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Good Pink Monster Fun! - Energy EFT Case Story

Good Pink Monster Fun! - Energy EFT Case Story

In this wonderful Energy EFT tapping case story from Judith Rosso, she describes how she used the transformational tapping technique to help a client with her long-term physical problems.

Read on for the full case story...

My first contact with Emily was an email from her asking, really begging, for help. She described herself as a young woman who was lost in a sea of physical problems.

While reading about her allergies, continuous loss of hair, potential blindness and overwhelming skin problems, I tapped on myself and the stressful feelings that were stirring in me from reading about her overwhelming desperation.

In that first email, she was also highly critical of the medical community that, in her opinion, treated her incorrectly for allergies when she was a little girl and continued to over-prescribe medicines that led to her continuous and current health problems.

I, of course, wanted to respond to her email right away and I knew I first needed my energy to be positive even as I wrote to her, because just as I could feel her anger and bitterness in her email, I wanted her to feel, from my email, hope. I tapped on myself for the flowing energy of hopefulness.

When I felt myself filled with the flowing energy of hopefulness, I wrote to her and we soon scheduled our first Skype session. In that first session, I explained to her about energy and that just as our energy can become blocked, it can also become cleared. She was very sceptical.

Emily said that she found me on the internet because she read that I helped some clients regain their vision with something called “Emotional Freedom Techniques” (EFT), and that because going blind was her biggest fear, she at least wanted to try it.

Energy EFT Tapping Points Diagram by Silvia HartmannI asked her about any fear she felt when she was a child with allergies. She talked about fears of being different from the other children because she had bright pink raised allergic welts covering her body, and so that’s where we began. We used the Energy EFT Heart & Soul Protocol with a few step-by-step rounds of looking like a scary monster.

It was amazing how her tensions seemed to melt away as we did this monster tapping related to her past. We used as an energizing positive set up, “the fun of looking like a good pink monster,” with a reminder phrase of “good pink monster fun.” After two positive rounds, she was laughing easily and she looked incredibly relaxed. She said that she did not remember the last time she laughed but that she certainly had never laughed about her pink rash.

In our second appointment, I asked about the diagnosis from the doctor who said she could go blind, because a previous doctor had treated her with repeated high doses of cortisone for the skin rash. She described the entire event and together we chose, for the EFT tapping set up, the deep stress of his words with those words for the reminder.
When we finished two rounds, Emily looked like a light bulb had suddenly turned on inside her. I asked her what she was thinking and she said, with a new and clear sound in her voice, “just because he said those words, that doesn’t mean that they are true!”

From that point in our work together, the bitterness and anger that made her feel like a powerless victim, thoroughly ashamed of her skin, are pretty much gone. Between sessions, she taps on her choice of the positive energy words from Silvia Hartmann's book, Positive EFT. As of now, her rash that had covered more than eighty percent of her body for many years, has reduced to a tiny area on her back.

Emily has realised that when she feels certain stressful feelings, some of the rash appears, she taps on the stress, she taps on a positive energy word, and soon the rash is gone.

To date we have had six sessions on Skype and are continuing to meet once a week. She is now, for the first time in her adult life, so happy about her rash-free skin, that she is planning a summer vacation at the beach with some friends.

When Emily told me about her vacation plans, I said, “what a beautiful miracle.” She brought tears to my eyes when she replied, “no, Judy, it’s not a miracle, it’s my energy getting unblocked!”


Judith Rosso is has been practising Classic EFT in northern Italy since 2001 and specialises in working with women. To find out more about Judith, head to her website: eftitalia.com

Judith recently graduated from The GoE's EFT Master Practitioner (EFT MP) distance learning course. The EFT MP course takes the developments from the last 15 years of EFT worldwide and brings them together so that the student can experience a clear, logical, direct and powerful way to resolve problems with the use of Energy EFT. Find out more by following this link: GoE.ac/EFTMP

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