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The Power To Change The World - MODERN Stress Management!

The Power To Change The World - MODERN Stress Management!

In this insightful article from EFT Master Practitioner Ilka Wandel, she explains how after taking The GoE's MODERN Stress Management (MSM) training, she went out straight away and found dozens of new clients for her business.

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When I read the course description for Silvia Hartmann's Certificate In Modern Stress Management (MSM) training, I knew that this was the course for me. I just felt it would be an amazing course, making a difference for me as an energist and business woman.

After many years working as an energist I learned to think large and knew I wanted “large" really huge! Imagine the most excellent things we can do with one to one sessions and trainings. Imagine how it feels when we do this in “really big?” Not just eight to 20 people, but from 50 to 100, 300 to 2000 people or even more?

Imagine how it will be when we are able to bring modern energy work into mainstream places, like big companies and corporations, schools, churches and governments? And what does it mean to the world? And how to get there?

Modern Stress Management Success ManMSM definitely was showing up as “the answer” and it comes to light itself as a key that is able to open any door. Just after the first few moments of the day beginning, it was clear why the GoE's EFT Master Practitioner qualification was required for the course. MSM begins where Energy EFT ends. The introduction of the importance of MSM is comprehensible in its full depth only with the knowledge of the Energy EFT Master Practitioner.

Whomever thinks that this a course only for people who want to work with companies, is mistaken. MSM offers a map how to lead all people out of stress into their own future. This starts with one single person, touches all kinds of groups, and ends up with the whole of humanity.

To realise how much stress is costing each single person, system or the whole world and how we can help all people is mind-blowing. It is like a space has been opened, how much energists are needed for humanity, how easy it is to get there and how to show others the way.

Without endless tapping and with using the new paradigms of MSM, it is easy to lead people and companies to places where the needed solutions are to be found.

MSM Stress To Success - SUE ScaleWith all gentleness, I was lead to be a leader and regaining unknown power that I directly transmitted in the correct action. For my business it was clear which steps are necessary to bring it on the “+10” level of the SUE Scale and I was also so charged with energy that it seems to be the most easy way to put the new ideas in to positive action. My professional life feels, since I did the MSM training, like playing on a playground.

I learned to control my vision so that it can happen in the real world. When this happened my mind was awakened, selecting in a fraction of a second what is needed to make positive goal settings and how to reach those goals. What seemed before insuperable, now is done and it is the most natural thing in the world.

I remarked directly that the relationship with my clients has changed, because directly I “bubble” with the people and it’s like I would be with my best friend, which increases the quality of the treatment and the fun factor for us both.

One of the most interesting aspects for myself was the link between a broken heart and a lack of success. I was surprised that even big companies can suffer from a broken heart, which requires Heart Centred Stress Management, to bring it out of the survival state.

I was very excited to learn how to use the stress chart in so many different ways. I believe the power of the stress chart is highly underestimated, as well when it comes to older energists. It was absolutely mind-blowing to use the stress chart to formulate new goals and targets, independent if you work with one person or thousands of people.

Finally we have the possibility to offer simple and workable personalised custom stress management solutions to individuals, couples, families, groups, corporations and further to evolve and to expand the ability to handle power and success.

Modern Stress Management is definitely a paradigm-shift within a paradigm-shift. It is the key to bring love to places where it is so urgently needed, bringing the necessary flow into a stuck system, to the so-called “world.”

I decided to give it a real go, without falling back into old patterns. I learnt how to deal with these things in the MSM live training. I made sure that I had a goal setting of a high energy state, bringing me the right energy to move it, like a big and beautiful clean wave, just ready to ride it.

I (or better something in me) created an MSM program for kids in only a few days, and directly I started to find people who wanted to work with me. A powerful team, which had the ability to keep a high energy state was built, thanks to MSM. Every single movement was to note, my phone ran crazy, my email inbox was full of emails of kids and parents in need. My team organised each kind of conferences, online. Some of them organized small groups, by Skype in their own home…

I listened and answered carefully what people were thinking. I wanted to know their wants and needs. People wanted to try it and to know, what I am going to do. So I created a special mini-course for free, that built conscience for modern energy work and gives a gift to those kids, who cannot afford to pay for the six week program. A good little base, that could stabilise them whenever they are in need.

I had the idea to see the guy, who was in charge of my flyers and I explained him the importance. I literally told to him, “This has the power to change the world, and now it’s in your hand.” He answered with a smile, “I promise you, I will send each flyer on its destiny. It will be done by Friday.”

On Friday night I received so many emails from my website, that my mailbox was declaring it as spam. On Tuesday I had sent more than 200 manuals out for the mini course, and 18 kids are signed up for the six week program. I had pain in my arms from sending emails!

The most amazing point for myself is, that we speak about literally three weeks, from having the idea, that I could do this. To create the MSM for kids program, the mini course, sending out 200 manuals, and 18 kids signed in for the six week program. I needed only 10% of the time to have the right things done, but 300% more fun and success. Thank you so much Silvia!


Ilka Wandel is an experienced GoE Trainer, EFT & EMO Master Practitioner and one of the first people to graduate from Silvia Hartmann’s Modern Stress Management course. Ilka conducts trainings, personal development sessions and workshops in English, Spanish and German. To contact Ilka and to find out more about her business, head to her GoE members page: https://ilkawandel.goe.ac/

The NEW GoE Certificate In Modern Stress Management (MSM), created by Silvia Hartmann, is a course with 8 modules that includes: Advanced Self Stress Management for the facilitator, creating personalised MSM plans for individual clients, groups and teams, and creating MSM programs for business and institutions.
This is a practical, hands on course which comes with a large amount of support documents, ready made charts and presentations and more, as well as an in-depth and comprehensive manual. Find out more about MSM by following this link.

AMT The Energist Magazine Summer 2015This article was first featured in the The Energist magazine (Vol.2 No.3), the GoE's full-colour quarterly print magazine which is shipped worldwide to our 1400+ active members every three months. Click here to join The GoE and receive your copy of The Energist.

For more information about The Energist and to read the digital version online for free, click here.

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