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The Energist - July 2012

Welcome to The Energist

4 Months to Go โ€“ The Latest AMT2012 Conference News

AMT 2012 The annual AMT EFT & Energy Conference, now in its fifth year, is only 4 months away, and the office is going into overdrive with excitement and anticipation.

All the latest news is available on the official Conference page, but here's a quick summary:

Scientific Respectability, EFT & Modern Energy Work by Silvia Hartmann

Silvia HartmannAMT Trainings Director & Chair, Silvia Hartmann, writes: There is this idea that EFT (and other energy based therapies) is "very close" to obtaining scientific respectability and sanction/blessing of various established bodies in fields such as psychology and medicine.

This is of course what we are all hoping will happen, we want this to be so - but it is not the case.

Energist's approaches are NOT on the verge of gaining scientific respectability.

Here is an example of the state of play with Reiki in this year of our lord 2012, which is practised by tens of millions around the world and has likewise, helped literally millions of people overcome all manner of problems.


Welcome to New Members!

Silvia Hartmannย In this new feature we thought it would be nice toย welcome our new members that have become Practitioners and Trainers in the last month.

A warm welcome to:

Gulcan Arpacioglu, Handan Arpacioglu, Linda Ball, Louise Bates, Lorraine Bergin, Olga Boliukh, Tony Burton, Vincent Byrne, ร‚ngela Campos, Banu Can, Caitriona Cavanagh, Serena Chancellor, Louise Chapman, Karen Corbett, Mary A Decourcy, Beth Dodd, Shane Donohoe, Maire Dunne, Siobhan Farnan, Therese Fitzgerald, Rita Fitzgerald, Davide Focardi, Noirin Fogarty Otighearnaigh, Nora Garvie, Shirley Halpin, Alison Hill, Paula Hillier, Fiona Holden, Amanda Jane Hollingworth, Katie Howard, Bernhard Jakob, David Jones, Gรผler Karsel, Sebnem Koral, Hande Kuyumcu, Geraldine Lay, Maira Jose Lynch, Fiona Macleod, Siabh McGivern, Sarah Mole, Mary O'Brien, Louisa O'Neill, Barbara Palmer, Tugce Peker Darcan, MSc., Aleksandra Rechtman, Kerrie Roberts, Seda Rodop, Berna Metomgu Sadic, Sevgi Sahin, Michael A. Scott, Patricia Sillard, Michael Somers, Stephen Tonry, Julia Tronina, Helen Walsh, Raymond Williams, Cavidan Yavas Aras, Cumhur Yilmaz & Semra Yoldas Aydinci



NLP For Energists โ€“ Save 33% off Excel at Sports by Jimmy Petruzzi

Excel at SportsWith the Olympics in London just weeks away, DragonRising Publishing are offering a fantastic deal on our โ€œExcel at Sportsโ€ title by Jimmy Petruzzi, who has worked with professional footballers and top-level athletes to help them achieve that extra 1% needed to succeed. This title is all about sports excellence, but the principles and techniques can easily be applied to other areas of your life, and as Energists we can use them to enhance our energy techniques.

You can save 33% on Excel at Sports from now until the Olympics Opening Ceremony on Friday 27th July 2012.

Jimmy will also be presenting NLP for Energists at this year's EFT & Energy Psychology Conference โ€“ not to be missed!


EFT Case Story - Fundamental Hurt by Eloisa Ramos

EFT Case Study - Eloisa RamosEFT is a fantastic tool. It can be used to heal so many different things, all you have to do is give it a shot, as Eloisa Ramos shows in this case study.

Eloisa writes:ย  Mark is tall, very youthful looking, and came to me at the suggestion of his wife to get help with issues around sexual intimacy. During the last 7 months he was been consistently meeting with me and working on various issues around his upbringing and his relationships making marvellous emotional progress. I have enjoyed watching him grow emotionally and so has he. Today we were at a point where he felt ready to work on "sensitivity with my interactions" and how love has always been seen as a financial transaction.


EFT Case Story: Relief by Tanya Lyons

EFT Case Story - Tanya LyonsRemoving stress and creating a feeling of full-body relief is a great way to help a client. Tanya Lyons, a student on the Energy EFT Master Practitioner Distance Learning Course, shows this beautifully in her case study for Unit 4.

Tanya writes: My client looked undernourished with stick thin legs and arms, his cheekbones protruded on his face and he did not look healthy. He seemed a little nervous and he kind of shuffled along the floor, without really taking proper steps forward. He smiled overtly and nervously laughed a little and I got the sense he was trying to cover some of his feelings up. I felt a lot of sadness around him. It was as if he was holding onto something, pretending to me that outwardly he was fine, but my intuition was telling me something different.


Thank you to everyone that has submitted an article, case study or news item to this month's Energist newsletter. If you would like to submit one for next issue please send them in to us.

With best wishes,


Josh Alliston
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