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Emotional Transformation Conference โ€“ Early Birds Discounts Ending Soon

EMO Conference

This year's Emotional Transformation (EMO) Conference is already shaping up to be a fantastic event, with more and more people booking on all the time.

The Conference takes place at the Europa Gatwick Hotel, London, England on the 6th and 7th April 2013.

Tickets to this Energy-filled extravaganza are currently on offer, with big discounts available on the main event as well as the pre-Conference Practitioner Training and the post-Conference Trainer Training โ€“ both hosted by Silvia Hartmann! But hurry, these Early Bird discounts fly away on the 31st March...

If you're new to EMO, we highly recommend the Practitioner Training and Conference bundle as the best value for money. All four days are available for just ยฃ227.00. That's a saving of ยฃ97.00 on top of the Early Bird discount!

We also recommend you stay over at the hotel on the Saturday night, to get the most of the Energy Disco and free buffet, which is always an excellent opportunity for networking and having fun. Hotel rooms are available from just ยฃ45.00 per night including breakfast.


Silvia Hartmann's USA Energy Intensive โ€“ Pictures!

Silvia Hartmann in the USA

We are pleased to say that Silvia Hartmann's first training in the USA for over 10 years was a massive success! Thanks to everyone who attended, and an extra special thanks to John Staples, Silvia's co-presenter without whom it would not have happened.

You can find pictures from the event, as well as The GoE's post-event tour of Washington DC, on our Facebook page.


Tapping Therapy 'Cures' Soldiers PTSD

Tapping Therapy Cures PTSD

Conducted on a group of United States Military Veterans suffering from PTSD, a new study has found that 90% of those receiving Emotional Freedom Techniques therapy no longer met the clinical criteria for the psychological disorder. With such compelling results, the UK's Association for Meridian & Energy Therapies praises the study, while urging everyone suffering from PTSD to come forward and accept the benefits of EFT.

Following the news, The GoE released a press release urging soldiers suffering from PTSD to get in touch with their local GoE EFT Practitioner who can assist them in overcoming the debilitating disorder.


EFT Case Story: Nina Finds Her Voice by John Blosse

John Blosse

EFT is so simple, yet it often works with astonishing speed. In this case story, EFT Master Practitioner John Blosse from Brighton, UK, highlights this immediacy showing how with a simple round of tapping we can overcome fundamental issues in a person's life.

This particular case story is of a lady who has been fearful of raising her voice or speaking out all her life, but with a quick tap becomes the assertive figure her fellow tappers need!

John Writes: I ran an EFT workshop at a church hall in Brighton recently when this happenedโ€ฆ

I was working with a woman in front of a semi-circle of eight people who were happily tapping along. They had written their own issues on a piece of paper, looked at it for a minute or so to bring up intensity, then placed the piece of paper under their chair (something called borrowing benefits).

One woman, Nina, had been working on โ€˜Iโ€™m not able to speak up when I feel I need toโ€™.

Suddenly, the ceiling exploded with sound. In fact, I could hardly hear my own voice. We carried on tapping as a wave of African singing began to vibrate around the room. And Nina stood up, pushed her chair back and left the room...


GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner Distance Learning Course โ€“ Introducing Kelly Burch

Kelly Burch - EFT Master Practitioner Tutor

The GoE, in conjunction with DragonRising Publishing, are pleased to announce the new tutor for the popular EFT Master Practitioner distance learning course โ€“ Kelly Burch!

Kelly is an Energist and Trainer based in Melbourne, Australia, and runs Dog Rose Healing. New students taking on the Energy EFT Master Practitioner distance learning course will be expertly guided by Kelly, learning all there is to know about Energy EFT and the work of an Energist.

As well as receiving comprehensive study materials and a first class tutor, enrolling on the Energy EFT Master Practitioner distance learning course also entitles you to a full 12-DVD set of Silvia Hartmann presenting the course live in London, worth ยฃ197.00!


Books For Energists โ€“ eBook & Paperback Bundles

eBook & Paperback Bundles

Horace Mann once wrote that a house without books is like a room without windows, but in this day and age we hate to wait for things to arrive by post, which begs the question โ€“ do we wait for the tactile, bookshelf adorning paperback or get instant gratification from an ebook?

Thankfully, our friends at DragonRising have taken away our need to choose. For a limited time only, they are offering all users something unavailable anywhere else. When you buy the paperback edition of selected best-selling books, you'll receive the ebook absolutely free!

Books in this offer include:

To take advantage of this bundle offer, all you need do is purchase the paperback edition at no extra cost. The ebook version will then be added automatically to your Purchased Downloads section, available to read whilst you await your paperback copy.


Silvia Hartmann Appearing At The Healing Highrise, Brussels

Healing Highrise

Revolutionary new developments in Energy Psychology and Emotional Healing, this unique event is bringing together some of the biggest names in Energy, including The GoE's own Silvia Hartmann!

Silvia will be presenting EMO at the event, alongside top-name presenters including Sandi Radomski, Tapas Fleming, Fred Gallo, Willem Lammers, Larry Nims and many more.

Discounts are available for GoE subscribers. Just Click Here here to book your place.


  • Centre Culturel de Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Brussels, Belgium


  • 6th - 8th May 2013


Interview: Silvia Hartmann on EFT Radio

Silvia Hartmann on EFT Radio

Last month, Silvia Hartmann was interviewed on EFT Radio by Jondi Whitis. They discussed Silvia's innovations such as the SUE Scale, her books, and much more.

You can listen to the interview in full from The GoE website, or subscribe to the EFT Radio podcast for this interview and many more.


EMO Case Story: EMO & Headaches by Margreet Vink

EMO & Headaches

It seems every month we share at least one case story documenting how effectively Energy modalities can help overcome issues that have plagued people for all their lives. This month we have two.

In this case story, AMT Trainer Margreet Vink uses Emotional Transformation (EMO) techniques to rid herself of debilitating headaches that she's suffered from since the age of four.

Margreet writes: I have been a headache person for as long as I know. I fell from the back of my father's bike when I was four, had a concussion at the time and I always blamed this for my headaches. There were times when I had to take pain killers every day, just to keep functioning.

I have never been able to tap away my headaches or to EMO them away. I always thought it is just something I have to live with...


Thanks to everyone that has contributed to this month's newsletter. It is fantastic to receive such exciting, inspiring case stories every month, so if you'd like to submit one please do send it in to us.

With best wishes,


Josh Alliston

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