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Energy Tapping: 1st Choice for Treating Complex Mental Health Issues

Energy Tapping: 1st Choice for Treating Complex Mental Health Issues

A scientific study has concluded that an energy tapping method isย an appropriate primary choice to treat complex and co-occurring symptoms such as PTSD, Anxiety and Depression.

This study was based on participants attending five two day group workshops. The results were analysed both directly after the last workshop and also six months afterwards.

Results concluded that group treatment is cost-effective, long lasting and efficient, and the efficacy of energy tapping in groups indicates the utilityย of the technique.

Published by Dawson Church, PhD1, Dennis House, PhD1 by the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare, Fulton, CA, USA

Borrowing Benefits: Group Treatment With Clinical Emotional Freedom Techniques Is Associated With Simultaneous Reductions in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, and Depression Symptoms


Clinical Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is an evidence-based treatment for depression and anxiety. The current study sought to elucidate the relationship between posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and anxiety in a nonclinical population. The sample (N = 81) comprised participants at five 2-day EFT workshops. All groups used an EFT protocol called Borrowing Benefits, in which the group facilitator works with a single client while other participants self-apply EFT. Participants were assessed on 9 specific conditions as well as on the breadth (Positive Symptom Total [PST]) and depth (General Symptom Index [GSI]) of psychological distress. Physical pain and addictive cravings were also assessed. Significant reductions were observed in all measures (P < .03). Associations between PST, GSI, and PTSD were significant (P < .026). Participants maintained all gains at 6-month follow-up (P < .02) with the exception of the Hostility subscale, while Cohen's d = 0.54 indicated a moderate treatment effect for PTSD. The relationship between psychological and physiological conditions identified in this study is consistent with that found in other studies. Group treatment is cost-effective and efficient, and the efficacy of EFT in groups indicates the utility of the Borrowing Benefits technique.


We conclude that there is an important clinical relationship between PTSD and other psychological conditions. While precise diagnoses on the basis of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders criteria may be common clinical practice, clients often present with comorbid conditions. A simple evidence-based self-help technique like EFT is an appropriate primary choice to treat this complex of co-occurring symptoms. Improvements in mental health are associated with physical symptoms like pain, insomnia and cravings. This and similar studies demonstrate that group EFT treatment using the Borrowing Benefits protocol is efficient and cost-effective.

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