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The May 2010 EMO Newsletter

The May 2010 EMO Newsletter

Welcome to the May edition of the EMO newsletter! In this issue:

** News: EMO Featuring at the 3rd European EFT & Energy Psychology Conference
** News: SpaceNode Websites Launch 1st June
** Case Study: EMO on Next-Door's Cat by Lynda Jakiro
** Article: Overcoming Fear of Computers with EMO by Silvia Hartmann
** News: The 2010 EMO Energy Conference โ€“ Report by Sandra Hillawi
** News: German Language 2010 EMO Energy Conference โ€“ Report by Detlev Tesch
** Article: The EMO Energy Conference โ€“ A Personal View from Baya Salmon-Hawk
** Article: Emossage: The Practical Application of EMO to Massage
** Article: Stress is High! The EMO Instant Stress Buster by Silvia Hartmann

** News: EMO Featuring at the 3rd European EFT & Energy Psychology Conference

Our own Sandra Hillawi, Detlev Tesch and Silvia Hartmann will be presenting at the 3rd European Energy Conference (November 2010 - Europa Hotel, Gatwick, England) and so EMO will be well represented side by side with EFT and other useful, effective energy methods that have transformed the lives of so many already - and the best is yet to come!

This conference is open to all so help spread the word in your community so people can come in and find something immensely useful they can take home at the end of the day.

There are great discounts for EMOrs, check it out and book now!



** News: SpaceNode Websites Launch 1st June

EMO conference organiser Alex Kent has announced that SpaceNode websites are having a big re-launch day on 1st June to celebrate the end of the introductory period. SpaceNode websites were launched in February at the introductory ยฃ39.99/year price whilst new features were being added with users asked to report back on how they got on with the software.

Just a couple of months on and the system for building new websites has really proved itself for being a rock-solid platform for building beautiful websites. A number of high-profile websites including EmoTrance.com, EmotionsAndFeeling.com, TheAMT.com and StressFish.com have all been converted to SpaceNodes whilst many ET members have created new sites or converted their old ones.

If you are looking for a new website, or just sick of your old one then do take advantage of the ยฃ39.99/year price which is valid till the end of May. From 1st June the price goes up to the normal ยฃ59.99/year but if you do purchase any in May then you'll get to renew next year at the low ยฃ39.99 rate.



** Case Study: EMO on Next-Door's Cat by Lynda Jakiro

After the 2010 EMO Conference talk on EMO & Animals by Hannah Bradley, EMO Relationship Consultant & Trainer Lynda Jakiro felt inspired to have a go at the increasingly popular practice of using EMO on animals, in this case, a cat!


To read this light-hearted and informative case-study by EMO Trainer Lynda Jakiro, please click on the link below:



** Article: Overcoming Fear of Computers with EMO by Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann writes: โ€œAt the EMO conference, I led a short workshop on overcoming blocks, fears, anxiety and reversals relating to computers - using computers, the terror of "programming" itself, the fear of doing something wrong with computers, being confused and intimidated by computers, or just a resistance and dislike of computers, which plays out in computers behaving badly in return - of course!

There were many interesting insights into the nature of how we get ourselves quite literally tied into knots in dealing what is essentially quite a simple piece of every day machinery, one that is even supposed to be designed to be very user-friendly.

Here are three case examples plus some simple EMO exercises you can do to improve the flow of love and understanding between you and your computer, for the good of all!โ€

To read Dr Hartmann's full article please click on the link:



** News: The 2010 EMO Energy Conference โ€“ Report by Sandra Hillawi

Master EMO Trainer Sandra Hillawi hosted the 8th annual EMO Energy Conference last month, and has put together a great report for you to read.

Sandra writes: "I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone again. The EMO 2010 Energy Conference was the best conference yet! All our speakers were really amazing with fabulous inspiration for our business and personal development."

You can read Sandra's full article, please click the link:



** News: German Language 2010 EMO Energy Conference Report by Detlev Tesch

EMO Master Trainer Detlev Tesch writes: The EMO conference 2010 was a fantastic event - a highlight of the year. A lovely group of people from around the globe, all concerned about growing, developing, unfolding. All helping each other heal energetic wounds that make life less than wonderful. All joining together in healing themselves and others. All joining together in learning and teaching and laughing. So much fun!!

We had great presentations full of fabulous ideas of how to use EMO, how to develop it and us. If you don't come you really, really miss out!

This community is something very special - presenters and attendees alike. I enjoy them immensely.

For all who understand German I have put conference reports on my EMO portal and my EMO Facebook page. To take a look go here:




** Article: The EMO Energy Conference โ€“ A Personal View from Baya Salmon-Hawk

Baya Salmon-Hawk writes: I could not stay long at the conference due to family problems but had been honoured to be asked to speak by Sandra Hillawi. I had not attended for a couple of years and having stopped seeing clients was feeling excited but somewhat disconnected when I found myself on my way.

As soon as I stepped into the lobby of the hotel, there was Sandra and her open arms and then it seemed like I was going from arms to arms, welcomed back, welcomed back into the family...even better than that, it was like I had never really gone anywhere. In Sanctuary, we meet all the time!

I was so excited by the day up to my presentation! I even forgot to feel nervous and then found myself getting everyone to get up and dance. Just like that, no previous plan to do anything remotely like that but taken over by the energies of the moment! And it worked every one stood up and danced and then everyone did the really soul searching exercises and what a fabulous time I had.

I had to leave as I said, but I left with a vision of my lovely EMO Family in my heart and a vision of the person I am when I flow within the flow...

and finally... I have decided to run a series of day or half day trainings specifically created to EMO Practitioners. To find out more about my exciting plans, have a look at my new SpaceNode http://Mentalhealthtraining.info

Thanks all!

Baya Salmon-Hawk



** Article: Emossage: The Practical Application of EMO to Massage by Dr Teresa Lynch

At the 2010 EMO Energy Conference Dr Terry Lynch presented an excellent piece on โ€œOur Healing Hands Assisting Changeโ€, which went through the process of using EMO in conjunction with massage. Now Dr Lynch has put together an interesting case study on a practical application of EMO and Massage, in this case for treating a severe headache.

Dr Lynch writes: "Do you find yourself reaching for pills at the first sign of a headache? Could there be another approach?"

To read Dr Lynch's full article please click here:


To find out more about Dr Lynch's presentation at the 2010 EMO Energy Conference, and to order the full recording, please click the link below:



** Article: Stress is High! The EMO Instant Stress Buster by Silvia Hartmann

This is a really quick, simple and very helpful way to de-stress immediately from the EMO family of first aid techniques. Remember to use it and recommend it to everyone! The EMO Stress Buster is available here:


A German language version by Detlev Tesch can be found here:


Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this months newsletter. If you would like to submit an article, news or case study for a future newsletter, please do by emailing them in to us.

Best wishes,

Josh Alliston

Communications Officer

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