The Energist - July 2013

The Energist - July 2013

Welcome to the July 2013 edition of The Energist newsletter!

America, you are in luck! Silvia Hartmann will be hosting AMT workshops in the great states of Texas and Maryland as part of her tour of the US during August and September. But that doesn't mean the rest of us have to miss out, as we've also got some exciting news on the 2013 GoE Conference that takes place in Gatwick, London this November. Not to mention all the usual Case Stories and news that you've come to expect from your monthly Energist...

- Josh Alliston, Editor

In this issue:

Welcome to The Energist

AMT13 Conference News

AMT13 Presenters

Tickets for the 2013 EFT & Energy Conference are currently only ยฃ169.99, thanks to the generous Early Bird discount, but hurry as this offer ends on the 31st July!

We're also very pleased to announce full details for a number of presentations, including Picture Tapping Technique with Christine Sutton and Philip Davis, Tap Out or Burn Out with Aisling Killoran and Ray Manning, Energy in the NHS with Dr Liz Boath, Explaining Stress with Jan Scholtes, Quantum Touch with Karina Grant, andย Positive Energy: Stronger, Faster, Smarter, Healthier โ€“ But Most of All, Happier! with Silvia Hartmann.

We're announcing details of presentations every couple of days, so do keep an eye on the AMT Facebook Page and the Conference Homepage for more soon.


EFT Case Story: Love Pain by Aisling Killoran

Aisling Killoran

Aisling Killoran of the Accomplish Change Clinic, Dublin, has submitted a case story after having a great session with a client who was suffering from all-over pain caused from love.

Aisling writes: Client presented with Pains all over the body especially from the heart. Had been to the doctor and was too embarrassed to tell him that the pain was as a result of being in love, so she told him she was suffering from Panic and anxiety attacks along with severe migraines!


Silvia Hartmann โ€“ Back in the USA!

Hartmann USA

Silvia Hartmann will be back in the USA hosting a range of exciting new Trainings in August and September 2013, and tickets are now on sale!

The Trainings are taking place in Washington DC/Baltimore and Dallas/Fort Worth, and include the new Positive EFT Practitioner Training, the Energy EFT Master Practitioner Training, and the brand new, completely revolutionary 2-day Trainer Training.

Here are the dates for your diary:

  • Aug 24th - Dallas/Fort Worth - Positive EFT Practitioner with Silvia Hartmann
  • Aug 25th - Dallas/Fort Worth - Positive Emotional Transformation NEW! with Silvia Hartmann
  • Sep 19th - Washington DC/Baltimore - Positive EFT Practitioner with Silvia Hartmann
  • Sep 20th to 22nd - Washington DC/Baltimore - EFT Master Practitioner with Silvia Hartmann & John Staples
  • Sep 23rd to 24th - Washington DC/Baltimore - GoE Trainers Training NEW! with Silvia Hartmann


Alert for Practitioners โ€“ TV Programme Invite

Warning to Practitioners

This is a notice about an invitation to appear on an upcoming television programme for Channel 4, which is, according to โ€œWhat Doctors Don't Tell Youโ€ and other sources, a scathing documentary designed to make alternative and Energy therapists in the UK look bad.

This has not been confirmed by The GoE, but we thought it best to let our members know so you can be on alert. According to WDDTY, โ€œthey will tell you it is a great opportunity to showcase your skills and practice. It's not; it's a stitch-up. In fact, the programme's title is 'Health Freaks on Trial', and you will be interrogated by a panel of four doctors who will belittle your work. Don't be fooled: say no.โ€

If you are contacted by the production company and would like some advice or to share your experience, please get in contact with us.


EFT Case Story: Tapping on the Group Entity by Jacqueline Besseling

Group Entity

EFT Master Practitioner distance learning student Jacqueline Besseling from the Netherlands has written up a case story which details her experience in using EFT with a Group Entity, in this instance a group of students living together. The results were quite impressive!

Jacqueline writes: I'd like to tell you about assignment 10/4 the Global Entity group exercise, from the EFT master distance-learning course. For this assignment I went to my neighbours who live in a student flat. Most of them are technical students.


