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The Energist - February 2013

Welcome to The Energist

Silvia Hartmann in the USA – Discounts Extended!

Silvia Hartmann in the USASilvia Hartmann's first training in the USA for over 10 years is creating quite a buzz in the Energy community, and tickets are selling fast.

To ensure that everyone that wishes to attend can do so, The GoE are extending the Early Bird discounts until Wednesday 20th February. This gives fantastic value for a 4 day training with such a world-renowned Energy expert.

Here are the key details:
  • Date: 14th - 17th March 2013
  • Location:Β  Washington, DC / Baltimore Washington International Airport, United States
  • Early Bird Price: $997.00 (RRP $1246.25 – that's a saving of 20%!)
  • Other offers: Further discounts available to GoE Members and home-study students

EFT Case Story: Coping with Panic by Anne Yates

Coping weith PanicEFT Master Practitioner distance learning student Anne Marie Yates has written a case story that shows how effectively EFT can help clients cope with panic and come to terms with bad news.

Anne writes: It was early on Monday morning when I first received a phone call from Amanda's daughter, Anita. She was so worried and concerned about her mother that she had taken a day off work because she didn't want to leave her on her own. Luckily enough, I was completely free that morning and I arranged to go to Amanda's home four miles away to do the treatment.


EMO Conference – Latest News

EMO ConferenceLast month, Silvia Hartmann was announced as the trainer for both the Fast-Track Practitioner Training and the Trainer Training at the 2013 EMO Conference in April.

With Early Bird discounts only available for a short time, we highly recommend you register now and attend the most energetic, innovative and fun event of the year!

As an extra special offer, you can book your place on both the EMO Practitioner Training and the EMO Conference for just Β£227.00!


EFT Case Story: EFT in the Real World by Sue Cooke

EFT in the Real WorldOne of the really great things about EFT is how simple it is, and how it can be used in any situation, by anyone. In this example, EFT Master Practitioner distance learning student Sue Cooke tells the story of how EFT came to the rescue in her day-job as a driving instructor, helping the student overcome the panic of a close-call behind the wheel.

Sue writes: My student was terrified and was crying, having visions of killing the person who had just run out at a pedestrian crossing. We were travelling at an appropriate speed having anticipated the situation to prevent anything from developing.

I had to gently and calmly ask her to help me by moving the car to a safe and convenient place so we could stop the car...


Special Matrix Reimprinting Offer – Exclusively for GoE Members & Subscribers!

Matrix ReimprintingWe are pleased to offer you a free audio interview with Dr. Pat Carrington on Matrix Reimprinting, brought to you by Karin Davidson.

The interview is titled β€œEven Dr. Pat Carrington isn’t perfect!” Find out why in the interview and listen as Karin Davidson, lead Matrix Trainer in the United States, works with Dr. Carrington in an actual Matrix Reimprinting session.

Karin has also put together a special package on Matrix Reimprinting just for GoE supporters. But the audio is still free. She even includes $100 off a Matrix Reimprinting workshop if you are interested.

On top of all this there is even a free ebook gift for you!


EFT Case Story: Frustration & Resistance Resolved by Pamela Free

FrustrationPamela Free, an EFT Master Practitioner student from California, tells the case story of a client who came to her with a strong resistance to trust, and frustration within his life. With work, Pamela managed to break down these barriers and help resolve some long buried issues.

Pamela writes: Robert was referred to me by his wife, Elena, who is a client of mine. He had seen the changes that EFT made in his wife and was willing to give it a try. He was extremely shut down, his wife described him as a 'dead man walking' a lot of the time, extremely stressed with family, money and job problems and had significant PTSD from his childhood. They actually had been discussing having him go on Prozac or something similar.


AMT Accepting Presentation Proposals

The GoE Needs You!The GoE's European EFT & Energy Conference is now in its 6th year, and thanks to a consistently high standard of presentations and unrivalled enthusiasm from our ever-increasing delegates we are sure that the 2013 edition will be the best yet.

With that in mind, The GoE are pleased to invite Energy innovators to submit proposals to present to an expected crowd of 150 eager Energists at the 2013 EFT & Energy Conference.

Key details:

EFT Radio - The Power of the Positive Energy With Trauma

Silvia Hartmann in the USAAt 4pm on Monday 18th February, Silvia Hartmann is featuring on EFT Radio, talking with host Jondi Whitis about the surprising use of positive energy in trauma work.

You can listen to the full interview live, and we highly recommend you subscribe to EFT Radio on iTunes to listen back and regularly receive interviews and discussions from some of the biggest names in Energy healing, all for free.


GO EFT Tapping – iPhone App

GO EFT TappingAMT Practitioner Sara Bern from Sweden has just launched a unique EFT app for iphone, which is customisable and lets you add your own issue and intensity to generate a guided tapping script.

The app works on iPhone, iPod and iPad, and can be purchased from the App Store for $4.99.

This is a great self-help tool to use for yourself or recommend to clients so they can work on issues at home in between EFT sessions.

Sara has a background in computer science and engineering, so the app is innovative and simple to use, helping you overcome worries and stresses, no matter what they are.


Thank you to everyone that contributed to this month's Energist newsletter. If you have news, an article or case story that you would like to submit for a future edition please do send it in to us.

Best wishes,


Josh Alliston
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