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Overcoming Fear Of Computers With EMO

Overcoming Fear Of Computers With EMO

At the EMO conference, I led a short workshop on overcoming blocks, fears, anxiety and reversals relating to computers - using computers, the terror of "programming" itself, the fear of doing something wrong with computers, being confused and intimidated by computers, or just a resistance and dislike of computers, which plays out in computers behaving badly in return - of course!

There were many interesting insights into the nature of how we get ourselves quite literally tied into knots in dealing what is essentially quite a simple piece of every day machinery, one that is even supposed to be designed to be very userfriendly.

Here are three case examples plus some simple EMO exercises you can do to improve the flow of love and understanding between you and your computer, for the good of all!

Let's face it - computers are now part of our lives in every way, whether we like this or not.

Computers aren't just those things with the keyboards and the screen on your desk.

They are lurking in your CD player, washing machine, telephone, mp3 player, digital camera, in your car, in the supermarket, at the cashpoint machine, behind the scenes in a restaurant, flying the airplane you're on - they are simply everywhere.

And it's only going to get worse ...

Now, we can be appalled by this and live our lives in fear, stress, misery, uncertainty and general freakout, or we can get with the program and simply make it so that computers start to love us, support us, and become fabulous tools that can help you manifest your destiny in this particular incarnation.

The choice is ours!

As I have wholeheartedly chosen the second option, namely to embrace the whole computer/technology deal and ENJOY what it has to offer, I'm in a good position to tell you that having a good relationship with computers is just the same as having a good relationship with your cat, or another person - the more positive you can be, the more loving, in fact, the easier it is to have a good time and get good results from your interaction.

It's a global principle of the universe that the more you love something, the more connected you are with something, the more you learn, the more energy flows between you, and the more fun and benefits you get out of it.

So, here are some examples from the workshop.

The first question we always ask in EMO is, "Where do you feel this in your body?"

In this case, "When you think of computers, really advanced, brand new, sitting there, ready to go, where do you feel that in your body?"

One lady immediately said she felt a heavy pressure in her chest which made all of her really want to turn away and have nothing to do with this any longer, but she would force herself to do her email anyway because she had to and it was a horrible chore.

Just a little softening and flowing later, and the heavy pressure now relieved, she said, "Oh! When I think of my computer now, I have totally different feeling - it's like, the computer itself has gone and it's now all about the messages awaiting me? Straight to the messages, want to know what's going on, and I feel excited?"

Yes! Right! It *is* about the messages and all those other things YOU CAN DO with a computer, once the fear or pain is out of the way!

Exactly right, a good job, well done!

Another lady said she felt her neck getting stiff and tight the instant she thought about looking at her computer. We soften and flowed and she started to muse about how she used to feel like that in math class in school when she was very young and couldn't make sense of the strange symbols in front of her, or what her teacher wanted her to do with them, and getting more and more upset in turn.

A third lady said she felt nothing; but as she said that, I could see the muscles around her eyes contracting reflexively, as though she was peering through a fog.

I asked her if her eyesight was giving her trouble in computer work, and she was all surprised and said, "Yes, yes my eyes get very tired very quickly, I really don't like reading things on the screen, if I do it too long, I get a headache."

I asked her to think about reading something on the screen and immediately, all the muscles around her eyes started to contract again, even though there wasn't a computer anywhere near us and we were just standing in a conference room together. This time, she noticed it and felt it. We softened and flowed a little around her eyes, did some healing around her eyes, and then she said, "It's becoming much clearer now, do you think there was a shield between me and the screen?"

I thought that was exactly right, and a little while later she exclaimed, "Oh! I know what this is! When computers first came out, I was working at a bank and there was a scare about emissions from the screen! They gave us these bits of plastic to put over them. And ever since then, I've had this dislike of having to look at a computer screen! And now it's gone, I can see it again clearly! This is brilliant!"

Yes! Brilliantly clear now! And who knows? Back in the day it might have been a really good thing to "shield her eyes" because those old screens really did have a lot of emissions which the newer ones don't any longer.

One gentleman had a whole array of shields, stacked on top of each other. As is normal, we made a little hole to find out why there were so many shields, and this led to a very painful place in the center of his stomach. A little energy healing and breathing later, he remembered one of the first times he had used a computer to write something, and was actually really happy and excited to be able to backspace and delete mistakes so easily, and to be able to keep writing without having to stop and put new paper into the typewriter. He wrote something wonderful, pressed the wrong button - and it all disappeared without a trace.

He was terribly shocked by that and never recovered his confidence with computers, thinking they were out to get him in that amazing way we make such decisions when we've been shocked and hurt by something unexpectedly.

What was particularly nice about this example was that not only did he manage to take all the shields down very quickly after that, he also said that he could feel that original excitement once again, that "being able to write without frontiers, without limits" that he had experienced at the beginning. He was electric, smiling, really delighted - and I'm sure that we'll be reading and hearing more from him now, and in a whole new way!

These were just the people I observed personally, and it was really delightful to see the energy move from all this scared confusion and stress into people being happy, inspired, and excited about WHAT THEY CAN DO with computers once again.

Like the first lady said, "It's about the messages, not about the computer!"


So by all means.

You are right there, in front of your computer.

Take a deep breath.

Look away from your screen at something else in the room.

Breathe deeply and relax yourself.

Now look at your computer.

Look at it, open yourself up to it and ask yourself, "Where do I feel this in my body?"

Pay attention to any tension in muscles coming in, any feelings in your body, any sense of that this machine is somehow different from what you were looking at before.

Put your hands there (VERY important!) immediately and encourage those ereas to soften and flow.

Keep breathing throughout and stay very loose and relaxed, move your neck, your fingers and your spine to assist in getting a better flow of energy through your systems.

When you feel better, look away again, and then look back at your computer.

You might find another place that needs treating, somewhere new, or the old place needs a bit more healing intention from your healing hands to be properly restored.

You will find an improvement in your relationship with all things computer beginning to happen, right there and then.

Do this EVERY TIME before you start your computer time for a week or so, and you'll not recognise yourself in improvement on mental clarity, stress release, and also excitement building up about projects your are USING the computer to make them happen and manifest in your life.

And the end results?

A person who owns computers (rather than is owned by computers!) and whose computers "magically" start to co-operate, often strangely beyond the call of duty.

And that's the real magic of energy work in action!

Wishing you a wonderfully exciting, stress free, mutually supportive and in the end, *joyful* relationship with all technology :-)


Silvia Hartmann

Creator, EMO

PS - And if you're an EMO workshop leader, this "overcoming fear of computers" exercise is a fabulous, practical exercise that teaches so much about all the principles of EMO in the doing of it, so consider this as a really good shields exercises example for your trainees as well.

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