Classic Game

Classic Game

Classic Game from Project Sanctuary and SuperMind - The Game in Space & Time ...

The Classic Game

A SuperMind/Project Sanctuary habitat created by the Classic Game

The Classic Game is the original Project Sanctuary "game in space and time" and the key pattern in SuperMind.

The Classic Game starts with the travelling instructions for the conscious mind to go to a specific habitat or world, created by the energy mind in direct response to the set up, where the energy or information you seek can be found.

Where we want to go is being placed upfront, using the following instruction format:

"Take me to the perfect place in time and space ..."

... where I can meet my Guardian Angel

... Where I can find the solution to problem X

... where I can change memory Y

... where I will find the answer to ...

... where I can observe the stars to complete my astrological chart

... where I can learn about Z

... where I can find the perfect inspiration for my (story, music, art, script, poem, advertisement, painting etc.etc.)

... which will heal me, right now ...

... where I have never been before ...

... where I can discover more about ...

... and so on and so on, ad infinitum.

This simple, basic set up of the Classic Game keeps you safe, keeps you on track, and it literally does "take you to the perfect place in time and space" where those things you seek, can be found, realistically and practically.

To consolidate the habitat (or sension that is being stepped into, like in a lucid dream, which is what Project Sanctuary does in allย  its games), the following questions are asked.

1. What is the time of day?

2. What is the time of year?

3. What is the weather?

4. What is the land?

5. What is the vegetation?


  • These five simple questions take the conscious mind INTO the energy worlds.

Once it has arrived there - in a world or habitat that has time, weather, land, vegetation, and animals and continues to refine to include more information - the conscious mind begins to interact with that habitat in real time, in lucidity.

By interacting with this one extremely specific habitat, the original question is answered; when that happens, a threshold shift occurs (a star event or a healing event) and the person who has played the game can be said to have EVOLVED.

Classic Game

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