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2012 EFT & Energy Conference โ€“ A Few Weeks To Go!

AMT 2012
There is only one month before the 2012 EFT & Energy Conference kicks off in Gatwick, London, England, and the office is buzzing with preparation and anticipation.

This year's event is the biggest we have ever organised, with 90% of tickets sold already, so we are trying extra hard to make this the Energy event of the year.

If you haven't booked your place yet we really recommend you do so now, as time and tickets are slipping away. Tickets to the main 2-day Conference cost just ยฃ249.00, with hotel nights from just ยฃ45.00 including full-English breakfast, whilst tickets to pre- and post-Conference trainings start from as little as ยฃ99.00.

If you have booked your place then brilliant! We look forward to seeing you next month, and keep an eye on your letterbox for your ticket and welcome pack.


The GoE Emotional Transformations (EMO) Course is Now Available โ€“ 20% Introductory Discount!

We've got some great news โ€“ the AMT certified Emotional Transformations (AKA EMO) distance learning course is now once again available to order from the DragonRising Publishing website.

And to make things even better, there is currently a 20% introductory discount on the course!

Emotional Transformation is one of the most pure and powerful energy techniques available today. Alongside providing a clear, coherent structure for itself and all other energy modalities, youโ€™ll learn to play in the oceans of energy all around you. Definitely recommended if youโ€™ve dabbled in energy work with beginner tools such as EFT or Reiki and want to take your personal evolution to the next level.

Whilst you are on the DragonRising Publishing website booking your course, we recommend you check out the Top Ten Bestsellers of All Time list, which Energy EFT by Silvia Hartmann is storming up, despite only being published in February of this year!


Video: Who Are The Energists? - An Interview with Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Interview
As part of the build up to AMT2012 Silvia Hartmann has been interviewed on the subject of being an Energist, and about the inaugural GoE Energist Training which takes place on Friday 9th November 2012.


2000 Likes & Counting! The GoE on Facebook

AMT on Facebook
Earlier this month The GoE reached the exciting milestone of 2000 Likes on Facebook! Thanks to everyone that has helped to make this a vibrant, energetic online meeting space where Energy enthusiasts can come to learn and interact with other like-minded individuals.

The GoE aren't the only ones finding success on Facebook. The Energy EFT Facebook page currently has just under 1000 Likes, so please do show your support and hit the Like button. Liking the Energy EFT page has the added benefit of receiving daily EFT tips from GoE Chairperson Silvia Hartmann.


EFT Case Story: Overcoming Migraines by Marianna Joo

EFT for Migraines
Noemi had been suffering from very serious migraines for many years. She took 3-4 medicines everyday when her problems occurred. She tried many other methods, with varying success. After a few migraine-free weeks her problem would coming back yet again.

Weโ€™ve had some EFTeam sessions together. On the first session we were talking about her problems, she described how often she has to face this and we started to tapping on her headache. During the tapping she told me a very detailed story about her last attack.

On the second session Iโ€™ve asked her how long had she this problem and she tried to figure out when it started exactly. Her sister-in-law used to live with her family exactly 6 years ago, that was the year when her headache problems started, too. Her relative became sick, with a very serious one โ€“ brain cancer. Noemi was assisting her one year long until she passed away. Itโ€™s a very sad story but since this happened she was worrying everything, about her kids, about her family, about herself, too.

This story was a strong clue. On this second session we made some rounds on her anxiety and fear and the whole story. She was very surprised about the amount of detail that she recalled about this sad year.

Before we started this EFT treatment she was very often out of energy, too. She was tired all the time. Even after the first session she felt something different in her energy system, she had more power, she stared to do some exercises (do in โ€“ self shiatsu, I taught her how to do it), she walked instead using car etc. She was very excited feeling herself more energised.

She learned the EFT tapping and used at home if her problems came out. But they were not so serious attacks any more.

This whole story happened some months ago, when we met last time she was very well.
Her migraine just flew away. If sometimes a light headache occurs, she makes some rounds EFT and it helps to drive back it. She hasnโ€™t taken any medicine any more.


EFT Case Story: Guilty Secret by Roy Riseborough

Guilty Secret
In this case story, Roy Riseborough from the UK helps a friend alleviate a guilt that has lived with them a long time with the help of Energy EFT.

Roy writes: "I have known Angela for some time and to me she appeared to exude confidence, she moved with an "air" about her of someone without a care in the world. It was therefore somewhat of a shock to me when in conversation with her about Nursing (she, like me, is a professional Nurse) she confided in me and started to explain "her problem"."


EFT Case Story: Energy in the ICU by John Staples

Energy in the ICU
John Staples from Maryland, USA writes: โ€œWhen my grand son was born on June 25 of this year we were there and it was extremely stressful for all involved and particularly him. He was stuck in the birth canal for a long time and it turned out he was not getting enough oxygen. When he finally came out he was gray and stressed and his Apgar score was a 2-3. They immediately put him on oxygen and the physician said he had several issues that were troubling which needed to be resolved, and he would have to remain in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for several days or longer.โ€

This case study now includes a fantastic photo of John's young grandson, who benefited so much from EFT.


EFT Case Story: Energy Healing for Psychosomatic Pain by Tanya Lyons

Psychosomatic Pain
Tanya Lyons, an EFT Master Practitioner student currently studying the distance learning course, writes: My client came with an issue of having a frozen shoulder. She has regular steroid injections for the pain. She had good days and bad days with the pain and she has just learned to live with it!

I explained the theory behind EFT with the notion that there could be an emotional component to the experienced pain and by treating physical pain with EFT, we are healing the energy body level of the problem and we are "taking out" the psychosomatic pain component.

I didn't confess to be able to cure the problem but to simply see what happened. My client looked rather intrigued and curious at what may happen.


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