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Energy Dating & Modern Energy Tapping

Energy Dating & Modern Energy Tapping

Looking to find a new partner this year? Energy Dating expert Alex Kent and author of The Energy of Attraction, talks about Modern Energy Tapping, the new energy tapping method developed by GoE President Silvia Hartmann.

With over two decades of energy tapping experience, Alex Kent discusses how high energy states, threshold shifts and rediscovering your true potential are the key to attracting the romantic lover of your dreams.

Last summer, I had the absolute privilege to take a sabbatical to research and write a new book called "The Energy of Attraction" which seeks to overhaul the thinking of how people become attracted to one another. What I discovered was that in meaningful connections, positive energy was the number one factor in attraction.

When your energy is high, you believe you can. Else, you simply believe you can’t.

When your energy is high, you want to interact with other people, you smile more, you laugh more, you see more of the world and are in a position to recognise and make the most of the abundance of opportunities around you.

Yet, when you’re low in energy - you disconnect from the social matrix, are awkward to connect with and could be in a room with a hundred people and still feel lonely or invisible.

I’d go as far as saying that having good, flowing, positive energy will be more attractive to most people, than a love rival with low, negative, energy but who does possess money, physical beauty, fitness and youth.

As they say, in “head vs heart”, heart always feels like the right choice.

So, if your passion is to find love and romance, make positive, high energy states your goal.

Everything else that society has told you - try to look younger, quit smoking, go to the gym, buy a car with a big bonnet, earn more money, get a bum enlargement, whatever you think is important to you - well, that’s your choice, but just make sure you understand that the reason for spending your cash and time is to gain that precious energy boost.

Energy is always the goal.

But do we have to spend our way to happiness? Do we have to change our physical appearance to get noticed?

Not at all!

As most people who’ve done any kind of modern energy tapping will know, we have the ability to get our energy flowing for free, without any costly “feel goods” required.

There are so many words to describe someone with good energy.

  • Charismatic
  • Charming
  • Beautiful
  • Positive vibes
  • Like a ray of sunshine

And every one of us has the ability to become that brilliant, shining star of a person, just by seeking out high energy states.

🙋 Q&A: That May Be True For Everyone Else...

There will be a good percentage of readers out there thinking...

“This may be true for everyone else, but I’m the exception. I’m special and not in a good way. My long history of being alone on this planet is living proof I’ve got no chance!”

My response would be that you’re very low on energy, or at least when it comes to thinking about connecting with someone. You on a great day, or you with energy working for you will not recognise the person who said all or any of that. If you’re energy system is so low then do seek assistance from either a GoE Energy Dating Coach or an GoE Energy Tapping Professional.

Over two decades ago I discovered energy tapping and it’s been a part of who I am ever since.

Yet looking back at the classic energy tapping system, we were only focussed on removing the negative emotions. It was all about “emotional freedom” rather than “feeling amazing”.

It was all about stripping away emotions to the “okay” point, which makes a load of sense if you are taking away emotional pain, but makes very little sense if you’re aiming for emotional pleasure.

You also have the downside of classic energy tapping, that if you’re digging around for reasons in the past to explain you’re lack of success now, then you’ll always find something. If you don’t, or have run out of events to find emotional freedom from, then you can always search through infinite past lives, multi dimensions or what happened in the in the womb.

Still can’t find anything? Then we have the uncanny ability to make up memories that never happened, or change our memories to build a seemingly logical narrative to explain our current problems.

If you wanted to (and many do) you could spend your entire life seeking out emotional freedom, from today till your heart beats for the final time.

Let’s not look to the past, but let’s feel the present and look to the future.

Anyone who generally has good positive flowing energy or is abnormally having a good day will naturally feel grounded in the present and has the ability for forward planning.

They ask themselves questions such as …

“What do I want to do today?”

“What kind of person would I like to meet?”

“What goals shall I set and how will I make them happen?”

“Who would I like to be when I grow up?”

That’s called future orientation and it was essential for my book to get people focussed on what they wanted out of life.

It was also critical for people to want more than they thought they deserved, or could achieve.

People tend to be their own self-fulfilling prophecies so to do well with Energy Dating, you have to reset any notion of what you think you’re capable of, wash away all self-limiting beliefs and push the boundaries of your realities and rediscover your own potential.

Silvia Hartmann’s Modern Energy Tapping is the right fit for a book on Energy Dating and I couldn’t have written The Energy of Attraction without it.

Many people who’ve done the positive tapping exercises in The Energy of Attraction have been reporting that magic has happened.

Where they felt invisible, they’re starting to not only get attention, but to also now expect it!

Where they felt like they couldn’t connect with anyone, they’re now finding that strangers are connecting with them like they’re that person at the party who is the centre of attention.

If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read about Modern Energy Tapping in The Energy of Attraction, do now read the main book by Silvia Hartmann and apply these high-energy and threshold busting techniques to all areas of your life and not just for finding that someone special!

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