for your ticket/courses over the phone or anything else, speak to a member of the GoE team by calling: (+44) 01323 700800 (Monday-Friday 9.30am-4.30pm UK) or Contact Us and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

We look forward to welcoming you to Eastbourne next month, it will be THE energy party of the century!

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