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Silvia Hartmann โ€“ First Ever Live Training in the USA!

Silvia Hartmann in the USA
2013 is an exciting year for The GoE, with big plans in all areas, but one of the most highly anticipated events is sure to be the first Silvia Hartmann training in the USA in over 10 years!

Over the four days, you'll receive the most state-of-the-art energy information and teachings available today, as well as the following qualifications on successful completion:

GoE EFT Master Practitioner
GoE EMO Practitioner
GoE Trainer (teach the above two trainings)


A Brand New EFT Community - Join In The Conversation!

EFT Community
We've created an EFT community on Google+ that is free for everyone to join and post to.

Its purpose is for discussing all aspects of the method including case-stories, events, conferences, self-help advice, book reviews, training aids, announcements, etc.
Click on the following link to go straight to it

Our Facebook page is pretty good at keeping all EFTers up-to-date with status updates, but it's not so good at displaying longer questions & answers.

All welcome, so come say hi!


Silvia Hartmann @ Google UK, London

Dragon Lords
On Wednsday 19th December, AMTโ€™s chair Silvia Hartmann was been invited by Google to their London HQ to talk about creativity and to launch her new book The Dragon lords, which was written using a combination of modern technology in the form of Google Docs, and the Energy mind.

Some of the event was recorded, and you can watch the video by clicking this link.



The 2012 GoE Christmas Competition

Christmas Competition
December is a time for giving. With that in mind, we are very pleased to launch the annual GoE Christmas Competition!

This year's competition has a fantastic prize fund including the Ultimate Energy EFT Set, Daily Insight Cards and True Happiness...

All you need to do is answer this question:

What is the best thing about being an Energist?


EFT Case Story: EFT Dissipatesย  Horrible Migraine by Debbie Barber

Migraine Case Story
GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner student Debbie Barber from Australia writes has written a great case story that warms the heart and shows a quick and effective application for EFT, getting rid of migraines.

Debbie writes: Recently my son Ned held a very large party out in the bush on a 10 000 acre property in North Queensland, Australia called The Collaborations Festival. It was a party that goes on for days, one that cranks up the music so loud that the earth shakes beneath your feet, one that hundreds of people attend and one that you remember forever.


EFT Case Story: Ernest's Story โ€“ Anxiety Caused by Loud Noises by Penny Wright

Loud Noises Case Story
EFT Master Practitioner distance learning student Penny Wright from Brighton, UK writes: I first started working with Ernest just after his 5th birthday. Ernest at this time was a happy bright little boy with lots of curiosity but seemed very easily unsettled. Anything new or unfamiliar could easily trigger frantic fast talking in him. Ernest would sometimes anxiously call out " don't like it mummy, don't like it" then dissolve into tears.

Ernest is also registered blind and very sensitive to sound. At this point Ernest was experiencing a lot of anxiety when there were sudden unexpected noises and was particularly alarmed by these noises when he was at home. I sensed that the unfamiliar noises at home were more frustrating than the ones he encountered outside. One particular noise that threw Ernest into a state of panic was the sound of the large dog barking next door.

One such day Ernest was sitting on the sofa, calmly playing and totally engrossed with his noisy toys. Suddenly the dog next door started to bark. Ernest stopped what he was doing and stilled himself. The dog stopped barking and Ernest seemed to relax a touch. Seconds later the dog started to bark again and again but pausing every so often. At this point Ernest called out desperately "don't like it, no no I want to go to bed." It was on this occasion that I decided to try EFT to reduce his anxiety to this unexpected, loud and intrusive noise.


Thank you to everyone that has contributed to this month's newsletter. The GoE would also like to thank all of our fantastic Practitioners, Trainers and supporters for making 2012 such a special year. You help make this world a better place each and every day as you spread the word of Energy!

Merry Christmas, happy Solstice, and have a great time whatever you are celebrating this December,


Josh Alliston
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