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GoE Trainer Interview - Sandra Hillawi

GoE Trainer Interview - Sandra Hillawi

Feature interview with GoE Trainer Sandra Hillawi, as featured in the Summer 2014 (Vol.1 No.1) edition of The Energist. Sandra speaks about how she first got introduced to energy work, her passion for EFT & EMO, what she loves about the GoE and the EFT & Energy Conference, her current projects and plans for the future.

Read on for the interview...

Interview by Stephen Kent

Since 2002 GoE Trainer Sandra Hillawi has been at the forefront of the GOE's activities, teaching over 1,000 people to use EFT and EMO in locations all around the world including; London, New York, Egypt and Istanbul. Sandra, currently based in Gosport, United Kingdom, gained a BSc (Hons) in Physics at the University of Manchester before carving out a career in computing. In the 1990's that Sandra found that she had a passion for health and helping others, she became a successful Master Herbalist and Colonic Therapist, running detox programmes.

It was only by chance in conversation with a friend that Sandra found her true calling in life, energy therapies. “One day a herbal medicine colleague of mine phoned me up and started talking about this miraculous tapping technique (EFT) that he was using on everyone,” said Sandra. “The results he said he had obtained were miraculous, the likes only seen by the famous healers and gurus of the time. He even mentioned it working on people that don't speak English. I kept thinking to myself that being a boy genius himself if he was that interested in EFT, it must be good!”

With her interest piqued, Sandra looked around for a training to learn more about EFT and the first she came across was one hosted by the then newly-formed GoE in 1998. “Originally I was quite sceptical about EFT and the whole energy therapies scene, I didn't know anything about it so I made myself quite scarce during the exercises. From the very beginning of the training I could definitely see that things were happening with the people there. Energy was moving.”

Christine Conroy & Sandra Hillawi 2002 Oxford

Christine Conroy with Sandra at the first GoE Conference in 2002

“Straight after I started to try it on my clients towards the end of their consultations and detox sessions and they found it worked really well on stress and other issues. As time went on, I found that I was getting the same changes in my clients within one session of EFT that would usually take weeks of dieting and herbs. After all that I decided that this was the route I wanted to go down, so I got my qualifications with the GoE and the rest is history!”

Sandra spent a wonderful couple of years working with her clients using EFT, before once again by chance discovering another revolutionary modality, EMO (formerly EMO). “I saw the advert for the first training in Kensington on the GoE mailing list in 2002 and my interested was immediately piqued. Me and my friend were definitely intrigued by all the benefits that EMO had to offer so we decided to take a leap of faith and go to the launch. By that point I had decided to be a trainer of EFT, and I thought that I could be a trainer of EMO as well.”

“I then did my trainers training with Silvia Hartmann at the first GoE Conference in Oxford a few months later. Until then I hadn't really understood what energy was and what it meant. At that event I had so many differentexperiences with energy that my world was turned upside-down. I felt very disorientated, I had to tap to get my energy levels back up! Looking back on it now, it was EMO that first got me to understand and really embrace energy and energy work. EMO is simple, natural, elegant, fast and most importantly it makes logical sense. It definitely helps you to experience the most profound transformations possible.”

In the years following Kensington and Oxford, Sandra continued to go through quite a lot of personal growth and transformation after learning how to use EMO. “When I became a trainer I did quite a bit of work on myself with the techniques. That following week I had the flow and inspiration to up my game business wise so I decided that I wanted to teach everyone up and down the country EFT and EMO. I then set up my company 'Passion For Health' and taught my team how to speak to therapists and reflexologists and sell the techniques. It was a really exciting time for me.”

Sandra Hillawi Skype

Sandra now offers sessions & workshops by Skype

In recent years Sandra closed down her team activities and focused once again on working for herself. “I seem to be doing quite a lot more Skype and online workshops and trainings as well as my live events recently. I've been back and forwards doing a lot of trainings in Turkey. I've also run quite a few detox and energy healing retreats in some fantastic locations around Egypt and the UK.”

“I also get invited regularly to do trainings all around the world, in recent years I've done several events in the USA and I've even had an invite to Casablanca in Morocco, a doctor wanted to learn EMO so he flew me over there. I'm happy to go anywhere in the world if I get invited, who knows one day I could even go to the other side of the planet and teach in Asia or Australia!”

Sandra has also been a prominent figure at the GOE's annual EFT & Energy Conference, regularly taking up the role of host and master of ceremonies and running pre and post conference trainings. “I feel it's a privilege and a honour to be the host of the conference. I love introducing the speakers as I know lots of them personally from working with them over the years. What myself and others feel the strongest about the GOE, is that it is like a big family. We are a community connected and constantly supporting each other, so I really enjoy catching up with all the other energists at each conference. It's definitely one of the highlights of my year.”

Sandra Hillawi Silvia Hartmann Love Clinic Launch

Sandra with Silvia Hartmann at the 2008 launch of her first book, The Love Clinic

Sandra was also quick to praise the work that Hartmann does for the GoE and the direction that the association is taking in recent years. “It's partly down to the vision and creativity of Silvia, she is helping the GoE to constantly evolve and be dynamic. It's quite easy to get stagnated doing the same trainings over and over again. The recent courses Silvia has come up with are fantastic, especially the Energy EFT Master Practitioner course. Having taught Classic EFT for the years prior to that, I feel that this course is an order of magnitude better. It's a great thing to see people get empowered and confident with it. I also love that the GoE encourages and supports its members to promote themselves and put on events and trainings, rather than just taking a back-seat role and expecting them to get on with it.”

Although Sandra is one of the GOE's busiest trainers and has a full schedule, she is always thinking about the future and what direction to take next. “I have been recently looking more openly for collaborations where I can organise and do a joint venture with other people. I also know that I need to get a stronger grip on internet marketing and understanding how people are using it effectively so I can implement those strategies for myself. What does the future hold for me? Who knows, but whatever happens it will be amazing!”

To find out all of Sandra's upcoming events and trainings and to contact Sandra, click here.

To contact Sandra, find out further information about her events and healing retreats, read client case studies and more, head to her sites: sandrahillawi.com healingretreats.net

 The Energist Magazine Summer 2014

This interview was first published exclusively in the Summer 2014 (Vol.1 No.1) edition of The Energist. 

The Energist is The GoE's new quarterly journal-style magazine that is distributed to over 1,000 of our members and associates worldwide. Find out more about The Energist and how to obtain your copy by clicking here.


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