Congratulations to Ilka Wandle: Project Sanctuary Master

Ilka Wandel - Project Sanctuary Master

The GoE offers a variety of different courses, from introductions to Master Practitioner qualifications, but none are quite as impressive, quite as challenging, quite as grand as the Project Sanctuary Masters Distance Learning Course, tutored by Project Sanctuary creator Silvia Hartmann.

This course is only completed by a rare few, those who show excellent knowledge and intuition, and can immerse themselves into Sanctuaries of their own creation.

So, it is with awe and respect that we say congratulations to Ilka Wandel, the latest Project Sanctuary Master, who successfully passed the course earlier this month. Well done, Ilka!


EFT Case Story: EFT in the Aftermath of a Car Accident by Helen McCrarren

Helen McCrarren

Helen McCrarren, an GoE Trainer and newly certified EFT Master Practitioner, has written a case story showing that EFT can be used anywhere, at any time, and for almost any problem. In this instance it was used on the spur of the moment to help resolve trauma from an event that happened some time ago.

Helen writes: As I walked along the hospital corridor, I noticed Elaine, a friend of a friend, sitting with her head in her hands. I said" hi Elaine, are you ok?" She looked up at me with unseeing eyes and then she focused and she said "hi Helen". I repeated my question and she said "I am feeling a bit stressed". Elaine told me she had an appointment, that afternoon with a solicitor, to discuss a car accident she had been involved in two years ago. Elaine and her husband had been injured. I asked her would she like to try an exercise, that I often use, when I am very upset. She said she would try anything. I held my hand in the heart position and explained to her to do the same. I took three long deep breaths and Elaine followed suit...


New for 2013 โ€“ GoE Trainer Training

Trainer Training

Starting September 2013, the GoE will be replacing our one-day trainer qualification with an all-new two day training written by our chairperson and training director Silvia Hartmann.

This course assumes people enrolling are already proficient and experienced AMT practitioners looking to take their career to the next-level by teaching GoE syllabi such as the Energy EFT Master Practitioner and EMO qualification to others.

In this intensive two-day training youโ€™ll cover all aspects of event organising, business acumen, marketing, public speaking, confidence, professionalism and publicity - as well as using Silviaโ€™s unique energy exercises to release blockages and excite you about the adventure ahead.

Once you become an GoE Trainer, you are then qualified to teach any GoE syllabus youโ€™ve attended as a practitioner making it always easy and affordable to add additional courses to your events calendar.

Silvia will be presenting the new trainers training in September (Washington DC/BWI USA) and November (London Gatwick UK). This training is suitable for GoE practitioners looking to take the next step as well as GoE trainers who would like a refresher.


EFT Case Story: Healing a -10 Skeptic by Fiona Wray

Healing a Skeptic

Fiona Wray, an EFT Master Practitioner distance learning student, has written a case story that shows the great effects Energy EFT can have, even when working with a -10 skeptic!

Fiona writes: Anne came to my homeopathic open morning session to ask if I could help her deal with an inherited heart condition, except she didn't want to use homeopathy! She had had previous bad experiences with both homeopathy and trying nutritional supplements so I suggested that EFT would be an option. She was very upbeat that day (in fact a little bit too upbeat) and said that she wasn't stressed in any way although she knew she had been in the past. We made an appointment for the next day...


Learn Positive EFT with Sandra Hillawi at Sedgwick Park House, 28th July

AMT13 Presenters

On the 28th July, Master Trainer Sandra Hillawi will be presenting the brand new Positive EFT Practitioner training in one of the most beautiful locations โ€“ Sedgwick Park House, Horsham, West Sussex.

This really is the perfect venue in which to explore the positive side of the SUE Scale, set in 100 acres of rolling countryside and steeped in history.

Quick and easy to use in self help, enormously powerful as an addition to your healing practice, Positive EFT is what the world needs, right now. Take part in a truly transformational one day workshop that is going to change your life for the better - and through you, all the lives you touch on your journey.


Thank you to everyone that has contributed to this month's Energist newsletter, we hope you've enjoyed! If you'd like to submit an article or case story for next month's newsletter, then please send it in to us.

Wishing you a fantastic summer,


Josh Alliston

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