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Energy Nutrition

Energy Nutrition

Our energy bodies are in an advanced state of malnutrition, because nobody pays attention to the needs of the living energy body, and doesn't feed it properly. Energy Nutrition is a wonderful boost for the energy system and can by itself raise the all important energy average.

Energy Nutrition

ย What Is Energy Nutrition?ย  | ย Social Attention Energy |ย  Energy Malnutrition |ย  Hunger Pains | Spiritual Hunger | Energy Nutrition Exercise


What Is Energy Nutrition?

Energy nutrition is the process by which the energy body takes in energies from the environment, flows these energy forms through the channels and pathways of the energy body, and releases those parts of energy which are not required.

The energy body needs plenty of fresh energy to flow in, through and out to remain healthy, sparkling, vibrant and young (regardless of the physical age).

The human energy body needs a wide variety of energy forms from many different sources to make up all the energy vitamins a healthy energy body needs.

These include energy from:

  • other people (very important!)
  • animals
  • landscapes, rocks and minerals
  • water, and weather
  • plants

... as the very minimum.

Energy forms cannot be stored and must come in fresh, again and again, every day for optimal functioning of the energy system.

* This is why lonely old people will make a point of doing one shopping trip each day, buying only one item at a time, and lingering at the checkout, to get their "minimum daily dose of human energy" in that way. This may be just about enough for basic survival, but is NOT enough for sparkling health, and feeling love for life!


Social Attention Energy

What is called "social attention" is a form of energy exchange that also includes being able to RELEASE energies for others to take away to stop pressure from building up, and "depression" from setting in.

Many people have shields against incoming energy forms, especially from people, because they also have energetic injuries - the natural places where this energy from other people is supposed to come in so it can start its journey in, through and out the energy system have been hurt. You can liken this to someone who has been hit in the mouth many times, and now their mouth hurts too much to eat. Until and unless the mouth is healed, the nutrition from food can't come in and if this isn't healed, this person will develop malnutrition.

As this is the energy system, we are also talking about energy forms that should be taken in by the heart and other places, and all those, if they are injured (someone had their heart broken and now they protect themselves from loving again because it hurts too much) need to be healed first before the proper, healthy energy flow can be re-established.

Healing blocks, shields and injuries in the energy body to incoming people energy is the first order of the day to re-establish healthy energy nutrition for any human being.

This is accomplished through energy healing.


Energy Malnutrition

Most modern people suffer from severe energy malnutrition.

For people working and living in cities, for example, the sign that they suffer from energy malnutrition relating to nature energies is when they start to "come alive" on holiday in a beautiful place, literally "soaking up" sea and sunshine in a desperate attempt to re-balance an energy body that has been missing these basic nature energy forms for the whole year.

Even though there are more people than ever now, and they are literally everywhere, because of shielding and injuries, most people do not get enough people energy either - even if they work in "battery farm" offices and are pressed into public transport like sardine cans, they are not "relating" with others in a way that the connection ever gets deep enough for an energy exchange to take place.

In social animals, such as horses, dogs, dolphins and monkeys, missing social energy causes everything from skin rashes to self mutilation, and temper tantrums to loss of concentration, performance, and general health and well being. At the far end of the scale, autism develops, as well as rage syndrome and all manner of truly severe behavioural disturbances, and illnesses.

  • Energy nutrition is a VERY important and entirely undiagnosed factor in a huge variety of human mental and psychological disturbances, and a MAJOR contributing factor to chronic stress, illness and disease.


Hunger Pains

Energy "hunger" expresses itself through the energy system in the same way as emotions do - as an UNPLEASANT BODY FEELING that calls the owner of the body to take action NOW, to get something to eat.

Only what is being asked for to eat is ENERGY not food.

The body signals for wanting energy to come in are confused with hunger pains for proper food.

This starts already in childhood when a baby cries because it needs SOCIAL ENERGY (focused attention, give and take exchange with another person) and instead, is given a bottle of milk.

Another confusion for energy hunger happens when the energy hunger pains are located not in the stomach, but in the region of the genitals; then a person can confuse those sensations with "the need for sex" - which likewise, cannot substitute or alleviate the need for energy flow in that erea.


Spiritual Hunger

The energy body needs a wide variety of energy forms, and some of these do not come from people, animals, or plants and minerals, but are in fact a form of spiritual hunger for spiritual energy.

Spiritual energy exists everywhere in the Universe and a person can certainly fill their spiritual hunger by expanding their range of what nature has to offer; this has often been highjacked by people who have held out that spiritual hunger is only alleviated by joining a religion, a sect, or a cult.

Spiritual hunger also leads many people DIRECTLY into drug abuse, mistaking the pain relieving, enlightening and energizing effects of drugs for something that can alleviate their spiritual hunger pains.

  • By providing people with the right energy forms they crave, they find it much easier to let go off drug addictions, sex addictions, food addictions and so forth because they have found something that doesn't just replace the drug, but it actually EXCEEDS it in how good it makes you feel, and how thoroughly it alleviates the hunger pains.


Filling Yourself With Delicious Energy Forms

Many people are particularly "drawn" to certain things - dolphins, cats, roses, the seaside, beautiful people, diamonds and so forth. This can be an indication of the fact that this particular energy form is filling a hunger in that person's system.

  • As an exercise, pick something you are particularly drawn to and imagine it strongly in front of you.
  • Where do you feel this energy coming from thatย  in YOUR body?
  • Put your hands there.
  • Let the energy enter into you fully, and notice how it flows through your body, and where it exits your body too.
  • Do NOT try to hold on to this energy form, let it flow freely, and quickly, until you are resonant with the experience of that energy rushing through you.

Energy nutrition is a fascinating field that deserves much more attention. Energy nutrition is relevant to and can help adults, children and old people. Energy nutrition can assist in weightloss, fitness and health, help with psychological problems, with a huge wide variety of destructive and self destructive behaviours, can provide the key and cure for previously unmovable problems and bring more pureย  JOY and energy backย  into people's lives, no matter how their physical body may be functioning still.

Energy nutrition comes from EMO Energy In Motion.

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